More Time

In a particularly small town in a considerably small country, there was a girl named Lolit. She was a girl like any other, smiling and laughing and playing all at the same time. That is, until she heard she had leukemia. Because of her sickness, she was isolated in the hospital and, a few months later, put to permanent sleep. Patients who are terminally ill are more likely to face mercy killing or euthanasia. However, euthanasia should not be practiced in local hospitals and instead, doctors should continue to nurture the patients with illnesses such as acute myeloid leukemia and breast cancer until their final breath, so that patients who still have hope can be cured, patients still have time to pursue opportunities, and lawsuits will be avoided.

A lot of illnesses have a 50-50 chance of either killing their hosts or letting them live. Patients who still have a chance deserve to be treated properly and not like an old stuffed animal-thrown away and mistreated until it falls apart. People deserve to be treated by the way they act and not the way they suffer. Despite their weakened state, they are still humans and humans are supposed to be treated like humans, not like some ant that is of no significance to society. Lives are precious and should be cherished and valued, not stepped on and shattered to pieces. When cured, numerous patients could still be able to find their way back to life and pursue opportunities they can't pursue when they're dead.

They say that opportunities seldom knock twice. I bet that they get more seldom once you're dead. Patients should have the chance to pursue opportunities that swarm to them while they're still alive. Opportunities are like raindrops during a drought-precious and rare. The patients will have more time to pursue these opportunities during their lives rather than what's after. Whether it is to be a best-selling writer or to buy their dream house, opportunities are opportunities and missing them would be like missing half of your life. And when opportunities aren't met and dreams are shattered, a lawsuit is a patient's best friend.

Some relatives, after their loved ones go through euthanasia, become so distraught that they files lawsuits against the doctors, or worse-the whole hospital. Without euthanasia, no patient will die because of what the doctor decided was "best for all of them" and therefore, no lawsuits. Non-voluntary euthanasia is a kind of euthanasia wherein the doctor gives the "okay" sign, instead of the patient, because they are unable to do so and this kind of euthanasia may end up with the doctor being persecuted. In addition, there is also a kind of euthanasia where the patient's consent is ignored and after that, the possibility of a conflict best resolved in court is escalating. For those reasons, euthanasia should furthermore be banned in all local hospitals.

Without euthanasia, the world would be a better place: a place where hope resides, a place where dreams could be chased, a place where peace stands its ground and a place where Lolit grew up and became a successful woman after she was cured, no lawsuits included.