I'm a good guy that's just super nice but I always wind up being just a friend to the girls.(this is a rewrite and corrected no ALL CAPS HERE LOL.)

Chet Hart was sitting in class doing it again … he was starring at Anita Harding one of the prettiest girls in the 7th grade at Buckner Jr. H igh school . She lived only a few houses down the street from him so they would often wind up walking to and from school . So what was Chet's problem and why was he just starring at Anita …. You she Chet is extremely shy and is considered to be the sweet nice guy by many of the girls in his school. In other words Chet would make some girl an excellent boyfriend but just not for the girl he may like, so he usually would wind up being ask to be just a friend. When this happened it only reinforced Chet's shyness even more.

However , Chet had made a huge discession to ask Anita to be his girlfriend and go steady with him. He had been trying to work up the nerve to ask her and today he was going to...well...

Anita , "Ewwwwwwuuuuu... , Chet your really a sweet nice guy and all and a really good friend and I just don't think that being in a relationship right now wouldn't be good for me... I'm just not ready yet.. and if it's ok with you couldn't we just stay friends for now?"

Upon hearing Anita's reply his wavering confidence took a sudden nose dive and was deflated , however he tried not to let Anita see the pain of the rejection by looking down and at the ground. He was to embarrassed to look her in the face when he replied, "Yeah, I...i... guess so."

Several days latter Chet was in the area while Anita was talking to some of her girlfriends. She had no idea that Chet was around as she told them, "Guess what? Harry Thompson just ask me at lunch to go steady with him."

Her friends all started clamouring at once as excited teenage girls might do ," Well what did you say? ...What did you say?... "

Anita , looked somewhat embarrassed but excited as she stated , "I said yes ,of course!"

Anita and her girlfriends drifted off towards the school but Chet stood where he had heard everything in a stupor wondering. "Didn't she just tell me a couple of days ago she wasn't ready to be in a relationship at present …. I guess things suddenly changed since the other day." Chet thought to himself. Chet stewed the rest of the day not knowing what to do or saty to Anita that might get her to change her mind about going steady with (yuk) Harry. By the end of the school day Chat as usual was walking with Anita towards their homes. All the while she was chattering a way a mile a minute about

her and Harry . Chet was very quiet as he listened with one ear and was thinking that Anita had no idea

what she was getting herself into .

" Chet...Chet...What's the matter with you your very quiet this afternoon?"

"Huh... OH... I..nothing..." Chet paused momentarily he wasn't planning on saying this but the situation got the better part of him. "I... I... , No darn it ,Anita I care about you and I think you're making a huge mistake here and have know idea about who Harry really is and all," Chet finally got stuttered out in reply.

She was smiling at me but with a look that said back off on this and about Harry.

I shrugged and said, "Ok , have it your way , but remember I tried to warn you." Again she gave me that smiling warning look of to back off.

Chet walked Anita up to her house and said, "I guess i'll see you in the morning then," however with out much enthusiasm.

She looked at me strangely for a second and without saying anything before opening her front door and entering.

Chet walked the few houses that separated hers and his , as he entered the door was slammed shut in his anger thinking no one was home when...

Chet's mom suddenly called out , " Was that you Chet that slammed the door?"

"Oh...ummm.. I..i'm …. Oh, never mind..." Chet stuttered out as he continued up to his upstairs bedroom.

A few minutes latter Chet's mom was knocking at his door … " Chet are you ok... ? .. Did something happen at school that's upset you … what is it what happened son?" she asked beginning to sound concerned.

Chet began telling her of his attempt at asking Anita to be his girlfriend and her rejection of him and how she stated she wasn't ready for one but just two days latter one of the known jerks of his class asks her out and now she's all over him and stuff.

Chet was brought up to respect girls and if he had ever been found out to have done other wise he wouldn't be able to sit down for a while comfortably. Something I knew that Harry and some other guys at school hadn't been or it appeared to me to be so . Chet was no stranger to Harry by any means, he knew Harry at one time never treated girls the way he does now . Harry and Chet when younger were friends but as Harry changed from being not popular to being somewhat popular by being a jerk with the girls they would line up for him to take a girls place that he'd only date for several weeks at most and then dump. Something Chet didn't understand about girls is why they would put themselves in that kind of situation to have their hearts and feelings broken by someone like that.


High school for Chet was as about as expected it to be many girls that called him a sweet nice guy but no girlfriend in sight . Not that Chet was looking for it, he figured sex would come with someone he loved and one day marry. However many of the girls in his class thruogh high school were or had been on the pill or some other form of birth control and was having sex with their boyfriends on a regular basis. Chet at 18, a senior, and still a virgin and so shy because of

all the rejections just gave up trying. Thinking that there was either something drastic wrong with him or maybe he just wasn't good looking . Not that Chet didn't have girls as friends he did have some of them which still included Anita now on boyfriend number 10. Yet if any of them had problems with their a**hole of a boyfriend they'd run to him the best adopted (which it felt like at times) big brother (except he was their age) that these girls could have as he'd nurse their bruised ego's and tell them everything would be ok(even if he believed it wouldn't). In the end they'd leave smiling and happy they had talked to them reassuring them they were special while wipping away the tears they had been crying and thanked Chet for listening .

One day while talking and helping one such girl by the name of Kelly I ask her, " Kelly , whats wrong with me that I can't seem to be able to find a girl that would like me enough to date or be a girlfriend with me?" I ask earnestly.

Kelly's answer was this , "Chet you really are one of the sweetest and most understanding guy thats soo.. nice as well however your tooo... NICE of a guy and many may view you to be something of a doormat and no girl wants a doormat for a boyfriend.."

"Huh... Too nice and what do you mean a doormat?" Chet asked

Kelly replied somewhat sheepishly , " It's possible that most girls may view you as being to easy of a push over and no challenge and so they might have a tendency to walk on your heart, as they take advantage of your kindness and your niceness to them . They may not deliberately do it to be mean but they do take advantage of it."

"So I guess in a way you've been taking advantage of me as well ?" I glummly stated.

"Well , maybe a little but Chet really your like a really cool older brother and best friend that any of us has ever had and we'd hate to lose or ruin that by a relationship that might go sour." looking really soulfully at me.

"I guess I could understand that but it doesn't make it any easier to swallow." Chet said.

After she left I sighed and said to myself , "Chet , my friend we seem to be having a repesting problem here but with no way out that I can see at present. I guess i'll have to go back to what i'm used to throughing my self into my studies as usual.

After graduation from high school Chet had been accepted to Ohio State of Technology on an

educational grant because of his excellent and outstanding grades in high school. Something Chet was proud of , he figured if he had no other options and no girlfriend he'd through himself into his studies.

His goal was to study advanced computer operation and systems and programming which had the potential of future earnings in excess of $500,000 a year with the right company.

So three more years passed by with me just studying and watching a lot of movies that I rented while at college. Which I spent alone most (all the time) . Ya , I know real exciting stuff here. Taking to heart what Kelly had told me I made myself scarce around my so called gal pals buddies as much as I could.

Another friend had told me that I was too available to them so not to be available as much that it might help . Actually Chet hadn't taken noticed because he had given up any hope of getting someone to care about him anyways.

At the start of Chet's senior year in college he had two courses he had taken to study in depth . One was advanced computer sciences and advanced programming. Both were made possible and sponsored by Microsoft Corporation Research and development department. The idea behind it was that Microsoft was wanting to improve its window packagesand develop new operating systems that were even more secure than the just newly released win7 format . The students with the highest marks in the course would be considered and maybe even offered positions in the dept upon completion of the courses and graduating.

Unfortunately (or so Chet thought) this is were he met Anna Higgins. She was a former cheerleader at her high school . You know the type blonde ,blue eyes , a body that the Goddess Venus would have been envious of, smart (almost as smart Chet thought ) as himself. Unfortunately Chet being male was smitten even though he thought why bother nothing will come of it.

Anna came across as not liking Chet something he quite didn't understand at first . The first few weeks

of class , any theories that Chet presented ,Anna would soon attack by her saying such things as, "That was preposterous and just wrong in so many ways." for example. These type attacks on his proposals of

of coding and system synapses was almost always challenged by Anna. Several more weeks went by when Professor Orr decided he was going to pair up students to submit a special project for mid-term grades. So's guess who Chet got stuck with. Huh hu … you guessed it Anna Higgens. Upon hearing of the pairings she just smiled about it . I went to professor Orr to complain about it.

"Professor Orr , Sir , Please sir isn't there someone else you could pair me up with besides Anna Higgens?" I agitatedly ask. Professor Orr looked at me as he said.

"Mr Hart you and Miss Higgens are one of my sore spots in my class yet your both very bright and intelligent students however it seems you two have some animosity towards one another. This is something you both are going to have to work on as your grade for mid-terms depend on it. You are going to work together as a team if you don't you'll fail this course with lower grades than your capable of , have I made myself understood Mr. Hart." Professor Orr sternly stated to me.

I muttered ,"Ok" as I started to exited , " Oh, great ,how on earth am I going to do that. I haven't even started the project yet and because of her it looks like i'm going to fail. She must really hate my guts and did I see that smile she gave me upon finding out. God that smile wasn't a friendly one. If Satan exists then that smile was a purely evil one and came from him. Opening the door and stepping out while still looking at Professor Orr , I fell over someone. I started to apologize when I saw who it was.

"Anna. What the hell ,where you eves dropping on my conversation?" I stammered angrily.

Anna ,suddenly had a very apologetic looking face and said, " I see that we're going to have to talk , want a cup of coffee while we do?"

Her sudden change in demeanor puzzled me but I reluctantly agreed , thinking ,"What is she planning?"

AS we were sitting there after ordering our coffee's she suddenly said. , I have to be honest with you. The only reason why I rag on you so much is that your smart and intelligent and to see if or how you'd defend your beliefs.

The word contemptuous came to Chet's mind.

She continued , "Maybe not as smart as me."

The word conceited passed by Cheats brain.

" And besides your cute and I sort of like you." she ended her comment with.

"Huh ,WHAT!? Chet was confused by now but what she said next got him good.

"Besides ,considering Professor Orr is my Uncle , I had ask him to assign us as partners for this project".

Why you evil , conniving , inconsiderate, contemptuous , arrogant , were but a few words that momentarily flashed through Chet's mind , but for some reason it didn't bother him as much as he thought at first.

"So when do you want to start?" she ask.

Chets mind was still in a swirl that she said she liked him and that she thought that he was cute as well.

He must have taken to long to respond .

"Well?" she ask inquisitively .

"UMM..Err... what about tomorrow after class." Chet stuttered out .

Anna looked at Chet and said , " What about right now at my apt. in the dorm?"

"Now !?" Chet replied back. While a quick stray thought of HEADSTRONG flashed by .

"Yes now, because I want to get to know you better anyways first and who knows what I might do to you latter." She laughingly said while blushing some.

Chet responded back "I guess so?" Not catching the meaning of her last remark. And boy is Chet in for a huge surprise when she starts kissing on him... lol... but I don't think he'll mind much though...

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