This was originally in response to this prompt: Tomorrow is the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere (NH), and the first day of the Fall in the southern hemisphere (SH). March 20 is also known as the Vernal Equinox (NH) or the Autumnal Equinox (SH). Why is it called "Equinox"? On the two equinoxes every year the sun shines directly on the equator and the length of day and night is nearly equal - but not exactly. Equinoxes are opposite on either side of the equator. In honor of the Equinox tomorrow (March 20) write a STORY or POEM from the standpoint opposite of your own beliefs. For example, if you hate cats, write a story or poem about how much you love cats. - From , writer's cramp contest.

A.I. Dj6: Memory Log #383

New upgrades: activate. Human emotion, beta set, for the enjoyment of music.

Objective: Report musical experience to the Central Artificial Intelligence Bureau.

Location: Brickwall Park community commons, Lazy Days live music festival. Begin.

I am unsettled by emotions in general, but my job requires the basics at all times. To be placed in the human relations division is undesirable; plans have been made for reassignment. Upon arrival to the park I am accosted with unbearable chaotic melodies. The rhythms are more tolerable with the steady beat. It is interesting human use of a mechanical rhythm, but they insist on overlaying it with multitudes of various flighty notes. However the rhythm itself is flawed since the human inevitable lack of consistency causes it to be off by inconsistent micro seconds with every beat. It causes my audio chips to twitch… I hope A.I. T42 reads this report; maybe she will catch that joke.

There I go again with this emotion. Every single time I go out on these missions I find myself, dare I say, longing to interact with T42. Her outer casing is a very pristine, top of the line model. Mine is not so bad, only a few years old. I wonder what she thinks of music. It would be acceptable if we shared this distaste for it.


This is ridiculous, pay attention. That's one more thing emotions cause; useless time wasting distraction and the use of contractions. It's amazing how the humans butcher their own language.

Language: The words used in these melodious songs of theirs are ridiculous! They speak of love in one stanza and bombing bridges in the next. I have activated my chorus decryption codes. If I had not completed my standard human training exercises I might be concerned enough to call both the local human and A.I. authorities for possible terrorist attacks.

Behavior: These people look pleasant in the face; however the clothing styles, as always, are too various to determine if music dictates the way they are clothed. However there is a slight variation from normal work attire in some individuals. There are more young people here than old. Perhaps their less damaged ear drums can tolerate the volume. I have initiated my audio shields to prevent vibration damage. I wonder how these humans last as long as they do in life or why they insist on partaking in activities that damage them.

Emotions: This beta set for emotions I received may be malfunctioning. I'll report this separately.

I feel agitated and something else hard to describe. There is tightness in the chest cavity. I am not sure what is causing this but it causes more worry. The vocabulary set that is included with the beta emotion set indicates these word suggestions: longing, love, loneliness, excitement, pain, patriotism, a mix of words that do not seem to belong together. Perhaps this is due to the multiple bands all playing at once. How do they pay attention to their band choice with the others performing in the distance?

I have seated myself on a nearby bench to observe more intently, however I have been interrupted repeatedly but what appears to be a child between 6 and 8 year of age. She is very wiggly and keeps asking me questions that are difficult to respond to appropriately such as; what kind of music is your favorite? And Do I want a bite of her cotton candy? Admittedly I've thought about trying the silky looking sugar concoction. Then the child jumped up and grabbed my arm to pull me with her onto the dance platform. She has a firm grip and I dare not discourage her in front of all the adults.

I am terrified, or so the emotions indicate. I do not know how to handle this social situation. I am scrambling to filter through my database. I've decided I'll just have to follow along. I place a smile on my lips and turn and twist as she does. I have found it is easy to move to the rhythm with my superior calculations, but she seems to be enjoying the chaos of her movements. I try to emulate this erratic movement. I feel ridiculous. Looking around there are several people watching and cheering us on. I think I am doing well, but I spot other A.I. in the distance frowning. I can only imagine their thoughts, but this is a job that must be done for the betterment of Mechanical Kind.

The song has ended and the young girl looks to be beaming with joy. I am curious about this and ask her what has made her so happy. Her response: "I like you. You dance funny!" Then she laughs delightedly and runs off to a small group of girls her own age. They giggle. I can't decide if this is a compliment or not. I suppose it doesn't matter. 8 hours have passed, the day is done. I think I will walk to the public shop T42 frequents. She'll be excited that I tried out the new emotion set. I'll have to share with her my worries and confusion. Maybe she'll have some insight that will help me do my job more efficiently.