"So are we going to stand here all day and ogle me - not that I'm complaining - or are we going to go inside - where you can ogle me in the comfort of your home - without the the nice old lady sneaking a peek at us through her window?"

"Mrs Kindle is spying on us?" I whisper shouted. "Oh, no."

"She is, and the worst part is she thinks she's being sneaky about it when I noticed her the first time." He said chuckling lightly, not helping me center my thoughts at all.

"Oh," He said amused, "I think she's going to come out and greet us."

My eyes bugged out and I heard the tell-tell sign of Mrs Kindle opening her door. "Okay, lets go inside," I said in a panic.

"Why the rush, why not give her a show?" He said before slipping his arms around my waist and kissing me oh, so lightly on the lips. So lightly that I wasn't sure he was even kissing me. My hands slipped to his chest and and my senses were on high alert.

Being this close to him is dangerous, my mind thought sluggishly.

"Annette? Who is this?" The voice was annoying and irritating to Annette so I did what any other person would have with half a mind.

I hid my head between Jason's shoulder and neck.

Jason just chuckled and wrapped his arm securely around my waist, letting me ride out the storm between his amazingly smelling shoulder and neck. Next to his very biteable looking collarbones. Yum.

"So I'm guessing you're not going to greet her, am I correct, my lady?" He whispered in my ear, a smile apparent in his voice.

"It's your mess, clean it up." I mumbled resisting the urge to bite him... maybe just a nibble?

"Who are you? What's wrong with Mary?" Mrs Kindle rasped. Don't get me wrong, Mrs Kindle is a very sweet old lady, but man, does she get annoying! If I have a friend over or something, like now, then she becomes a detective and questions you until you wished the earth would open up and eat you whole.

"I'm Jason and nothing is wrong with Lady Annette. She wasn't feeling well, so I brought her home. Right, my lady?" He asked me, a smile for sure in place.

I shifted my head a bit, my lips grazing those delicious looking collarbones. "Yes, he's Jason and I'm not okay. I need my bed." I mumbled, my lips brushing his collarbones lightly, making my mouth water... maybe a nibble wouldn't seem too weird,I thought to myself while I buried my head once more.

"Well then..." Mrs Kindle spoke up again, but Jason had me moving and to the door in a second.

"I'm sorry," he said politely, "But she wasn't feeling all well and I have together some Advil and an ice bag. See you soon Mrs Kindle."

Well, if that doesn't spark some gossip, I don't know what will.