He had been the only one to care and let me be me.

Over the summer when i was forced to summer camp. He changed into the alpha he was meant to be, cold and distant. I couldn't blame him. I had came back more broken and beaten then ever. I had hope he would pick up the pieces..

I woke to the sun smiling in my face. It was time for me to go back to that place, they called a school. I showered and changed. I had to be out the house before my family woke or I would be in pain. Over the two years,when he had left,things with my family went from a slap every once in a while to a beating when were they felt I done something. I had bruises covering my body and always wore long pants and shirts but who cared. I had lost the only person, who had.

I walked in the warm glow of the sun on my way towards school. Winter was finally over and spring began hopping everywhere. And his birthday was...SHIT! Today, how could I have forgotten! I turned back around and ran for my house to fetch his present. I had been saving it since we broke up. I had made it for him, before I left for camp but there was never a right time to give to him so I saved it for his 18th birthday.

Returning to the house was very bad I walked in on my parents having sex with our neighbor, Mr...something...I could never remember his name.

I dashed up stairs ,very disgusted with what I witnessed. I grabbed the gift from my hiding spot and took the window out so I could avoid seeing my parents and neighbor again. It wasn't a high jump...about a foot .

I knew I wasn't going to make it to school on time so I took an even slower pace than before. Then questions ran into my mind.

' how was I going to give this to him? Would he take the gift or throw it back at my face? How would he react?' I was getting worried with each step and my pace slowed even more before I stopped.

What if he hated me! My gift wasn't that fancy. It was a gold chain that had our names with the words ' together forever Jay and his baby girl '. Yeah that was me, it was his nickname for me.

Happy memories of us floated into my mind.


We had been in the field all day and were tired. The grass waved around us as the wind shook them. We watched the stars for what seemed like hours and could have been to, before he grabbed my hand and bought it to his lips. He kissed each finger lightly and smiled up at me.

"Beautiful." He whispered so low I was barely able to catch it. I blushed.

"I hope we are always together and I promise that whatever you go though I will be by your side. Baby girl, I promise to you, myself and god..I will never let you go." He turned and looked into my eyes , no doubt he was able to see the tears in them. He slowly bought my face towards his and I thought he was going to kiss me...

He kissed each of my cheeks and last my forehead. I let out a groan.

"Not yet love, when we are ready." I nodded even though I was a bit sad but understanding.

We fell back into silence but never let each others hands go.

Flashback end

That was the night before I left for camp.

A new set of tears built in my eyes as I wished for him again.

' what is wrong?' I could hear his voice now as clear as day.

( A chuckle )

Okey so now I was getting scared. Who was messing with me?

'Love has it been that long you don't recognize my voice?'

Only one person called me love and ever spoke to me.


'Am here baby girl, sorry it took me so long .'

"What do you mean?" I whispered . This couldn't be happening...

'I know this is a lot to take in but..your my mate.'