Dizzying happiness,
dumbfounded quagmire

sharp angled rose
loose leaf love,

we do not believe in love,
but sex at first bite is communal

social vampirism, true
lovers lip locked in the back

corner of a neon fantasy, I will
reinvent the poem, I will

speak in jumbled inside jokes, I will
break myself apart slowly

let you watch my blood
rush forward, my hair fans

out across my skull, a mythical
wind moves me, hungry

fat girls weep into window sills,
cheshire grinned cats mew and paw

at the proclamation, you see
you were something so much different

when I met you; something like a vaccination
from the plague, something new,

the taste tasteless on my tongue, you
were numb while I felt everything

that meant something to me once,
come bedraggled,

come to my bed and lets join at the
groin, lets pull ourselves inward, out

again, let's be nothing to each other,
lets share a final

silent breakfast where I stand in line to pay
and you meander out to the truck

leave me lonely, you walk on alone,
poppy ex-girlfriends on the brain,

I am too grunge, a garage band princess
with tulips dangling from my hair,

I forgot to sink my teeth into you,
I forgot to poison you, make you come

back for the antidote,
maybe that's my problem.