Land of Dreams

Land of dreams
so beautiful,
so welcoming,
so innocent.

You were the country I called home.
Where are the dreams
I buried in my front yard?

Land of dreams,
you were my hope,
my childhood,
my innocence.

You wrote your name
within my unchanging heart.
Oh, my country,
what has happened?

Land of dreams
you are no more.
Martyrs, murders,
suicide bombers

They reign in my childhood's palace
of tall, marble statues, of warm waters
made of a deep-rooted faith
held with innocent beliefs.
A place of beauty now is not.
What can be sadder?

Land of dreams,
I ran from you in fear.
Welcome me with faith.
For I will someday return
And cease the flow of blood,
And heal the broken hearts.

Land of dreams,
I place my childhood's faith
in your starry eyes.
Oh, my country,
return to me.

Written: 27 February, 2013