A/N: Since I managed to finish a story, I'm going to start up on something a little more controversial. This is probably what I consider my first "true" horror story. I've written horror stories before, like Psychopath but not to the level of this story.

A lot of people wanted me to post this a long time ago on my other page, but due to my worries about the gore and dark themes, I never did. Now, I'm going to give it a shot.

With that being said…

Info Junk

Title: Toxic Butterflies

By: Revamp

Rating: T will be M in later chapters.

Total chapters: 7 + prologue/epilogue

Summary: Be careful when walking on cobwebs, the thin material can give way, plunging you straight into a world of hell. STIFF WARNING OF GORE AND DARK THEMES.

Words of Advice: I will only warn everyone once that this is like the Saw of the manga category. It applies to the term "grimdark as fuck", and when you get past chapter 2 or 3 then you will see why. There are several taboo subjects in this story, like torture, death, cannibalism, brutality and descriptive gore. If it offends you, then please turn away now. I will ignore all flames dealing with people who do not read warnings.

With that being said….

WARNING: This story is very gory, and in descriptive ways. Reader discretion is advised. Not a story for all ages and the T and eventual M ratings are very stiff. Do NOT complain about it after reading past this point.

Onward, to the story.


Toxic Butterflies

By: Revamp



Memories often bring you back to places you have existed in earlier years of your life, or instances that you have recalled happening. Even if a familiar building or structure you once visited or grew up in has long since been removed, you still feel compelled to be in that location, or to reminiscence on the feelings it once had given you.

It is very much the same scenario in my case. I plan to make a few memories of my own in this large house Next door, it so happened to be that there is a man who takes up residence. He goes by the name of Kosei Unaboshi.

He is the kind of man that most women would adore, beautiful and princely in appearance. Kosei was in his early twenties, and wore a style of clothing that only amplified his princely features: Elegant Aristocratic Lolita. He was very quiet, and had a stoic air about him. Kosei never said much to anyone, even those who knew him well.

I spend my days exiling myself in this basement and keeping my appearance at minimal. If he knew of my existence, then he would easily slip through my grasp and I can't allow that to happen.

I am a dreamer, lost in reality.

This dream has not ended, so I intend to finish what has been left unresolved.

The ending may not be the happiest one, but it is the best one. It will be the right one.

Feminine hands with orange-painted nails closed the red book and left it to rest on the dingy surface of what once used to be a finished mahogany writing desk, gathered with dust from ages of neglect.

One of the hands reached to an orange plaid, poofy shoulder of what seemed to be a dress to gently stroke a mynah bird perched on her shoulder. The bird affectionately leaned into her gentle pet.

'Very soon, Q-chan, very soon we will be able to carry out our plans and Kosei will rue the day that he ever decided to expel me from his life.' Her thoughts were callous and malicious, red lips formed into the most devious of smiles. She would do more than promise the deliverance of pain. Like a valkalrie headed into war, Suroriya was going to make sure those around her walked in the wake of hell and stared into the eyes of a demon.

Her speak squawked. "Very soon! Very soon! Kosei will rue the day! Rue the day!"

The bird's words echoed through the near empty room, reverberating from the walls in promise of a dark future.

To Be Continued

A/N: This is the beginning of a story that people wanted me to post for three years. I finally brought it to light, and as controversial as it is I hope that a few people enjoy it at least. Reviews will be returned.