Villains have no brains

Does yelling at the Movie Villain to just SHOOT the hero make me a bad person?

I mean why do they NEED to go through the whole ordeal of attaching them to a complicated death trap of death to kill them when they have a gun?


My sister: 0-o "Uh Ronni...Its just a movie okay?"

And it doesn't bother me as much when the Villain is actually an idiot. It bothers me more when he/She is a genius or at least a little bit smarter.

If you want an example of smart Villains I provided a list of five below:

1. Doctor Octopus. (Spider Man)

2. Jafar. (Aladdin)

3. Snow Whites Mom (Snow White)

4. Maleficent. (Sleeping Beauty)

5. Doctor Eggman (Sonic X)

These five are a relatively bright but do the dumbest things that help the hero's win:

1. Snow Whites mother makes an apple that causes sleep.

Me: "It is not POISONED woman! All you did was make a sleep inducing apple!"

2. Jafar doesn't just kill Aladdin.

Me: "Stop using your magic fairy powers to send Aladdin to East Yoha and fry his brain!"

3. Doctor Octopus pretty much just fails at defeating spider man.

Me :"Dude...You need to move to Houston or something you are an embarrassment to super Villains."

4. Maleficent said that on Aurora's sixteenth birthday she would die. Why wait that long?

Me: "Lady you will save yourself a very messy death if you lower the age a bit."

5. Doctor Eggman makes Diabolical death traps of death to kill sonic with.


So there you have it!