i want to tell you that

i just found a photo on Tumblr

and it just says

what would you do

if you weren't


and i want so desperately

to tell you that as soon as i saw it

i thought of you

and how, when your eyes meet mine,

i get all those butterflies i've heard about

in books




and suddenly i know

what everyone is making such a fuss about.

i'd tell you to

look at me, finally

and realize that i stare at you

with even more love than she ever did

to stop looking at her like that

because it's been over for almost a

year. she isn't yours

and you aren't hers

and a body shouldn't mean that much

to you anymore. not just for a night.

i want to tell you how scared i am

that someday she'll notice, even

before you do

scared i am that i'll lose

the both of you.

i want to tell you

kiss me

because i've been curious for


wanting to know how it feels

to be wanted by you.

and though i would tell you most


i can't tell you any of this.

i can't even whisper it

three rooms away

in the dark of night.

can't whisper it to my own


only paper

i am too afraid.

i've always been too