I'm so sorry I assumed
That all people are naturally
Kind and genuine
I always make that mistake
I could change
But I'd rather not believe
People to be otherwise
It is always a surprise
And it jars and
I grit my teeth and
That is why
It all comes back to me
Lay the blame on this face
Who sees color where
There is none.
I'll let it wash over me
And my anger will stick
In this place that feeds
Off the rage and the sick
I have this rosy image
Of the way things are
I wish it would go away
So I can move on
But it sits with me
Like an old friend again
And again
I need some relief
My stomach rolls
Like the sea
This is my role to play
I can't blame anyone
I just want to be done
To move on
I don't like these
Situations where I have
To be honest
With myself
About the way I can be
About the truth
And the fact that
It all comes back to me.