The taxi arrived at a mansion with a beautiful garden and yard. Every leaf was perfect, every stone in its place. 'How did they do this? It must be next to impossible to keep this kept up' Cora was so taken in she almost didn't notice that the taxi had stopped, but it did and she had to tear her gaze from the astounding sight to meet her new family. There was a friendly looking man and woman who she assumed would be her "parents" and mad girl standing next to them glaring daggers at Cora. From the moment she got out of the taxi Cora knew she was not going unnoticed. The new "parents" were truly glad to see Cora. Their daughter Ingrid was not happy at all.

"Hello Cora! Welcome to your new home!" Said the man, "I am Mr. Davidson and this is Mrs. Davidson"

"I hope you like it here, this is our daughter Ingrid. I'm sure you will get along quite well"
Ingrid clearly didn't like Cora from the start. Her arms were crossed and the eyes that were daggers turned and looked away. Ingrid could care less about the girl in front of her. "Why don't we show you your room?" suggested Mr. Davidson. All Cora a an do is nod.

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Once Cora got settled in she couldn't help but feel lonely, like no person in the entire world would care about the little thirteen year old orphan girl who had been used and abused by many families. One family got Cora because they needed a babysitter, another because they needed a housemaid. No body got her for who she truly was or even who they thought she truly was. Because no body knew who she really was except her dead parents and her best friend who was also dead.

"You ok in here? I thought I heard something." Mrs. Davidson asked

"I'm fine it was just nothing."

"Oh...Ok, hurry up you have a surprise downstairs."

'what surprise? Must be like chores or something. Well at least I have my own room this time and I don't have to share it with that brat Ingrid'