I remember the day we met

There was something in the air,

Sweet and tangible and real,

I thought I saw to the depths of you,

In a single moment.

And that's all it took

For me to want to be with you,

And you gave a smile that seemed to

Say 'I want to be with you too'.

And so I did something

Strong and new,

Not me at all.

I gave you my heart

(expecting a heart in return)

And you threw it away

But I picked it up,

Cracked and broken

And carried it away to mend

(I thought I could remake it better;

Worthy of you)

When it was almost new,

I brought it back,

But you just threw it away,


But I was hopeless,

A fool,

I didn't think twice about

Staying in your trap

Because I can remember

The day we met

And the smile you gave,

The one I thought I knew.

┬ęThe Last Letter