More HAIKUS from 2010! I wrote these for a Japanese appreciation class... it was funny because the teacher asked us to write 5 Haikus, I turned in 25 Haikus 10 minutes after he gave us the assignment... I jokingly told my friends in class "this is an easy assignment, I can SHIT Haikus" and then that became a haiku... here are a few...

Man this is funny,
what an easy assignment,
I can shit Haikus

I guess he is dead
this man from the ocean blue
floating in the bay

Squirrel in the tree
will you share those nuts with me?
Oh, I cannot climb

days will follow days
and nights will follow the nights
and so goes the week

Fresh are the flesh wounds
but we have not lost our pride
we are Samurai

A storm of arrows
our castle is no longer,
nothing, but ashes

como se llamas?
que? Ah no hablo ingles?
Si, lo siento...

the rain hits my head
and because I have no hair
my clothes are soggy

the sakura tree
blossoms only once for me
could it blossom again?

my song is awesome,
my song is really quite great
(insert guitar riff)

Samurai Yoshi
is not Samurai Toji
nor is he Genji

(THIS LAST ONE, was an attempt to write a haiku where each line was one word, but to make it make sense wasn't working for me, so then I modified the rule, only the first line could be changed and thus:)

I have a really