When he signed up for the air force, Maxwell Armstrong had no idea what he had gotten himself into. He excelled in training and slowly earned every honor he could in peacetime service. The armed forces had not been his only life, though. He had been seeing the same girl for about a year, when it started. He had been thinking about proposing for some time, but hadn't gotten up the courage to do it…yet. He was a hasty and rash man, and looked the part. He had light brown hair chopped back in the traditional armed-forces crew cut. His eyes glistened blue. He was strong enough to strangle an elephant, and it showed. Since his initial training he had been developing an uneven tan, which matched up perfectly with what he already had from growing up on a farm in Alabama.

It was on a day like any other, but Max had a particularly perky air about him. He knew there wasn't much more for him to do, but be promoted. He had his eyes set on the top of the ranks. He was sitting at his desk smoking a cigar, legs propped up on the desk, arms folded, when the came.

"Maxwell Armstrong?" the commander asked as he entered the dorm.

"Yes, sir!" Max yelled out, jumping up to attention. He was slightly embarrassed to be found in such a lax position, but nothing could ruin his perpetual good mood.

"You have been doing exemplary work since you've arrived here at the base, soldier," the man said. "Your commanding officers have told me of your hard work-ethic and strong will."

"Thank you, sir," the recruit barked, anticipating what would come next.

"Now, normally people like you are promoted and you could even end up running this place, but we have something else in mind for you."

Max was perplexed, he wasn't being promoted?

"What do you know about NASA soldier?"

NASA? He hadn't even considered getting involved with the space program. That just wasn't his thing. What was this all about? The soldier was getting agitated, but he couldn't let it show to a superior officer, "Not much, sir."

"Hmm, perfect," he said under his breath. "You will be trained for a special mission our scientists have cooked up. It's unprecedented and very dangerous, but we won't make you do it. You have to volunteer, but we feel you would be the perfect one for the job.

"Maybe this won't be so bad," he thought. He was intrigued by anything that could get him recognition and glory.

"I'm up for it, sir…but what is this project called?"

"Ad Medius Solaris ~ To the Center of the Sun."