Like a song lyric
Is this not fucking descriptive enough for you

Is the bone-cracking nightmare fatigue not a clear
enough indication that something is very


wrong with the situation?

He asks the questions;

the same question that shapes oval and awkward
like a loose bead from a bracelet I once wore to remember
the cackle of your circumference, the lies via text message,

the question,
the angle of the oblong clunk of your lips
morphing the dialect,

text messages
are really just lip syncing anyway,

the question-


as though my scolding silence wasn't
clear enough, my borderline personality
facebook posts, changing my profile pick
once a day, always at 4:00 p.m to make
sure that it could be seen in primetime,

I do not save up my madness
for midnight where no one can witness it first hand,

although, I recognize that that would be the more poetic thing to do.

The silence was not enough for me
and too great for you

boyfriends are from dawn;
girlfriends from dusk,

we are not subterranean
as you once thought, we are not
the soft remainder of humanity

you do not walk on water
like a prophet,

a prophet of calamity,
king of casualties

leave me on the side of the road
like a rape victim, take another
swig of my silence,

my scowl
is not enough,

the bruise on my thigh
not enough,

telling me that my loss
makes your bed feel lonely

the fact that I lay here
entombed in distaste
means nothing,

it is not enough
for either of us.