Darrow lounged in is leather armchair, as Cal approached. Cal was clothed in a sheer outfit of next to nothing, an orange buttplug protruded from his firm arse and a cock ring encased, his small, but sturdy 4 inch cock. Cal carefully approached Darrow's throne bearing a silver tray of peaches.

"Put it on the table, " Darrow commanded, his voice low, cool, quite like the rasp of paper. Cal obeyed.

"Position two", Darrow rapped out. Cal obediently lay across Darrow's legs, ass up. Darrow removed the plug from Cal's ass.

"One, two..."

Cal shuddered with desire. Suddenly the hand stopped.

"What should good slaves say to their masters?"

"thank you, " Cal squeaked out, "m-master"

The spanking continued, " twenty-five, twenty-six"

By thirty, Cal was almost shaking with the strain. His ass was a nice red and tender to the touch. Finally, Darrow removed the buttplug carefully and examined the gaping hole, cum sloshing inside. He dipped his finger into the hole and offered his cum to Cal. Cal licked the finger slavishly, tongue wrapping around it in a way that reminded Darrow of Cal's tongue in other places. Darrow picked up a peach slice from the plate and slathered it with the cum.

"Have you had breakfast today?" Darrow drawled.

"No," Cal gasped.

Darrow fed the cum-covered slice into Cal's waiting mouth, Cal's mouth reached out to envelop the fingers and licked both the fingers and the peach juice.

For a moment, nothing happened, the air stilled, the light of the setting sun hung heavy over the shadowed living room.

Finally Cal whispered, "please, can I have more?"