He's a dorky,geeky ,nerd who loves music and plays and sings. He has a secret identity which ,he is a popular talented musician that is making waves in the music industry but know one has seen his face or him directly. Hmmm... only no one in his high school knows this until...



Charlie Lee ,yep... that's me or should I say my alternate ego, the fabulous up and coming newest singing and playing sensation that no one has seen in person on stage or screen ...except in shadow form. The only problem is my fans don't know I'm a total dork nerd and at times geek at my high school were I'm ridiculed almost continuously.

My real name is Clyde Hyder ,16 yrs old high schooler at Wayne High School in Sabersville,Ohio .I'm 6 ft. medium build ,black hair and the bluest eyes ever if they could be seen thru my tinted prescription glasses. I'm average as far as in looks goes so not many of the popular or pretty girls goes for me . To add to my problems I'm extremely shy . One of the many reasons I do my concerts in shadow form.

Your probably wondering what I mean by shadow form RIGHT?

Shadow form is were you have a large white sheet with bright lights behind it while you stand between the sheet and the bright lights casting your shadow on to the sheet. People knows there's someone singing because they can see the shadow person and his or her movements. My shyness is so acute that

I get nervous in front of people so doing it this way I don't see the fans faces or reactions . It's like being alone behind the curtain and I'm not as scared or nervous to preform.

My manager doesn't understand why I do this, and knows almost nothing about my social life. However he does know talent and he does a good job at promoting my career with my weird way of doing my concerts.

At school its not like I don't have friends I do but as you can imagine their just like me nerds,dorks, geeks and the like the lower echelons of the high school social ladder. Even my closest friends don't know anything about my double life . Because I've arranged my concerts during spring break,Christmas break and the summer vacation between school terms. So my life pretty much sucks otherwise during the school year which is most of the year unfortunately.

Loud applause can be heard as I exited stage left and to the rear of the auditorium …. I never stayed around after any of my performances. LOL... matter of fact I had it all worked out that I'd walk right out the front doors with all my fans who never saw what I looked like to be able to recognize me … all those that thought they were being smart waiting outside the rear stage door would be waiting a very long time .

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