The Differences Between (Insert name of cartoon character) and his/her clone is OBVIOUS people!

Are people in cartoons blind? How can they not notice that the clone/Semi look-alike appears to be vastly different from the original?

Two Examples:

In Sonic X people mistake Shadow for Sonic. Now Keep in mind that Sonic is BLUE and Shadow is black with red stripes in his hair/spikes. Include the fact that Shadow is more prone to violence then Sonic and you question the intelligence of his friends who apparently don't know him that well.

If anyone's seen The Spectacular Spider man (2008 TV series) In one episode The Police mistake Venom for Spider Man. What the Heck?! Venom is muscular with sharp teeth and a creepy tongue. On top of all that he even SOUNDS different!

Are they blind or just stupid? This question must be asked twice to the main characters friends and allies as these are the people who claim to know them best.

The idea of an evil clone or Look-alike is interesting but they should look and act almost exactly alike the original character with few differences between them.

Good Example:

Beyond Birthday from Death Note (He sits, acts, and looks almost exactly like L but has Red eyes. L's are deep black).

Bad Example:

Shadow the freaking Hedgehog (Black, Red stripes in his spikes, Red and white shoes, speaks in a dark raspy voice, and owns a gun. Sonic is blue, red shoes with a white stripe, does NOT own a gun, and has an annoying happy voice).

I think I've ranted myself out now

Thank you For reading



Do you know of any other cartoons where the clone or look-alike is mistaken for the real deal?