Sasha made her way through the dense cluster of trees, using a machete to hack her way through the hanging vines and branches that blocked her path. The heavy swish of her blade, the organic sound of the vegetation being cut away, the sound of her heavy boots on the mossy undergrowth, and the howling and hooting of the wild birds and animals in the wilderness nearly combined to a background cacophony that seemed to dominate the world. Sasha was well used to the sounds of the jungle however, and her ears were keen to pick up any sound that would mean imminent danger. Like the soft hush of a light footstep behind her, or a rustle of the leaves nearby. These sounds meant danger to her. Footsteps meant that she was being followed. She always travelled alone, and anyone she met out in the wild was not her friend. A rustle of leaves betrayed the presence of one of the local predators trying to stalk her. Both of these things were very real, very dangerous concerns, and Sasha had encountered and dealt with both scenarios before. She was at home in the jungle, although she didn't live there. No one apart from the animals made the jungle their home.

The air was hot and stuffy. Her clothes were soaked through with sweat, along with the bandana around her forehead which she used as a headband. This was another thing that Sasha was well used to. She advanced through the trees despite its wild growth, and before long she could make out the shafts of sunlight coming not just above through the canopy, but from ahead as well. Spurred on by the prospect of finally leaving the close proximity of the trees, Sasha quickened her pace. Within minutes, she reached the end of the trees, and the unbridled sunlight made her flinch and shield her eyes.

As she grew accustomed to the strong light of the afternoon, she found that she was standing at the top of a sheer drop. The trees around her stopped abruptly at the edge, growing right up to where there was no more room to grow. As she looked down she saw that regardless there were even some trees flourishing from the vertical cliff face as well. Sasha was disappointed. She'd intended to bypass the cliff altogether, but somehow her trek had led her too far south. She sighed dejectedly, and removed her backpack. She had no choice but to climb down the cliff if she was to be finished by sundown. Going around would take up too much time. Rummaging through her bag, she eventually found what she was looking for. A coil of rope, very light and thin, but strong enough to hold fifty times her weight. Sasha looked out beyond the cliff. The ground below was completely hidden by the canopy of trees as the jungle continued. But the solid layer of foliage was broken by the rectangular towers of stone and glass. These constructions, 'skyscrapers' they had once been called, were all that remained of the civilization that had swelled here in times gone by. Below the trees and the towers lay other remnants of this city's now faded glory. Streets paved with seamless stone, now cracked and jagged from the relentlessness of the wild growth reclaiming the land. Smaller structures lay hidden as well, toppled ruins now empty and bare.

Sasha tied her rope to a nearby tree, threw the rest down the cliff, and carefully lowered herself over the edge. Then, hand by hand, she climbed down the sheer wall of stone.