When Cal woke up, he was lying on a red satin bedspread next to Darrow, who was reading The Wall Street Journal. He was exhausted, his body still tight from the orgasm. But still, he felt light, happy and leaned over to kiss Darrow on the cheek.

Darrow simply said dispassionately, " no kissing. On you knees on the floor"

Cal had tears in his eyes, " but"

"On the floor, slut" Darrow commanded.

Cal obeyed.

"Crawl over to my side of the bed" Darrow insisted, loving the way Cal's creamy cheeks undulated as he crawled.

Cal sat, in a kneeling position, tear tracks running down his cheeks.

Darrow carefully smoothed those tears away.

"Shh- Shh, it's ok, love"

Darrow pulled off the bedcovers, revealing a slightly aroused cock.

Cal looked at it with dismay.

"but I don't like..."

"What did we say about don't like Cal? What did we say about nos?"

Cal gazed into Darrow's dark eyes, at these times, they looked almost hypnotic.

" I don't say no", he repeated in a dazed voice.

" Now, " I think it's time to introduce you to the finer joys of urine. 'open your mouth, "Darrow said. Cal opened his mouth as if drugged. The cock was inside his mouth now, where his master said it should be, where it belonged.

Darrow chuckled as he let a stream of piss into Cal's mouth and the boy swallowed the pee and licked the tip of the penis with unabashed fervor.

Cal thought the strange liquid tasted so good, so sweet. He wanted to drink it all the time.

Darrow pulled Cal up to the bed, removed the plug and buried himself in Cal's tight hole once again. Cal barely protested, his mind had been lulled by the hypnosis to a state of uncomprehending lust. Cal would beg to be fucked at least three more times before the night was over.

Darrow smiled, a little hypnosis and Cal was turning to be the perfect little slave.