Chapter 2

Boing! Boing! Boing! Alice stared at the ball apparently mesmerized by its up and down movement as it was dribbled across the court.

She shoved a handful of popcorn into her mouth and continued staring at it. Does it always go on like this, she wondered or do they keep bouncing it for the sake of hypnotization of the viewer. Whatever the case Alice hated basketball so why the hell was she watching it?

Well, she thought, it might be because of the hypnotization it made her forget the was happening outside in the world like war, famine, poverty or a best friend dating a best friend you were in love wouldn't have to deal with them because she was watching basketball.

And of course B-ball was sooo awesome, especially when you were watching it alone with a tub of popcorn and a gallon of ice cream.Not!

It was just a modernization of the barbarian games of the Romans where they put a whole bunch of humans in a pit to fight and made bets as to who would be able to now they fought over a ball while before they fought for their , it was not a comforting process, especially not to Alice.

Finally, giving up she turned it off and retreated to her bedroom. Shutting the door behind her, she drew the curtains and lay down fully clothed on the bed.

Think, Alice, think she thought.What should you do now? Trying to think about the situation clinically didn't work so she put it like a Math problem.

If there are 3 constants A1,A2 and J, what happens when J+A1=JA1 ?Does A2 come forward and declare her undying love for J and then puts a knife through her heart so J and A1 can be happy together?Or does she remain quiet in the background so the happy couple remains oblivious?

Ouch, that thought did not just hurt did it? It killed, she thought bravely. But that was what she was going to do so they would not feel guilty if Jason was happy which he was without a doubt…..then she would never tell either of them.

A wave of burning hot tears rose up stinging her eyes. She tried to swallow them but she just could not and she went under the murky waves of heartache and grief lashing at her.

Every time she surfaced reality jabbed at her with razor-edged clarity and she was caught up again in the tidal wave of pain.

Finally, near 3 a.m. she was able to raise her head above the pillow. The pain had dulled to a throbbing constant ache in her chest. Dry eyed she got up and went to the bathroom to wash her face.

She surveyed the damage to her face with almost but not quite detachment and practicality took over. She had to hide the evidence of her heartbreak not only for today but for other days to come.

She winced as the throb sharpened to a lance tearing through her. She struggled against it and conquered. She would have to buy lots of concealer for the black circles around her eyes and eye-gel for her swollen she just had to learn to keep up a mask at all times around her friends especially Jason who knew her almost inside out.

She splashed her face with cold water ignoring the pain trying to rear up its ugly head as she wondered how she could avoid seeing the gang on the tomorrow or rather, today.

She decided to study for the Biology test on Monday so that her brain would be distracted from other unwelcome thoughts.

She went into her bedroom and soon lost herself in the intricacies of the circulatory system.

She slept through almost half of Saturday and the other half she'd spent thanking God that she had been asleep when the gang had visited and buying the concealer and eye gel from the drugstore round the corner.

Now it was Sunday evening and she had done her homework. The day had passed peacefully enough as her Mom had been at the spa for a full day's worth of pampering while her Dad had snored to his heart's content under the newspaper and her younger brother Declan was busy in his room.

Thankfully enough none of her friends had decided to drop by. She was in a much better state than before due to her increasing control on her emotions but she still found herself looking at things through blurred vision throughout the day.

She went to bed that night reluctant to wake up tomorrow and…. well it was better to think of tomorrow as the harbinger of days to come.

AN: Hi everyone, I know I haven't posted in a while but there were some problems including the fact that I had writer's block and Alice was being very stubborn, she just insisted on crying and turning into the classic Bella Swan so yeah we had struggles. The good news is I have managed to write chapters 3 & 4 of this story and chapter 3 of the other one which will soon be posted. (Hopefully within this month). Feedbacks are as always welcome. :D