Smoke and Lies

Lies are as dense as smoke.
Darker than the dead of night.
More complex than thought

Author's note: Firstly, I am terribly sorry about how long it has been for an update to Resilience: Blood and Fortitude, but I have been unable to tap into my writer's ether of late. It was not exactly writer's block, but i simply was not in the writing mood.

Fear not! I know the reason now - three poems have been playing drums in my mind for a while, but they were not ready to play their song in full until three o'clock this morning. Despite their unwillingness to step forth and be written, they still blocked all prose work. I should be able to get back to Resilience now though.

With regards to this poem, it's the first haiku I have ever written so please try to be patient with it. I hope you liked it and will be able to connect to it in some way.