A gasp of pain,

Rush of night air,

A ring fallen from a finger,

A heart no longer there,

The words were deadly,

The end of the end,

My worst nightmare,

The snapping of the bend.

A tear rolls away,

Sadness for all to see.

What is the point of freedom,

If the price is me?

I wish you away

In the darkest hour,

Though we loved,

Your name made me cower.

Ensnared by pale fingers,

Cocooned by lies,

I decided to blind myself,

Only see the disguise,

Now there's me

But no you

I'm collapsing

Under the truth.

I'm on my own,

Don't know what to do.

I was too reliant,

On you.

It's only my voice now,

In control of myself,

Still sorting out,

The cards I've been dealt.

The cage is gone,

My wings spread free,

I'm not defined by you,

I'm finally me.

┬ęThe Last Letter