carpe diem

i've realised

that time spins and coils and glides through motionless fingers,

a flaming trail of hesitance and hidden desires left in its wake.

there's a bright jar,

and it's full to the brim with veiled possibilities

timidly poking their concealed heads into the open air,

searching for a ray of freedom

any ray of freed-

-but the inevitable blanket of doubt notices weakness.

it sprints over to the lid

and gently lays itself down,

safely securing unspoken wishes into a crowded darkness.

somewhere someone wakes up,

a heavy cloud of uncertainty lingering over their head.

a reckless finger slips into a bright jar

softly curling itself through hundreds and thousands of carefully buried thoughts.

i've realised

that regret is an ugly emotion.

time spins and coils and glides

but pauses,

when a decision is seized

or even

a day.