"Bring it" I whispered in his ear. A growled ripped though his throat. It turned me on even more!
To fast for my eyes to pick up I was flipped around with my
Ass in the air. I could feel the breeze whipped at it ...in a good way of course.
I moaned.
"Little mate, don't tease me." Wolfe said while running his fingers over my other set of lips. He took his fingers away for a moment and i almost whined at the lost. After I was afraid that he had lost interest, I turned around...well tried to when...
"I didn't say you could move little mate!" Wolfe growled. Not liking my mate mad at me I wriggled my ass around spreading my legs wider and moaning.
"Does that please you Wolfe?" I asked.
I got no answer but a sharp lick in my p*ssy.
"Ah!" I shouted shocked. But I would be lying if I said it didn't feel so goood.
I moved my ass again when he didn't continue. It didn't work..
"Now now mate..I will give you a reward when it calls for it and not a second before."
I tried to nodded my understanding but I whined instead. I wanted him Now!
I felt that wonderful tongue on me again. A few fingers slipped in to help part my lips. He blew on my pussy. And mmmmm. I wish he would hurry up! I was getting wetter than I was now and he had barely touched me.
"Wolfe...I ...need ...you"

At that exact moment, Wolfe's tongue slipped into me an ate the hell out of me. His fingers pulling back my lips as far as they would go. He licked, sucked and teased without break. All the while making me scream moan.
"Wolfe...s-stop..ahhhhh!...mmmm so good!