Chapter 1

"Well, I suppose this is the place, isn't it Saoshi?"

"We're home! We're home! We're home!"

A petite girl with bright pink hair entered my vision and ran up to the door. This was my adopted sister Saoshi, after our parents died it was elected that she come to live with me, to be honest I didn't mind at all, we had become extremely close before the car accident, and even more so following it.


The plaintative call broke my train of thought

"I'm coming, sit tight by the door, I've got the key"

I walk over to the trunk of the taxi and pop open the trunk, a short while later my and my sister's bags are at the door and I'm fumbling around with my key chain.

"Let's see, I think it was this one?"

"Onii-Chan~" beside me, the ball of energy whined

I chuckled, "One moment, one moment"

After much fumbling around and complaining by Saoshi, I finally unlocked the door to our familie's old house.


I saw Saoshi's face with mouth agape as I manhandled our luggage through the door then collapsed, exhausted. Suddenly, her face lit up wistfully.

"So this is where Onii-Chan was born?"

"Technically yeah, but I don't remember it at all, I did move out before I was even a year old"

"Even so…"

She trailed off and I looked at the soft lines of her nicely angled face, drinking in every deta-right, I'm her brother, nevermind.

"Well, let's unpack, shall we?"

That wistful expression was obliterated from her face in an instant, and she was back to her cheery self.

"Yay~! Unpacking with Onii-Chan!"



I don't hear anything, lying here in perfect darkness with my eyes closed.


Perfectly silent, perfectly comfortable, I could lay here forever.


Suddenly a pair of soft hands shake me out of my reverie, I turn my baleful eyes on to the energetic girl beside the armchair I was resting on.

"What is it Saoshi?" I sigh

"Onii-Chan hasn't finished my room yet, I was coming down to remind him~!"

I sigh once more and trudge up the stairs off the living room to where the pink haired beast lay at night.

I was in her room now, she was standing expectantly behind me as I surveyed it, suddenly my eyes fell on the bed.

This is where my sister sleeps every night…I know for a fact that she doesn't wear pajamas…does she sleep in her underwear? Or even…nake-wait, she's my sister, my bad.


I turn around suddenly, and my sister attempts, unsuccessfully, to hide the evil little smile that was threatening to overwhelm her face. I nearly ask what she found so funny, but change my mind at the last second, some things are better left unsaid.

Once more I look around her room, and begin, this could take a while.

Moving Saoshi's furniture until she was satisfied ended up taking way longer than I had wanted it to. Now it was almost 11:00, I don't normally turn in this early, but after the stress and hard work of today, it's probably for the best. Finally after putting on my pajamas I lay in bed with my eyes closed. Then, surprise surprise, the door opens up a crack. I continue to pretend to be asleep, hoping she'll go away.


I lay there with my eyes closed.


She chuckles a little bit, and I hear soft footsteps make their way over to my bed.

"Goodnight, Onii-Chan…"

She whispers, then leans down and gives me a little peck on the lips. At that moment, a thousand different fantasies flash through my head, a thousand different realities where…she reaches over, grabbing and massaging my massive, hulking member, she leans down for a deeper kiss and begins to strip off her night gow-fuck, get it under control hormones, she's my sister, jeez.


She chuckles again, and at that moment I realize there is a massive tent in my bed.

"Sweet dreams, Onii-Chan"

I drift off to sleep in hormone confused ecstacy, nobody can blame me for what I dream about, right?