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When I walked over to Aiden I had expected him to be asleep not in the middle of a fucking meeting! He was laid back as if taking a nap but really he was closely listening to what the other teachers and staff were complaining about.

I stared in disbelief. This wasn't how I planned our talk in my head, hell I didn't even have a plan! I just wanted to get out there that I wanted to be treated equally!

A throat clearing caught my attention.

"Yes, sweetheart?" A young looking teacher asked me.

Eww! I wanted only two people to call me pet names and she wasn't one of them. Ugh! I shivered, nasty!

Opening his eyes Aiden turned to me, with a raised brow."Amelia" Holding the moaned that threatened to escape at the husky voice he used to call my name.

I opened my mouth to speak to say anything but nothing came out.

"Amelia?" He questioned.

Finally managing to squeeze out "later" I rushed out the door and kept going.

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It had been weeks and nothing was said between Aiden, Jay or me. I would secretly watch them from the bedroom,they had given me. Peeking out when i heard them walk I said them. Jay had decided to stay with Aiden and I for a while to bond or so he told his dad. But I didn't see the point, we were still stuck in our little corners of the triangle. Together yet far apart.

I wanted them back! I missed them as the days went. I missed how Aiden and had slept curled together.(even though it was only one time.) I missed being in the strong muscled arms of Jay(not that I'm saying Aiden doesn't have any)

(Jay's pov)

This was hell! To see my mate in arms length yet far away was painful! I wanted nothing more to touch her, hug her,kiss her and say the words that had been rolling around in my head for days now! "I'm sorry!" I felt like screaming when I heard her cry herself to sleep, but I could do nothing about it. In doing so would..only cause the situation to become worse.

I know it seemed like we had made up, that day in the cafeteria, but that was just her way of pouring out all the feelings she had been holding in. She wanted me to feel what she was feeling, how she felt betrayed! Hurt!

But at least I wasn't doing as bad as Aiden. He was taking the rejection really bad. He looked like a corpse almost...

I need to do something to fix this. I can watch this go on any longer! I can't watch my mates stuffer anymore. And as if a light flipped on I knew how I was going to fix this. Grinning like a madman I set out to get the supplies I would need for my plan!


I can't do this anymore! I can't sleep at night because I was constantly reminded of the horrible thing I did to my mate by my wolf and self.I couldn't even work because I got so distracted as the guilt eat at me all day every second,minute and hour! I've tried of thinking of ways to approach her and fix this but it never seemed right. It felt like I was just making up excuses!

I wanted to give her something with so much emotion she knew I felt really sorry about what I did!

Pulling out a pen and paper I again started on try number 235 for what I would say but I was stuck! Nothing came to mind but I'm sorry and I didn't want just that. I wanted my words to say I'm sorry without me actually having to say those two words.

Crumpling up that paper.. I pulled out another one, when a knock on my bedroom door beating fast and thinking it was Amelia,I rushed to the door to find Jay leaning against the door. The smile that had somehow found it way on my face vanished. Not that I wasn't happy to see my other mate its just well, I needed to make things right. I didn't want to make things worsen by fighting with Jay.


"It's nice to see you too." I kissed him on the cheek as the smile faded away. I watched as he padded back over to his desk and picked up a pen and paper, or should I say clean pieces. Paper and broken pens littered the floor.

Looking at Aiden again, I noticed the dark rings under his eyes and funky smell.
This was enough! We all were going to make up one way or another!

Pulling out the suit I had hidden behind my back. I tossed it to him. It leaded on his head.

"What's this?" He asked. Pulling the clothing off him.

"To be honest I'm tired of all this moping and feeling sorry! We're going to make up tonight! All three of us if its the last thing I do!"

Aiden looked to be pondering this information before nodding.

"What do you have in mind?" He asked after a couple more minutes flew by of complete silence.



I received a letter and beautiful dress. Wondering what was going on, I read the letter.

"To our beautiful mate,
We're sorry about the recent events that have acured recently. Saying sorry would be a understatement of how much we regret our actions! So tonight we invite you to..."

Something wet landed on the letter and I played with the wet spot for awhile not wanting to come to terms I was crying. They really were trying! I missed my mates for the past few weeks over something so silly yet important! Tonight we would be one, become the family we had long forgotten about!


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