Cora and Ingrid were running through the forest. Away from the men with the guns, away from their past lives, and away from the normal humans. They had found out about a secret that neither wanted to accept: they were mutants and they were different.

It had started out as a dreary day; Cora was getting ready for another foster home. People told her that this home would be different, that she would be loved and cared for. "That is what they said for the past fifteen homes this one will only be different because they have money," and she refused to think other wise. Nobody seemed to want her. She was only 12 and had moved to twenty different foster homes. Cora's parents had died on a trip to America, Cora was only 4 at the time but she remembered her mom saying to stay calm and brace herself. Cora remembered seeing her parents engulfed in a giant crimson flame. She remembered lying on her back in a hospital bed with nurses surrounding her. When the hospital released her six months later she found out that her parents didn't make it, that nobody on the plane survived except her. She had to live with these painful memories the rest of her life.

There was a knock on the door that pulled Cora out of her memories and into the present, "Cora are you ready?" called the familiar voice of her last "father."

"Yah... I'm ready... I'll be out in a minute."

"Hurry up the cab is waiting."

Hauling her stuff off the makeshift bed Cora set out for the door. Ready to set out for a new beginning ready for an adventure.

-(time skip)-

Cora hopped in the taxi knowing that she was an outcast once again. But instead of dwelling on those thoughts she decided to think about the family that had "picked" her and how her past would affect them. She had hidden a large secret in fear of a family finding out. Cora discovered that she was part dragon. A mutant, a half, but never the less a dragon, she could take the shape of any animal. When she was young some people found her out in the woods there she immediately turned human. Cora's first parents took great care of her until the day when they were traveling to America the plane crashed. She was then put in foster homes at the age of 5 and this one would be her 21st home. She also had many powers including wings (which she started growing at 7), fire manipulation, was psychic, and was finding new abilities by the day. But the strangest ability was that she could see other people's wants, fears, and hates. She could see through a person into their inner feelings. One day Cora was being bullied at school when this power kicked in. She felt a deep rage and suddenly could see everything about the boy bullying her, every emotion he had ever had, and every thing he ever wanted. Unaware of her new powers she horrified the boy and spent that day in detention. That week her foster home dumped her. Cora's was always being bullied because of a scar that went over her eye. In the eye there was a line of green where her eye was supposed to be blue, there was also a scar across her back. She also had natural jet black hair. All theses things put Cora under mountains of stress. Hopefully this family would just ignore her. She was wrong.