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Our Cuff Chains

Chapter 1

She skipped as she walked, a smile on her face, humming a tune known only to her, oblivious to the jaws dropping around her. But, then again, it was so common that she regarded it as, say, the sun in the sky.

You useless piece of junk. No one will ever love you. No one will ever know you.

That sweet, innocent smile on her face wavered, and her eyes flew open, revealing anguish and uncertainty. With a determined press of lips, she closed her eyes again and smiled. Nothing would faze her now.

I hate you. Everyone will hate you. You will never be loved.

You're wrong, she thought. I'll find him, she told herself as she bounced with each step. It said he was right here. Somewhere. She looked at the cool, black slab in her hand and smiled at her reflection. She looked so pretty.

You're ugly. You have the face of a child and the body of a goddess, but you're the ugliest sin alive. And everyone knows it.

"No, I'm pretty." She whispered to the slab. She looked up, and saw a man standing by the side, tending to his vegetables. He hadn't seen her yet. Surely he'd think she was pretty?

She bounced upto him and tapped him on the shoulder. "Hey, mister?"

It was such a hot day. The Sun was bright overhead, and the sky was a blinding blue-it looked nearly white. He hated days like this, when the Sun put on a cheery facade and proceeded to bake the concrete and turn the city into asphalt ovens. If they didn't sell soon, his vegetables would spoil.

He sprinkled some more water on his eggplants. They dried up very easily, and no one would buy them then. And this bloody eggplant season would be the death of him, putting him in debt. Why, those-

"Hey, mister?"

His eyes flew open, his frown instantly easing of his wrinkled face, surprise setting in. What a sweet voice! He'd never heard the likes of it in his long, long life-and rest assured, he'd seen a lot. And the accent-what an accent! Where was it from?

He turned around, and stopped dead.

He'd seen nothing.

A child-no, a woman-stood before him, eyes wide and round, full of question and innocence. She has a doll-like face, and thick, black, shaggily-cut hair that framed her cute, round face.

But her body-no, her attire...

He gulped. He. Had. Seen. Nothing.

Two straps of orange cloth-Cloth? Skin? Paint?-ran down both her shoulders and over her full, round breasts, just about covering her nipples and areola. It continued down, forming a V beneath her breasts where it comined into one, thick strip, covered her navel and...and...

He didn't even feel the gush of blood running from his nose.

And she was covered in a blue gauze ribbon, wrapped around her like a birthday ribbon.

And she was the present.

He actually felt his eyes roll back as he hit the ground with a thud.

She looked at him, and bent down, her breasts straining against the bands that held them back. The strain was on her back-the orange Kii strips actually went over her shoulders, joined at the nape, and went down as a single strip all the way over her bare back, and disappeared from eye's view between her large, round buttocks. The strip continued over her crotch, and joined the strip at the navel. It was one single piece of Kii band that had been torn in the middle and stitched up to prevent it from getting frayed.

She tilted her head at the fallen man, her hair falling all over one shoulder, leaving her nape and the other shoulder deliciously bare. Why was he on the ground? It was hot-her bare feet couldn't feel the heat, but she knew it was hot. And the blood rushing from his nose-now that was normal. She'd seen so many men-and few women-having nosebleeds when she was around that it had become as common as...the Sun in the sky!

She looked up and squinted, but still grinned at the Sun. Everyone recognized the sun, everyone knew the sun. The sun in the sky was a normal thing.

She wanted to be just as normal.

She turned to her black slab. "Konpu, where is he?" she asked.

At once electric yellow symbols flashed on the screen, zooming across and rushing down the slab. Satisfied that the slab was working, she moved on to search for him manually.

A whiny sound filled the air; she raised her head in surprise. Was this normal? She looked, and down the street, black and white cars fitted with flashing red and blue lights dashed into sight, zooming up the street and crashing to a halt.

She slapped her hands over her ears at the screeching sound of tyre rubbing against asphalt. This was definitely not normal.

Then she was not going to stay here a second longer.

"Stop right there!"

She closed her eyes and took a step forward when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She opened her eyes and looked to the side.

A man, sweating profusely-she put it to the heat, but men sweat a lot around her, too-opened his mouth. "Ba-ba-bada-dada-Th-th-they a-are t-t-t-talking tttt-to you, m-m-miss!" And he promptly fainted.

She turned to the other side, and saw men standing behind car doors, guns in hand.

"Ma'am, we're arresting you for public indecency!" a man yelled at her from behind the door, struggling, like all the other men, to hide his boner at the sight of her bare, pink buttocks.

"What do you mean?" she asked right back. At the sound of her voice, one man swooned.

"Man down, Lieutenant!"

"I know, dammit!" he snarled at the lower-ranked police officer, and turned to every man's fantasy. "Ma'am, you cannot be wearing such clothes in public!"

He watched as she pouted, and heard blood gushing from his partner's nose. Man down, he thought. Was she a terrorist?

She hooked the bands above her breasts, and ran it between her fingers.

"Two men down, Lieutenant!"

She looked at him, and yelled over, "What's wrong with them?"

"Nothi"-He slapped his hand over the one word which would get his newly promoted rank taken away from him. "Ma'am, you can't"-

"If you don't like it, I can remove it for you."

And the last thing he heard was the bloody git screaming, "Lieutenant down!"

She turned to the remaining men left standing. "Do you not like it?"

"W-W-We-aah." And they dropped on the hot asphalt as well.

"Maikenchi doro barsha."

She looked at Konpu, the black slab. "Yes, Konpu."

"Maikenchi doro barsha."

"It's going to rain? Okay, then-we better get to high ground." And with that, she ran down the pavement, men and women dropping behind her like flies.

"Konpu, there are no hills here!"

"Derai kishno karu."

"That's what I said! Forget it. We'll both just...continue getting wet." She sighed as she walked down the road, rain pouring on her in sheets. She pulled of the blue weather ribbon, and instantly felt the cold with the force of a wall of bricks crumbling over her head. With a sneeze, she wrapped Konpu in the weather-resistant ribbon. It couldn't stand the wet.

Her hair was plastered over her head and her Kii cloth was soaked, clinging onto her, tightening over her body, squeezing into her hardened nipples and pushing through her swollen vagina. The feeling wasn't bad-it was uncomfortable when she walked, though.

She looked on either side of the street. There has been so many people there, walking into shops, buying things, going from one place to another just ten minutes ago. And now...

She looked at the other side of the street as well. It sloped upwards, connecting to a road higher than this one, interconnected by stairwells and rich green lawns, where people had been sitting and eating their lunches, talking to friends, enjoying themselves. And now...

She sighed as a sense of despair took over her. She would never find him this way. There was nobody anywhere.


She spun around, saw a figure run up to her, holding an umbrella over-her? his?-his head. He yelled something, but it was drowned out by the sheets of rain between them.


A hand snagged her arm and pulled her closer to him. The rain stopped falling on her head...she looked up, and saw the underside of the black umbrella. She wasn't getting wet anymore. She looked up at him, and saw the concern on his face. "Are you alright?"

Suddenly, she felt shy. Nobody ever had looked at her that way. Nobody has ever cared. And now he...he was inquiring about her welfare. "Y-Yes," she whispered.

"You must be cold. I'm such an idiot."

Before she could ask why, he thrust the umbrella at her and removed his coat. Dazed, she held the handle of the umbrella, warmed by his touch, as he eased the jacket over her shoulders. "Look, slip your arms in. There we go."

Her eyes widened. His voice was so...so...kind. She'd never experienced it before. It was so strange to have someone speak to her like that.

"Listen, where do you stay? We can go there-I'll drop you"-

He stopped when she looked at him, opened her mouth but quickly shut it and looked away, her lush mouth pressed into a line.

"I-I should..." She was stunned at herself. Why was she stuttering? Her? Did the other men and women feel the same way when they spoke to her? Did their stomach feel warm and light, and at the same time, have this weird fluttering sensation?

"Would you like to come home with me?"

Her head snapped up, and she saw him smiling softly at her. "I-I'm searching...for somebody."

He looked around, still smiling kindly. "Well, you aren't going to find that person in this rain. I'll tell you what. I'll take you home, and we'll wait the rain out. When we can come out, we'll come right back here and search for your person, alright?"

She felt her throat go dry, so she just nodded. Feeling the need to be polite, she added a smile.

"Well, let's go."

The two of them began walking down the road, and her eyes were trained to the ground the entire time. Her eyes picked up his brown suitcase, and his grey slacks. She was aware that his coat around her was the same grey. The insides were soft-no, they were silky at the sleeves, and soft everywhere else, and warm. She liked this warmth-it made her feel-

"Have you hurt yourself?"

She looked up, and felt her knees shake at the concerned look on his face. Why did it have some much power? This wasn't fair-he was unaffected by her, he wasn't normal and he had some power over her that she couldn't explain! She hated everything which wasn't normal. So why was she still with him?

She shook her head. "W-Why do you...?"

"Oh. Umm, you've been walking kinda awkwardly, so..."

She felt the pressure between the lips of her vagina suddenly, and winced. "It's this ribbon...it gets tighter when it's wet."

He frowned at the band at her breasts, followed the path downwards. Realization suddenly struck him. "Oh. Oh. I...Would you mind if I carried you?"


"No, don't sound so scared-I just thought-Never mind," he said and turned his face away from her. "Let's go."

She looked at his face, and made her decision.

"I-I don't mind."

He looked at her. "Umm, okay. You'll have to hold the umbrella for both of us, okay?"

She nodded. She didn't like the sound of this...

But she didn't want to see him sad, either.

"And you'll have to carry the suitcase. It that alright?" he asked her.

She nodded, gulping determinedly.

He bent down and swooped her up, grinning as she yelped and buried her face in his neck, scared. "How's that?" he asked.

She slowly raised her head from his neck and looked at him. "T-Thank you."

He looked at her feet. "I'm sorry they have to get wet."

"I don't mind."

"Now, let's go home, shall we?" he grinned at her.

Slowly, she felt herself smiling back. "Yes."

As they walked, she suddenly had the need to ask him. "Are you normal...?" she trailed off, not knowing his name.

"Kai." He grinned resignedly. "Yes, I'm painfully normal."

"Hey, Nick. It's me, Kai. Is Eliza there?"

"No. She's at Serena's. Why?"

"No, it's just...I have a guest here and I'd like Eliza to check her out."

"Ooh, a girlfriend, eh?"

"Nick, it's not"-

But, as usual, Nicholas Satan didn't bother listening to what the person on the other line has to say. "You know, you could wait a little longer before introducing you girl to us buddies, y'know."

"I'm your buddy?"

"I know you're cocking your eyebrow there, Kai. I can't resist you Nature brats-it's the way I am." A moment of silence. "Is she hot?"

"That's not the point. Nick"-

"Not the point? Kai, are you"-

"I found her in the rain with nowhere to go, and I got her here, alright? Now stop harassing me!"

"Ooh, don't get your boxers in a twist-if you're wearing them..."

"I'm wearing my clothes, you gutter-minded devil."

Nick started laughing on the other line, which just irked the hell out of Kai. The bloody devil loved picking on him, and was such a pain in his-

"Is something wrong?"

He jumped at the sound of her voice, and turned to her as she appeared next to him. "No, there's nothing wrong."

Nick's deep voice came from the phone. "Hey, Kai, give it to her."

He turned around and growled into the speaker, "Lay off, Nick."

"If you don't give it to her, I'm coming there."


"Pussy-brain. Cocksucker. Look, we can exchange insults, but I want to talk to her. So give."

He sighed. Trust that arsehole to make a trip in the rain. He handed it to her. "He wants to talk to you."


Nick's smirk disappeared as soon as he heard her voice over the phone, and he frowned.

"It...It's a friend of mine. He says he wants to speak to you."

She blinked and looked around. "Where is he?"

He was sure now. Nick pressed the phone to his ear. Kai would have his arse and fry it if he was wrong, so he wasn't going to get this wrong.

Kai sighed. "You have to hold that end to the ear, and the other end to your mouth. And speak."

She cradled the reciever to her ear. "Like this?"

Now he knew.

"Hello? Hello?"

"What's wrong?"

She looked at Kai. "It's buzzing."

Kai frowned. His expression eased for a split-second upon hearing the knock at the door, but then turned into a full-blown scowl. "That arsehole told me he would lay off..." he muttered and grumbled as he made his way to the door. He swung open the door and growled, "What are you...?"

The cold expression on Nick's face stopped him dead. "Where is it?"

"It?" A part of Kai screamed in warning, but Kai didn't know what was going on. "What are you talking about?"

"Where is it? She? The girl you got home?"

Kai took many steps back. "Why do you call her an 'it'? Nick, what's going on?"

"What happened?" her voice approached them.

And Kai saw something he'd never wanted to see again.

Nick transformed into his devil form as soon as she appeared from the room, directly behind Kai. In that split second Kai knew what to do, and flung himself at her, knocking them both down.

He heard Nick's snarl, felt her lush body press against his. "Kai, get out of my way!"

"I won't let you hurt her!"

"Her? You think that's female? That it even vaguely resembles women like Eliza or Blossoms? Kai, it's using you!"

Kai scrambled onto his bum, held both her hands in his. "I won't let you hurt her."

Nick growled. Kai was one of the people he respected and liked, and one of the few people who weren't scared of his devil form. But for him to get in his way-

Fine. Nick would tell him the truth and let Kai deal with it.

"Both of you are coming with me." And before Kai could blink, Nick was on them, and they were all gone

"This tastes damn good."

Serena Blossoms grinned at her best friend. "You'd think so. You're pregnant again. Stop stuffing yourself-Nick will have a fit."

Elizabeth Taylor Satan turned her nose in the air and inhaled another croissant. "Nick isn't here."

"Wrong, darling."

Eliza turned around, the speed of the motion knocking the chair to the ground. "Nick!" she squealed, and flung herself at her husband, nearly cutting his lip as she kissed him. Not one to be fazed, he got right into it, tasting the tart lemon jam Serena made so beautifully, and the croissants that Eliza had pretty much breathed in.

He eased out, placing a hand on her stomach. "You're so beautiful," he whispered.

She grinned and kissed him on the nose. "You, too."

"Hey, Eliza."

Eliza looked behind Nick and saw Kai on the floor. "Hey, Kai. Who's that?"

"Nick, is that...?"

Nick turned, and ignoring Eliza's questioning look, nodded at Serena.

"Get Eliza over here, now!" she snapped as she marched towards Kai and the girl. Nick sped past Serena, placed Eliza on the counter and kissed her hard. "Stay here." As he walked out of the kitchen, he saw Serena striking her daignn (holy staff) to the floor.

"Hey, that's dangerous," he said, walking up next to her.

"To you and to that, as long as you don't stay human," Serena bit back, and turned to Kai. "Kai, get away from her!"

"It," Nick corrected as he changed to his devil form.

"It, whatever. Bite me."

"Will you guys stop that?" Kai yelled, getting to his feet. "She is not dangerous! And she is not an it!"

"You don't know"-

Serena stopped Nick's tirade with her hand, and stepped forward, her eyes boring into Kai, hard. "Do you know who she is, Kai?"

"Someone you think dangerous, but"-

"Do you trust us?" she asked.

He bit his lower lip. "Yes. But not this time." He glared at both of them. "You're not going to hurt her."

Nick grinned maliciously, clearly showing his intent. "She won't feel the slightest bit of pain when I'm done."

"Kai, she's dangerous. She's using you, so step away from her," Serena urged. She snarled at Nick when he popped his knuckles. "Will you stop that? It is not macho!"

He showed his pearly, sharp teeth in a soul-shuddering grimace. "Bite me."

"She looks sweet."

Eliza, oblivious to the dropped jaws of her best friend and her husband, walked towards the girl, and smiled at her. "You're so cute."

The girl smiled for the first time, and stepped towards Eliza.

In a blink, Nick was in front of Eliza, snarling at the girl, who was covering Kai and snarling right back, like two lions refusing to give their ground.

Nick felt two arms encircle his waist, and felt Eliza's face press into his back. "Thank you for protecting me, Nick."

"My job," he bit out, and continued to snarl at the girl.

"And because you're protecting me, you must realize that she's protecting Kai."

Nick's snarl faltered. "What are you talking about?"

Eliza stepped out from behind Nick and smiled at him. "If I know you, you must've demanded Kai to hand her over, and pushed him around there like you were here. With Serena." At that, she shot a glare at Serena. "And she saw that move as you attacking him, not you protecting me. But Nick, if she was really using him, she wouldn't protect him. Not like this, anyways. What do you think?"

Nick's face filled up with tension and uncertainty as he looked from Eliza to the threat, from an understanding face to a deeply protective one.

And like recognized like.

With one last snarl, he walked to a sofa and threw himself down on it. "Do what you like. But if she even tries to"-

"She doesn't want to hurt anyone, Nick." Eliza turned to the girl. "Hi. I'm Elizabeth Satan. What's your name?"


"What a typical Shin name," Nick spat out.

"And that's my husband, Nicholas Satan. He has a weird way of showing he respects people. Would you like some croissants? Serena makes the darlingest croissants and jam, and I'm sure you'd love them."

"Yep, it would-along with your blood," Nick snarled.

Kyrie looked from Nick to Eliza, who was rolling her eyes. "Just ignore him. Come on," she said, and grabbed Kyrie's hand, dragging her to the kitchen.

Serena turned to Kai, who uncomfortably realized that both of them were glaring at him. Nick was too much to counter, so he chose to glare at Serena, who just sighed. "Kai, sit down. She's in Eliza's hands, and Eliza will cut us to bits before we even touch a hair on her head." She dragged a chair towards Nick, and sat Kai in it. Pulling another chair at them both, she sat, wondering how to start.

"Nick, what did you mean by the Shin comment?" Kai started, turning towards Nick.

"Just that. It's a creature from the Underworld. Fucking bastards, all of them."

"Well, you wouldn't have your body now if it wasn't for them, Satan. So don't curse." Serena looked at Kai. "I expect you to know most of the terms, so I'll make the long, boring mythology lesson as short as possible. Ready?"

He nodded.

"When a soul dies, there are two paths it can take-one is Yama, the Aboveworld, and the other is Shin, or the Underworld. Because it's more pleasant, most go to Yama. And the whole process begins-they go to the Otherworld City, go to either Satan's Realm or the ArchAngel's Realm, lose all their emotions, come back to the Otherworld City and submit their memories to Hannalia, the Holy Librarian. You know that.

"Only the absolute nutcases go to Shin. Shin is the name of the river that flows from Death to Life, and on that river, there are 11 dams, and each dam has a city, where people make bodies for all three Realms-Nature, Satan's and Archangel's. All the cities are inhabited except the 6th City."

"The 6th City is the Shin City," Nick explained. "It's the capital city of Shin. But everything is and has a mirror-the Shin City is the mirror to the Otherworld City. In Yama, the doors of the three Realms face each other, making an angle of roughly 60 degrees. This makes a triangle of sorts, but they don't touch each other. At the center of this 'triangle' is the Otherworld City, or the city where God exists. The Shin City, being the mirror, is a city where nothing exists and nothing can exist. It's where the worst of us-everyone in Yama and Shin-are sent. Even the guys down in Shin tremble at the very idea of going to the 6th City.

"And your girlfriend-Kyrie-is from Shin."

They both waited for it to hit Kai, but Kai just blinked blankly at both of them, and when Nick could take it no longer, he said, "So?"

Nick opened his mouth, but nothing came out. At last, he bitterly said, "I think I'll happily pass out."

"Kai, darling," Serena said, "Shin and Yama mirror each other. Yama is full of souls, and Shin is...Shin is"-

"Full of anti-souls?" Kai muttered. "How the hell is that possible?"

"Hey," Nick said, offended. "Hell's a very nice place, so don't use that tone."

"Sorry," Kai said, meaning it. Nick got touchy when anyone used his home and his people as a way of blasphemy, so nobody ever said that anymore.

"Well, Kai," Serena said. "Kyrie is an anti-soul living in a body that needs to be inhabited by a soul. Or at least she needs to be transferred into an anti-soul body to exist completely. If she even exists now, it's because somebody's bound her anti-soul in this body."

"How did you know she was an anti-soul?" Kai asked Nick.

"The term is 'Dwivatma', not 'anti-soul'," Nick scoffed. "It's their voice. You Nature brats are too dense to pick it"-

"What he means to say is that because of our zero communication with the people in the Shin region, we don't pick up the extra tenor in their voices that devils or angels can. The voice of creatures from Shin have the ability to cast spells by a look, a touch, a scent or their voice. That's why we thought you were under her spell, but..." Serena turned to Nick. "I think Eliza's right. She's protecting Kai, not using him."

"I think she could have further use of him, whatever use this mush-brain has. Tell me, where did you find her?"

"In the rain. She was getting wet."

"And was she wearing anything?" Nick asked, and balked at Serena's glare. "What? They usually don't."

"Yeah, she was...This orange thing...she called it a Kii ribbon"-

"Hey, Kyrie," Nick called out, and gulped at the acidically sweet look his wife threw him. Ignoring it to the best of his abilities, he turned to Kyrie. "Remove your clothes."

Only Kyrie remained undisturbed by that statement. "Why?" She pouted. "Don't you like them?"

Nick pretended to glance at the white tee and jeans Kai had got on her, and grinned like the devil he was. "Nah."


Eliza made a grab for Kyrie's hands, but was stopped by Serena when she said. "Let her do it, Eliza. We"-

"My husband's there, thank you very much. And you're married, Serena! You can't be thinking of women that way!"

"There's nothing wrong in thinking about women that way, love," Nick said. "What's wrong is acting upon it. Which we aren't."

"Eliza," Serena said quickly. "It's necessary."

With a groan, Eliza let go and stalked around the kitchen.

Kyrie removed her shirt, and both Nick and Serena-Serena was bisexual-gulped when Kyrie's breasts jiggled. Kai was decently looking away. And when she opened the fly of the jeans and slipped it down, bending over and revealing her deep cleavage and her breasts straining against the orange bands, both of them had to cover up their noses.

"Good lord," Serena said through her hand.

"Never thought those Shin guys could even think like that...I thought of them as nerds," Nick said, and got up. "This is how you saw her, Kai?"

He looked at nodded. "Pretty much."

"Now, Kyrie, I won't hurt you. I just want to see something," Serena said, picking up her discarded daignn.

"You want to see my pussy?"

Serena buried her head in her hand, blood from her nose pooling into her palm.

"No, no...we just want to look at you...attire," Nick explained, trying his hardest to keep himself to himself. "Blossoms, get a hold of yourself."

"Geez, how can she ask something like that in a tone that kids use to ask for chocolate?" Serena muttered, and walked to Kyrie, eyes firmly planted on her face, daignn aimed at the cloth of her navel. Muttering a few incantations, she charged up her daignn, and slowly touched the golden-hued metal ring to the orange cloth.

And the spark generated blinded and threw them all to the ground.

Kai heard scrambling-he imagined it was Nick hurrying to his pregnant wife. He heard the tap of the daignn, so Serena must've gotten up.

The force of that blast was huge. How the house could've withstood it, he didn't know. But Serena's house had withstood war, Akunawa (demon) court sessions, major wars within the house and nearly four marriages, so Kai really couldn't say he was surprised. He rubbed his head with his left hand. His head hurt because of the noise that nearly perforated his eardrums. With a groan, he pushed himself up with both hands.

And heard the rankle of chains.

He felt the pressure on his wrist, and tried to look at it with unfocused eyes. Finally, when he could see beyond the color white, he could make out the violet and black on his wrist.

As the image grew sharper, he could make out the finer detail etched in star-yellow in the...cuff?

Why was he wearing a cuff? A single cuff, too?

He looked up, and saw four startled gazes on him, but his eyes quickly found the other cuff, and the chain that connected them.

Kyrie looked at the cuff on her wrist connected by the chain to the identical one of his, and gave him a watery smile.

"I found you."

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