The stage is like fate—it can make you or break you. Sometimes you want to be on the stage forever, have everybody recognize you, cheer for you, have that exhilaration—the high—course through you.

And sometimes, you wish you were never born.

I've felt like that quite a few times (emphasis on few). The sheer disappointment and the almost desperate need for another chance made me feel like someone had carelessly tossed my heart into a compressor and crushed it, crushed all my chances. The weight on my shoulders felt as if another somebody had collected all the disappointed gazes from those who'd kept high hopes on me, put it together and had dumped that mountain-sized boulder between my shoulders.

So, what do you do then? When you've worked out your heart and soul—believe me, it feels like that—and realized that it just isn't enough, what do you do?

Accept it. Accept your scars of failure—maybe not gracefully, maybe not with dignity. But accept them. It'll give you peace of mind—but remember, acceptance is not a drug. Peace of mind will come gradually, if not immediately, but it'll come.

Work on finding your mistakes. Maybe you went about it the wrong way, maybe you did too much or too little, maybe you didn't have anyone to guide you. Maybe you didn't have enough experience. Whatever it may be, you screwed up. So find out what it is that you screwed up, and work on not doing it again.

And, to work on it, you need to get back on that stage again. And again and again, until, soon enough, you've got the crowds yelling, "Encore!"

And that's when your scars have healed.

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