My rant is going to be about Facebook games.

I actually like a few FB games but I'm going to rant about what I don't like about the games and go into detail about why I hate the games I hate.

My Fave games:

1. CSI: Crime City

What I hate: The fact you need credits to buy coffee or clothes. Other games offer the option of paying a reasonable sum with the fake money

I also hate the fact you can only get four coffee's once a day. Its annoying when you are very close to solving the case and you have 0 energy

2. Hunger Games Adventures (I really didn't like the movie or books that much but this game is very fun).

What I hate: The fact it takes away more and more energy the farther you get in the story. I understand its supposed to make it more challenging but it also wastes energy.

3. Disney City Girl

What I hate- The quests can be near impossible to achieve.

4. Angry Birds

What I hate- Sometimes you can't skip a level.

5. House M.D: Critical Cases.

What I hate- You need to wait 20 hours after using a doctor for a referral once. This is REALLY annoying when you have only one doctor to use. Another annoying thing is House will never help you. Ever.

Now I will rant about the games I hate!

1. Farmville.

"I do not want your stupid tractor. I don't need your stupid tractor. I WILL RE-GIFT YOUR STUPID TRACTOR! STOP SENDING ME TRACTORS!"

(I did in fact remove this game and guess what? No more tractors!)

2. CSI: Miami

"What? I don't want to replay this level! YOU replay the level! I HATED THIS LEVEL."

(Removed this game too).

3. Bejewled

"I feel like I'm playing Jewel quest..."

(I only played this once and I've gotta say its like jewel quest but without the story).

4. Any search and find games

"What the *&%^# Is this? I can't find anything in here! Do fairies ever CLEAN their trees?!"

(Played this once).

5. Baby and Me

"This is a pointless game with no point and it slows everything down."

(Removed this minutes after I played).

6. ZeroHero

"This game has a terrible plot and no good villains. I quit."

(Interestingly one of the quests was 'Stay one day'. Apparently people don't stick around).

Well that's all my pointless ramblings in a nutshell. Have a nice day.