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(Roman pov.)

Voices of all ages cheered loudly as I walked out onto the stage. Groaning inwardly I mentally noted to kill Matt for getting me to agree to do this stupid interview. I was just fine with no one knowing my business, but no Matt persuade me that this interview would at least keep reporters from trying to spy on us and finding out our secret.

Smiling I waved at the cheering crowd before heading toward the host who sat in a bright orange spotted spin chair. Sitting down in a similar blue chair I couldn't help but cling at the horrible colors they had chosen.

"First off, I want to ask how you're doing, Mr. Wight?" Looking at the host, she was a young woman of barely twenty I would say with beautiful green eyes covered by dyed reddish brown hair and small lips covered in a shade of red. She sat dressed in a grey skin tight dress with her legs folded beneath the table that was seated in between us. Biting her lip she awaited my answer as she twisted her fingers in small circles.

They had given me an inexperience reporter who didn't know how to act in front of a camera; mentally shaking my head I knew I would be strangling Matt soon.

"I'm fine; in fact I couldn't be better thanks to you." I smiled at the reporter, whose cheeks flooded a dark red. Lovely I thought, just lovely now she's probably thinking I'm hitting on her. Resisting the groan that wanted to spill over my lips I remembered why I was doing this.

Coughing she quickly cleared her throat at the continue signal the cameramen gave her."Mr. Wight as we all knows you're been in a serious relationship for quite a while."

"Yes." I asked trying not to laugh at the jealous-envy look crossed her face. "Well our viewers would like to know when you're going to reveal the mysterious lady who has stolen your heart."

Laughing, I smiled the woman I had been seen with was my sister and she had not problem posing as my fake girlfriend as if it was any other Matt would undoubtedly attack though I can't say that's a bad thing after what happened to his father. Playing along I answered "I don't think she is ready for that yet, as she is a shy little thing, but that's one of the things that attracted me to her. Though I can say that there might be a Mrs. Wight soon."

"A Mrs. Hmm, well here's an early congrats from the Black Heart Show!" She smiled though it didn't reach her eyes.

"Thank you."

"Now that we have sort of broken the ice let's talk about how you came to own the richest company in all states at only the age of 18."

Clinging I knew this question was going to come up and there was no way of avoiding it especially not with all these people here. Clearing my throat I spoke, "It all began like this...
-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- -.-.-.

"Roman are you sure about this?" Matt, a tiny teen asked. He understood the meaning of hungry in fact he was the meaning of underfed starvation! But his eyes watered in fear of the plan just told to him.

"Positive babe, I overheard some people talking about some CEO of a big company was coming into town. Love, this is our chance to finally get a place to ourselves and never have to again sleep in garage full of rats and other things.

Matt nodded though I could tell he still wasn't fully into the plan but I had a cure for that. Pulling him towards me, I wrapped my arms around his center as my lips captured his. Moaning he pushed his lean body into mines. Sliding my hands down I gripped his ass, squeezing those firm cheeks of his; I fingered the seam of the tight pant the loose pant he wore pressing into that small spot where I knew would hit him hard.

Gasping, matt leaned into as I lead him against the corner of the stone wall. Grabbing the hoop in the back of the pants, they came down without too much afford, leaving his pale white ass all on show for me.

Groaning I asked Matt to spread himself for me. Pulling those white cheeks apart, a small pink pucker was revealed to me. Licking my lips I slide to the ground aligning my face with his ass.

"Agree first and I'll give you what you and I both want." I state giving a small lick. Groaning Matt shook his head.

"I can't!" he yelled when I sucked on that smooth pink flesh as my tongue dipped in lightly.

"You can, but you just won't. Come on baby for me." Lifting off the ground, I kissed up his back." For me, Please remember we stick together."

"Ok, but I top tonight then." He whispered back.



After two days of planning and spying on peoples' conversations we found out which hotel the CEO would be staying at. Leaving the planning to Matt since was well the boy was a fucking genius. I tried for more information to find what this person looked like and which company they owned, how old was they were and who they kept around them.

New cell chapter...

And with our crazy dumb luck, the night the tented owner of the apartment caught us at it and threatened to call the police was the night we were able to find a way into the hotel which had been all booked with upped security on request of said person we were going after.

Knocking out two men dressed in black who were cleaning out the tuck of a car;we took their clothes as if we continued in our rag clothes we would be spotted and kicked out or worse put in jail. And I couldn't have my love go to some nasty jail having guys trying to touch what's mine.

Filing in line with the rest of the cleaning crew, we went the security team sweating bullets. Though Matt had that covered since as he puts it's, he has an accurate gaydar. Flirting with the guards we were able to pass through easily though I can't say I didn't want to punch a couple of security who winked or wrote their numbers on Matt's arm, but he gripped my hand that this was all for me...us.

From the check point, we made our way to the kitchen where we were slit up for duties. Stealing a quick kiss, I left for the 1st,2nd, and 3rd floors while Matt headed to the 4th,5th and 7th floor.

Looking though each room, I dumped my cleaning supplies in a closet and head towards the bed rooms searching for papers or other identification methods.

Bedrooms with messy sheets went untouched as certain unknown stains had goose bums crawling up my arm. Ew and the bathrooms had soap with hair on it or cum splatters all over the drain and tiles of the shower. Shuddering I couldn't help but imagine the couples in these rooms going at it like wild rabbits.

After about five hours I finally went down to the first floor in desperate hope that maybe Matt had found the person more successful than me. But that wasn't what I was greeted with when I walked out of the elevator.

Arms wrapped around another guy, I lost it. There was only just so must flirting and disappointment a guy could take.

"Matt, what the hell are you?!"

Looking up, he smiled. He had the nerve to smile?! See if some shit doesn't happen to night.

Pulling away from the guy, who tried to stay attract to Matt. Matt gently whispered something in his ear as the guy's head had never raised high enough for me to get a good look.

Grabbing my arm, Matt lead me to a corner. " what the hell?! You cheating on me?! We here so we can find that stupid ass person not so you can hook up!"

Looking at me, Matt's eyes went from confused to anger to pissed.

"Cheating?! Do you think I'd be doing this crazy stupid idea that puts our lives at risk if I didn't love you?! Roman you can go and fuck yourself!" He finished with tears rolling down his eyes.

"I'm sorry baby. I really am, just I didn't find him and a lot is counting on this."

Tears spilled down Matt's cheeks as he stared at me, anger still clearly fueled in his eyes but it softened a little.

"That kid over there is now the person we are looking for. Papa was just found dead in his room so kid's now in charge of everything. Maybe next time you accuse me. Of something let me talk first jackass."

Gasping, Matt stormed away from me. Breathing in slowly I tried to calm my self as this new side of Matt stirred a deep arousal within me. Groaning I imagined what else this side would be doing to me. This wasn't the time to be thinking these types of thoughts.

Walking over to the pair funny, I sat on the other side of the boy as I heard fresh sobs and his chest heaved and shook. This was going to be a long night.

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