fuck me, my love

fuck me like you might fuck
one of your sisters accidently on a drunken night

fuck me until I see stars

fuck me like you mean it

fuck me so I'll remember that siring
pain, awkward gut retch, pre-entanglement

fuck me with salt on your fingertips while
you make fun of my bloody foot in the sink

fuck me dazzled on Sunday, Monday, yesteryear, nevermore

fuck me soft like a virgin,

let the next time be like the first time

be it, be it, be it

fuck me like a cuckold

fuck me with your eyes, tongue,
quick panting breaths, let me hear your cum expression,

look me in the eyes
when you fuck me

take it all in, fuck me, my love

fuck me like a video game, let me
watch your eyes slide over the
televised glow, this glow like mad-light,
like bugs circling the outside LED fixtures,
the porch a place you were always too willing
to go

fuck me broken

fuck me fixed

fucked up lover

talk with the body, flesh of my flesh,
the bony ribs, the broken hip jutting
free and dangling from a pelvis like a rotted
tree stump

oh, get it over with, lover.