Friendship day

Let me share an anecdote with you, Reader. It was in class sixth, on Friendship Day. Our class was forty strong, and we'd all got friendship bands for our friends—it was a matter of reputation. The more number of bands you had, the more friends you had, or you were the winner of some untold game. We went around first tying the bands to our close friends, then our favourite teacher—our class teacher, Mrs. Beri—and then, if we had some left, to the person who'd tied his or her band on our wrists. We'd all tied our bands, the teacher was in class, we'd all settled down. Then, Mrs. Beri asked, "Who doesn't have a band on their wrist?"

We looked at each other, and saw an unadorned hand rising up. It was one of the boys in our class. We all liked the boy, we all were his friends—we shared our food, our notes, our jokes with him. But there wasn't a band on his hand—not a single one. So, wasn't he our friend?

What happened next was simple—some of us wrenched a few bands from our hands, and tied it to his. Happy Friendship Day. A simple gesture made such a lot of difference.

Ever since then, I've either forgotten to carry friendship bands, or simply not wasted my time.

Agreed, a gesture is a gesture, and it makes people happy. But, if that same gesture is a part of somebody else's unhappiness, then I want no part in it. Instead, I give a hug to all the girls, and a special handshake to all the boys. And I help them when they ask for it.

'A friend in need is a friend in deed.' And if the need is to tie a friendship band to my hand, then you're my friend. But, if the same person looks the other way when you're in trouble, is he your friend? If friendship bands were the way to choose one's friends, then the boy I talked of before wouldn't have a single friend. Well, I am his friend, and so are a lot others.

I help my friends when they ask for it, give it to them when they don't, infuriate them, laugh with them, enjoy myself and have fun with them. And when I need a shoulder to cry on, I have them with me—all without tying a band. But there is a bond between me and my girlfriends—too many to count—and we're always there to support each other and gang up against the enemy. Or just giggle and laugh about boys.

To those of you who like tying bands, go ahead. I'm not trying to dissuade you. But, just remember—if nobody ties a band to your hand, it doesn't mean you have no friends. It means that your friends are out of bands. And besides, every day that you strengthen your friendship with them is another day of friendship—day in and day out every year.

Happy friendship day, everybody.

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