I searched for a good book to read, lately I had been bored as hell. Nothing interested me, so I found this new store I thought was ok. It was an small building from the outside but the inside was a big amazing maze.

I thought nothing of the store until I saw the huge collection of books they had. They had every book I could have ever wanted at a very very cheap price.

They had one thing missing though...no manga. I looked though the books and came up empty handed. But I was determined to find them.

I walked and walked around trying to find my special books. I had searched almost the whole store when I found this little section secured by policemen. I made to move pass them and they did nothing.

I searched the area really hard..hurting my eyes in the process. I was about to give up when this shelf of books suddenly pops up! I take one look though the books and jump in glee. I had found them but with them I found many dirty looking cells.

Ok, I thought. That is weird...why hadn't I noticed those before. I was brought out of my thoughts by the speaker over head.

"Five minutes until closing." The very bored voice spoke. I checked my watch for the time and found I spent most of the day in the store..it was 8:55.

I grabbed the books I was going to get and ran to the check outline..but not without hearing a voice saying "mine."

Creepy, especially since I saw no one but the policemen.

I came back the next day excited and full of cash. I enjoyed the books so much I wanted to see if they any sequels or another book.

I had done my round up on the normal hard-back books and thought it was time to move on to my beloved manga.

I walked passed the police again but not without a little chat with them.

"Ma'am, it's dangerous to go back there by yourself." One said.

"It's ok, I went in there by myself yesterday and I saw nothing dangerous." I mocked them.

They shared a look and smirked.

"If you say so little girl, just don't come crying to us when something happens. You were warned. Oh, and beware of the cells...they can cause a lot of trouble." That same one from before yelled.

I shrugged and ran off. There was nothing dangerous over here. And I would show those idiots.

I followed the shelf from before and started pilling on when something touched me. I screamed and turned around. There was nothing there but the cells. Was it me or did those cells get closer than they were before?

I turned back to the shelf a little shaken...and scared. Your being silly I thought. There's noway those cells moved or something touched you. Your probably tired from reading all last night.

"Your right," I said to myself.

"Oh, my didn't your mother tell you talking to yourself is a sign of going insane." A husky voice called.

"Who's there?" I asked my voice laced in fear looking around for the person.

"Over here love," the voice chuckled.

I followed the sound of where the voice was coming from and stopped in front of one of the dirty looking cells.

"Where are you?" I whispered.

"Come closer, and see my love."

"Quit calling me that! I have a name and it isn't "Love". I yelled but still followed his instructions.

"Oh, feisty...just how I like them." The voice laughed.

I wanted to say something about the comment but decided to just let it pass.

I stopped just before the cell.

The cell was pitch dark even with the heavy light outside it. I couldn't see a thing pass the bars and I was looking hard.

"It's not working!' I yelled.' I can't see anything pass the bars!"

"Come closer my love."

I chose to ignore the pet name. Did I want risk getting closer to this person? I mean there in a cell for a reason right?

"Don't chicken out on me now, love"

"I'm no chicken!" I yelled and walked the rest of the way to the cell.

When I was close enough, a hand shot and pulled me up against the bars of the cell.

"It's been a long time since I felt the skin of a woman...a pretty one at that." The voice breathed.

"Thanks..umm..I guess?" I tried pulling away. But the hand had a strong grip on me. It wrapped around my waist and pulled my front roughly against the bars tighter then I was before.

The voice chuckled.

"Could you...ummm...l-let m...me go?"


"Please, I won't go anywhere!" I plead...lying though my teeth.

"I know you won't cause I'm not letting you go."

Another hand was placed on my body. It traced down my left arm to my shorts and back up again to my neck. The hand stayed on my neck for a little bit before heading to my ears.

"I want to taste you." The voice husky whispered in my ear.

"What are..."

My shirt was ripped apart and my bra ripped into two. My boobs fall out at attention. The cold air blew against my nipple instantly making them hard and me moan.

"Wonderful. I want to hear more!" The voice licked my ear.

I was about to comment when...

"Ah" a mouth had latched on to my right nipple and sucked as if life depended on it. As if there would be something coming out and it didn't want to miss it.

My other nipple ached for attention. I moved my hand to touch pinch it to relief some of the ache but before I could touch it my hand was slapped away.

"Mine" the voice greedy moaned.

The person gave that one so much love and attention I was really feeling it in between my legs. I felt my wetness rolling in waves down my legs.

I tried once again to pull back so the person wouldn't notice.

"Pull one more time and there will be a punishment. And don't let these bars fool you. I could easily get out. Understand?!"

I nodded not trusting my voice.

"Answer me!"


"Good, now pull down those shorts of your and spread your legs."


The arm around me tighted a lot and it was hurting me.

"What did I just say!" The voice yelled.

I shook my head. I couldn't pull my shorts down for just anyone! I wasn't a whore or slut.

"Listen to me clearly, pull them down now or you will feel a lot of pain!"

Pain..I flinched. I was never good with pain..that was one of the reasons I was still a virgin.

"Ok" I whispered.

I slowly pulled down my shorts and pulled them off. I spread my legs wide.

"Lean more towards the bars so I can eat really good." The voice chuckled.

I pressed my underwear covered pussy into the bars.

I heard the fall of a body and straightened up and looked around. It was just me and the other empty cells.

"Get back into position!" The voice yelled.

I widened my legs again and leaned my pussy forward. I hadn't expected a hot warm mouth to be waiting for me.


The mouth laid open kisses against my covered pussy. Before switching to licking me up and down.

My knees shook and I felt myself lean heavily on the bars.

"Mmmmm.." I moaned.

"This is the best pussy I've tasted in a long time." The voice moaned.

The mouth stopped licking and I whined my protest.

"Hold, on muffin." The voice chuckled.

The arm left my waist to move to my panty line.

I shook with excitement. I wanted this so bad.

My panties were teased downed my legs slowly.

I whined again..hoping the person would hurry it up.

They were taking to long! So I pulled away and sucked my fingers before tracing my pussy lips.

"Get back here!" The voice screamed. It's voice bouncing off the walls.

I shook my head no.