Industrial Court

by Lerene

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Summary:: People know the Fae are real. Some Fae are good, but most are bad. There used to be 2 different Courts; the Light Court created from the hope and dreams of humans. And Then there was the Dark Court created from the fears and Nightmares of human. But After the Industrial Age humans dreams and nightmares changed, so why wouldn't a new Court be created. A new Fae immume to metals.

Setting:: Urban / Modern

Genre:: Fantasy, Drama, Supernatural, Crime

Notes:: This is just a teaser for a possible future story


The guy had one fine looking backside. His waist was pinched and V'd up in a nice sculpted back. Two dimples flashed at his lower back as he pulled his long teal hair over his shoulder. He was built long and lean. Black leather hugged his long legs completing the package.


And Fae.

Which breed of Fae? Hard to say other than high up. Only the higher rank fae looked human. Well humanist. Teal hair could mean water, earth or Cyber. Until he turned around there was no telling. And even if he turn around it could be hard to tell if he was a Cyber fae unless he was able to touch iron with no trouble.

Life used to be simpler when there was only the two court, the Light Court and Dark Court. Now there was three, the Light Court, the Dark Court, and the Industrial Court. It was always said that the Light Court was created through the dreams and hopes of humans. And that the Dark Court was created from humans nightmares. Well, after the Industrial Age people started dreaming of different things so why wouldn't a new court of Fae be created from those dream? The only problem with the new fae? They didn't suffer from the limitation that the other two courts did. The Light and Dark court couldn't be close to things of Industry like iron and electronics.

But a Fae was a Fae and not something to mess with. No Court was better than another and point should always be noted. Fae do not care for humans, some more than others. Never truth the Fae.

The woman couldn't stop staring at the beautiful male fae. She bit her lip and turned her head to the side as she studied him more. He was beautiful. Human males could never look that good and if they by small chance did they have a personality that was ugly.

The Fae turned his head to glance over his shoulder. When he spotted her he smirked then began to walk toward an alley. At the head of the alley he crooked a finger at her to get her to follows him.

The woman licked dry lips. She glanced around herself but she didn't see anyone. That meant no one to gossip about her as she boldly walked into the alley. The half naked fairy stood half way down the alley leaning against the wall. "Hey there," she said swaying her hips as she drew near.

"Hey," a beautiful voice came with the beautiful face. But that beautiful face quickly morphed into a monster.

A scream bairly was out of her mouth when her life was ended.


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Story is copyrighted to Lerene. No reposting whatsoever! It can only been seen here, on my account on Elfwood and my account on DeviantART. No Stealing!

AN:: I know, I know. I should be working on my other stories but this popped in my head and I wanted to write it before I forgot. I created these Cyber Fae as drawings a year ago and been wanting to create a story with them so bad! Finally something randomly popped in my head while reading something else. This will be something I'll work on when I'm stuck on my other story or just need a change.

But do you like the idea? I know there not much to it yet so it hard to judge. But does it draw your attention? Does it make you want to read more?