"Kristen, I'm breaking up with you." My boyfriend-Ex-boyfriend Mark told me. I had just come from History class and was going to catch a ride home with Mark.

I was silent for a moment until his words kicked in, "Wait, what?" I said strangely calm. It was like my body was okay with this, but my brain was clearly not. My brain instantly started going insane. I started thinking of horrible things I that I shouldn't be thing about right not:

What did he say!

What did I do wrong!

Am I ugly? Boring? Mean?

What if I never get a boyfriend ever again?

Mark was my first boyfriend and I've been alive for 17 years!

My brain came up with one obvious thought.

I'm doomed

Mark's now taunting voice shook me out of my thoughts. "Yeah Kris, I'm breaking up with you. You see, while you were studying at your house last night, I went to a party and met Ashley-" I stopped listening at this point, because I knew what was coming next, "-she is so awesome in bed with her huge-" I REALLY didn't need that picture in my mind. Mark's eyes lit up with desire, lust, and greed as he talked about "Ashley". He finally stopped talking about what Ashley and him did in the bedroom, "So yeah, you're just a prude virgin, and I got tired of wanting babe. A guy has needs."

My anger suddenly flared. He broke up with me because I didn't want to have sex with him! I slapped my hand against his face.

I finally lost it, "You fucking asshole! I don't see why anyone would want to have you! You're selfish, disgusting, and rude, jerk. I hope you're happy with Ashley, because on my way here I saw her making out with Daniel Johnson! Have a fucking perfect life Mark!" I just knew that my cheeks were flushed from my rage. Mark's face was priceless; he was shocked. I don't usually cuss so that even surprised me that I let those words escape my mouth.

That jerk only had one response, "Ashley?"

I laughed wickedly and gave him the finger, "Go to hell Moran." Then I walked away, leaving him standing there in the middle of the school, watching the best damn thing in his life walk away from him. Mark Sumner could have any girl he wanted expect one girl, and that girl was me, Kristen Schmidt.