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Embracing the Dark
By: Ghostlingx

Chapter 1: Sign of the New Beginning

The word Genesis is and has always been the way to describe a new beginning; that is why we gave the apocalypse its name.

The apocalypse era started in year 2012, December 21st, when a group of archaeologists found an ancient underground chamber containing the only proof of the Christ's existence, the Holy Grail. The Grail was foolishly transported to the Sistine Chapel for safe-keeping, without any in-depth inspection beforehand, and put under heavy guard, denying scientists and other researchers any access to the artifact. The Grail was placed in a safe located under the chapel, never to be seen again for seventy years. Although the public complained about how the Church wanted to greedily keep what God had given to them as a gift, the Church was still able to keep the artifact privately through bribing the government.

As years passed, the extreme caution that had once protected the Grail gradually faded. Soon, most memories of the Holy Grail disappeared, leaving any knowledge of it buried deep in pages of text. As the last generation's pope died, the Church was forced to quickly pick a new leader. Because of the Church's rushed and flawed decision-making, Noah Brehmson was appointed as the new pope. It was a grave mistake. Noah not only failed to support Christianity, but also went insane, making decisions that led to the apocalypse.

At the age of forty-four, Noah was convicted of eighteen murders, and sentenced to a mental institution for the rest of his life. He claimed that he was being commanded by God, and that his victims were on the list that God had sent him. In order to protect himself, he dug out the Holy Grail from the Church and brought it out into the public. He gave a speech to the public, claiming that God had chosen him as the bringer of the new beginning.

I slid my finger to the top of the page and hesitated to flip it. Sighing, I put down the text-book and stretched, and reached for my pillow. History classes are a drag; you never learn anything important. All they ever talk about is the apocalypse that happened a year ago and current events. Perhaps they could add a bit more spice? Some French revolution would be nice, or maybe some exploration... not that it matters, since I'm never going to be able to use it anywhere.

Life has been boring, unpleasant, and uneventful ever since the apocalypse, simply because everyone I knew either died, ditched, or disappeared, with the exception of my best friend. Now I live in a town of survivors, quietly moving... nowhere in life. Nothing has been happening. Even our education is limited with the small amount of people we have around here. We only have eighteen highly educated teachers in our colony of about six thousand people. Not only do we lack in certain jobs, we also have a limited amount of supplies: that's why our community is slowly dying out. The world outside is refusing to give us any aid for some unknown reason, thus we are forced to fend for ourselves.

At first, the apocalypse only seemed to hit Cellendor, my home country. No one knew why, but all we knew is that it wasn't by chance; not after Noah, the insane pope, had given his speech. He had predicted that Cellendor would be the first to fall prey to the virus, announcing that God hated discriminatory liars. No one understood what he meant by liars until after the apocalypse. Cellendor, the country that called itself 'multicultural', was, in reality, another place for discrimination to flourish. Now, the people who survived understand the true meaning of multicultural. Well, maybe people don't quite 'understand' just yet, but at least discrimination is low on the priority list; since people are mainly focused on looking for more people to increase their odds of survival. Unfortunately, it seems that God prefers cults, criminals, and mafias over unequal rights. If I were able to choose, I'd rather stick with the discrimination.

I reached for my textbook once again, flipping three pages to the right before settling down and reading again.

Noah Brehmson: Noah was born on December 21st, year 2045 in Vatican City. Miraculously, he was able to speak at birth, but spoke only one specific word: genesis. Because the mother of Noah had died during childbirth, the pope took the child in and raised him as a gift from God, teaching him the ways of Christianity. He grew up to be a loving and kind person, but his personality changed drastically in year 2089, the year in which the last generation's pope died. People say that it was the pope's death that had drove Noah insane, but he denied it, proclaiming that he was not insane and that God had simply sent him a set of instructions to reshape the world.

After being convicted of murdering eighteen government officials, torturing five children, and nine cases of large scale homicide, he was sentenced to live in the Velventine Castle, the worlds most infamous prison. Before the, government was able to capture him, he uncovered the Holy Grail's hiding place and brought it out into the public, presenting his speech as what seemed to be a last ditch attempt to avoid conviction. He showed the Grail's contents to the world: a deep red liquor. After declaring that the liquor was in fact the blood of Jesus, the drink that purifies the soul, he drank the wine in public. He then escaped, never to be seen again. What happened to Noah and the grail still remains a mystery today.

I've always hated how textbooks always gave vague descriptions and left so many questions unanswered. I took a yawn, slammed my textbook shut, and reached over to flip the switch on my lamp, turning it off. I pulled my blanket over my head, still hugging my pillow, and closed my eyes.


The last thing I wanted, was to wake up with my roommate's ass in my face, but it happened anyway. I pushed her off of me, grunting and turning my head to look at the clock. Once I had managed to get her off of my face, I pulled my beloved blankets over my head, hiding from the blinding sunlight that shone through the window with a killer's intent.

"Get up you lazy ass!" a voice full of sunshine called, tugging on my bed covers. Suddenly, I felt her weight on my face again. I moaned in complaint as Felicia peeled the blanket from the bottom half of my bed. I desperately clung onto the blanket, but I knew that I couldn't win.

"Gurph urph me," was all I managed to say, not that it made any sense. I sighed and yawned, allowing her to pull off my covers. "Felicia?"


"You're an ass-in-the-face kind of ass, you know..."

She gave off a lively laugh and hopped back to her bed, quickly trading her PJs a skirt and a blazer. "You can be really funny sometimes, Pixie. I'll get you back for that one."

I frowned, sat up, and rubbed my eyes. "Get me back? You literally put your ass in my face..."


"Forget it. Anyways, what's your second period class again?" I asked, fluffing out the pillow I had violently hugged last night.

"Science in room 204."

A smile formed on the corner of my lips. "Have fun learning about the virus and its symptoms with Mr. Dinosaur."

Felicia blinked twice and looked at me. "Wait... how would you know? Did you have science last semester? I thought you had math, Phys Ed, English, and Socials."

"I lied. I have Socials this semester, and I had science last time."

"Oh you liar!" she wailed, lifting her own pillow and throwing it at my face. "I thought I was your best friend! You won't even tell me your room numbers!"

"You still are," I reassured, smiling. "I just don't need a crazy monkey girl stalking every one of my classes. Well... I'm going to make something to eat."

I quickly got myself changed into my school uniform, brushed my teeth, and headed downstairs to make breakfast for the two of us. I took out two eggs and some ham from the fridge, grabbing some of yesterday's leftover bread. "Feli?! Do you want scrambled eggs or sunny-side up?!" I yelled, glancing quickly at the time.

"Scrambled please!" she called out, rushing down the stairs.

I cracked open both eggs, placing the contents in the frying pan and began to stab the yoke with my spatula, adding a pinch of salt. Once done, I took out two recycled-paper platters from the wooden cabinet, sloppily shoving the food on them. I quickly walked over to the table, picking out a couple of plastic forks on the way and sitting down beside Felicia to eat.

"You should really let me cook next time. It seems like hard work," commented Felicia, forking a bunch of eggs into her mouth.

"No thanks... all you make is greasy bacon and overcooked eggs. And what happened to your hair? It looks like what's on your plate."

She stayed silent for a moment and ran her rough fingers through her red curls before continuing her yapping. "Why do we always have to use these paper platters and plastic forks? I'm tired of this low-quality stuff," Felicia whined, stabbing her fork into the ham.

"Really? Why can't you just shut up and eat? I've already told you that we don't have the money to afford the silverware, since everyone would rather make gun, bullets,and knives out of the metal... Plus, you should be thankful that we already have a nice apartment to live in." I shoved the rest of my meal into my mouth, rose from the table and checked the time again. "We have to go now. We're going to be late for school again."

She sighed and rushed upstairs to grab her bag and came back down in an instant. "Got it!"

"Good. Lets go," I sighed, grabbing my Swiss army bag from the floor, slinging it over my shoulder, snagging some bread off the table with one hand, and headed out the door of our apartment without bothering to lock it.

"Off to school we go!" she exclaimed, skipping forwards. Felicia can be a full on child sometimes. She barely knows how to take care of herself, how to act normally, and she has by far the shortest attention span out of every single person I've met, but still. She is my best and only friend, so I have to take good care of her, even if it isn't the easiest job in the world.

"Where do you want to go for lunch today?" I asked, watching my feet repeat the pattern of walking.

Felicia paused for a moment, glancing hopefully back towards me with a cheeky smile. "Under the apple tree? The apples should be ripe now. Plus, we haven't been there in forever." She paused and tilted her head, giving me a funny look. "I'm pretty sure they don't go there anymore."

"Sure why not?" I shrugged, punting a pebble into the sea of it's brethren that lay beside the cracked cement road we walked on. "Hurry up, we're going to be late." I pat Feli on the head as I passed her.

"Oh wait... I forgot! Someone asked for my help with something again! Sorry, we can meet there tomorrow. Oh, and make sure you take your pills at lunch."

I turned, rolled my eyes at her, and kept on walking. The one thing that Felicia knows how to do well is fixing relationships between people. I've seen her fix boyfriend/girlfriend break-ups, friendship issues, and even parent child relationships. She makes people look like idiots, something akin to being scolded by a five-year-old.

"Pixie Amaryllis! Slow down! You're going too fast! It's only the second day of the semester, we're not going to die horrible deaths in piles of homework," she called out in her failed teacher imitation voice.

I continued to speed up, hoping that she wouldn't keep dragging behind. "What's with you and wanting to be late? If you're going to wake me up so early, at least show up on time!"

"Fairy girl! Come back!" I grimaced in annoyance, turned, and gave her my deluxe death glare.

"Why do you always bring up this subject?"

"I really think you should try fixing your relationship with Cyrus," she interjected, grinning cheerily. "We used to such good friends! So why not?"

Sighing, I ventured through the school's front gates, trading a last few words with Felicia before heading for class. "Fix things with Cyrus!? Are you kidding me? Don't you think he should be the one trying to fix things with me!?"

"Yeah, I suppose... Well, see you! I might show up at the apple tree!" She waved and disappeared behind the corner of a hallway, "Oh, and pills!"

The thing I want Felicia to do the least, is to help me fix a relationship with that guy. I don't want anything to do with him.


I sat down at my desk, resting my head in a nest that I made with my arms and closed my eyes, waiting for our teacher to arrive.

Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I sat up instantly by reflex and looked around, nearly falling out of my chair as Lisa, the idiot of our class, popped out of nowhere with a wide smile on her face. "Hey! Pixie! Apparently that sub is teaching us for the rest of the year!" I groaned and sat up straight as the substitute teacher entered the room.

"Everyone, back to your seats! I'm taking attendance!"

Everyone, with the exception of myself, since I was already in my seat, scrambled back to their seats, trying their best to look like angels.

"As you may already know, I am Mr. Fiddlewick, your replacement teacher for rest of the year. Unfortunately, Mrs. Drench died two days ago, due to the virus." Everyone gasped while I groaned. In my humble opinion, Mr. Fiddlewick for the rest of the year is more depressing of a thought than Mrs. Drench dying. Maybe its just that I'm really screwed up, or I've gotten so used to people dying that I simply don't care any more.

I would have been shocked, horrified, or even petrified a year back, but after watching so many people fall victim to the virus, a single death of a half-stranger just doesn't seem to shake me up.

Methodically, he read down the list of names, missing my name on purpose, just like the last time he subbed for one of my classes. I raised my hand and glared at him.

"Yes young lady?" he said, pointing at me.

"You skipped my name again." I sighed, rummaging through my bag, wrapping my fingers around my mini seal plush.

"And what might your name be?"


"Really? I thought it was just some class joke. I mean... fairies don't exist so I thought that it wasn't a real name," Mr. Fiddlewick commented, obviously pleased with his half-assed joke. "Pixie Amaryllis! Did you know that your last name is a flower that can also means naked lady?" The class remained awkwardly silent at his lame jest. I glared at him and flipped him off in response, which left my peers chuckling, and Mr. Fiddlewick speechless. I've never done anything to intentionally aggravate Mr. Fiddlewick until this point, but he always seemed to use me as an example of what happens to delinquents in his classes.

I glared at Mr. Fiddlewick's, but then noticed everyone staring at me with shocked expressions. I shied back into the nest of my arms and kept silent until Mr. Fiddlewick decided to continue.

"Miss Stripper. That was extremely rude of you! I think you should apologize this instant!" he scolded, glaring at me dangerously with his deathly cold blue eyes. "Or maybe you might want to pack your bags and leave. Please come back when you've quelled your inner five-year-old," I wanted to lash out and go all out into a swearing streak, but I held myself back. I stood, picked my bag up, took a deep breath and... quietly walked out the door, aware of all the curious eyes that followed my exit.

I rolled my eyes and headed off towards the cafeteria, pulling out my red koala wallet from my pocket. Although I was relatively short on money, I still managed to buy myself a bottle of orange juice from a near-by beaten vending machine. I would have bought a carton of milk if it weren't for the thought of 'no cows since two years ago'. I took out my cell phone for the only reason why anyone would have a phone now, to tell time, since phone plans are now non-existent. I had a good hour to spare, so I removed my shoes and headed off towards the apple tree on the hill beyond the school courtyard.

Cheerfully, I inhaled a mouthful of fresh air as I left the dusty school building. I padded across the soft uncut grass field, looking straight down at my feet, ignoring my surroundings. Bad idea.

"Hey! Cute girl! What's up?" Looking up, I saw Blake West, Cyrus's older brother standing two centimeters away from me, holding a machete to my face. He was once an average school bully, but now, he's ten times worse, since he's known murderer. Just yesterday, he nearly killed Jason Willis, some sporty guy from my art class that I've never really talked to, over a game of soccer. Unfortunately, the law enforcement we have at the moment is weak, so we can't do much about him. Oh, and not to mention, he's also the son of Daren West, the man in charge of keeping our entire province in line for the Cellendorian government. He approached, clutching his machete in his iron fist, looking fierce with the determination to deal some damage. "Pass me your wallet."

I stood there, frozen, void of ideas of what to do. To be honest, I haven't never seen him in person for five years, but I can tell you from a glance that he looks just like Cyrus. He has the same sharp blue eyes, light brows, rough face, short brown hair, and biceps about the size of half my head. The only difference is that Cyrus does not have a whopping height of six foot eight. In other words... you should run when you see him, but being the dumb girl I am, I didn't bother to watch where I was going. Unfortunately, running no longer seemed like a valid option. I panicked.

"L-leave me alone..." I whimpered, backing off slowly, trying to think of some plan to help me escape. Turning and running would only get a machete stuck in my back. I looked around frantically looking for anyone to help, but it seemed like everyone was in class.

He stepped closer and glared at me. I stumbled backwards onto the ground, making myself look even weaker. "I said... I want your wallet," he growled with a malicious curve on his lip, kneeling down beside me. "I'll give you five seconds. One. Two. Three. Four. Five." He swung at me with the knife. I reflexively wrapped my legs around his neck and drove his face into the ground as hard and fast as I could. I stood, turned, grabbed Blake's machete, and sprinted. I mean... who would be dumb enough to stay around to get demolished by some to-be terrorist or leave a knife as a potential throwing object around him.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?" I turned towards the voice and saw a random teacher running straight towards me with a pistol in his hands. I instantly stopped and let go of the knife, allowing it to fall to the ground. As still as a lake I stood, hoping that he wouldn't shoot as he approached. The teacher gasped, pointing at Blake, who was still screaming curses, trying to rub the dirt off of his face. I hoped the gasp meant something good, not bad. "What happened? How..."

"I defended myself. He tried to take my wallet and threatened to kill me." I said innocently, making myself look as innocent as I could. Slowly, Blake began to rise, giving me a frenzied look. "S-s-sorry, I have to go." With that being said, I rushed off towards the apple tree, leaving the perplexed teacher behind to deal with the raging brute.


I brushed my fingers against the rough bark of the apple tree on arrival, and looked up. I grabbed onto a sturdy branch, pushed off the tree's trunk with my foot to lift myself up, and plucked a small apple from one of the leaf-filled branches. It had been forever since the last time I'd tasted the sweet fruit, since food, especially fruit and vegetables, with the exception of potatoes, have been scarce ever since the apocalypse. I quickly devoured the apple, spat out the apple seeds, tossed away the stem, licked my fingers, and wiped my hands on my skirt. I then sat in the grass, leaning my back against the rough bark, and closed my eyes to wait out the rest of my Social Studies class under the shade of the tree.

It has been a while since the last time I've come to enjoy the shade of the tree, the sight of the tall swaying grass, the calm rippling pond, and the playful wisps of winds on the hill-tops that seemed to encourage the friendly chattering of the rustling green leaves. I've been missing out, thanks to my own self-devotion to avoid Cyrus and his friends. A smile crept to my lips as I absorbed my surroundings. Slowly, I allowed my conscience to slip away, giving in to the serenity.

My eyes snapped open as I felt something tap my head, a crushed can of soda. A pair of legs intruded my vision as I looked up.

"You look pathetic snoozing on the ground... Anyways, what are you doing here?"

I faced the speaker to find a pair of hard blue eyes gazing at me. Cyrus West, the boy who I try so hard to avoid. I stood, using the trunk of the tree for support, and glared at him. "Did Feli tell you to come?" I asked. He squinted at me, looked at me weirdly, and nodded slowly. His expression was so awkward that I nearly smiled, but I resisted. "Never mind," I sighed, yawning.

"Why do you hate me so much?" Cyrus questioned, leaning against the tree trunk. I paused mid-yawn, frowning at his question, and opened my mouth to reply, but nothing came to mind. "I know for a fact that you don't hate me because of what happened five years ago, so what do you hate me for?"

"What are you talking about... I despise you for what happened..." I murmured, looking away from him. My cheeks puffed up, and my eyes started to water. I felt like slugging him in the stomach for reminding me of the past, for making my life about ten times more complicated, and for being so friendly towards me. "Unlike you, I no longer have anyone supporting me, nor do I have anyone to turn to. Do you think that being interrogated by the guy who took those privileges away from me makes me any happier? I hate you for it. Okay?" My gut squeezed tighter and tighter as I continued to lie blatantly. What Cyrus had done wasn't his fault, nor do I blame or hate him, but I simply just don't think I'll ever be able to forget what happened. I don't want him to remind me anymore.

"Then why don't you seek out support when you need it? Why don't you ask anyone for help? I could have helped, and I'm pretty sure just about anyone in this colony of six thousand would have gladly helped you," he stated plainly, staring at me with determination to squeeze out the truth. "So you don't actually hate-"

"Why do you have to remind me? Why you of all people? Why can't you just leave me alone?" I whimpered cutting Cyrus off with tears that began to roll down my cheeks. "It hurts."

I felt the heat rise up to my cheeks. I stood, turned my back on the confused eighteen-year-old, and began to walk away, cheeks burning hot with embarrassment.

Suddenly, my head became fuzzy, my vision blurred, and slowly, I felt my head lean to one side. "No... not now," I begged, rubbing at my eyes furiously.

"Especially not now."

My knees wavered, and I collapsed.

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