Chapter 1

"Some people want diamond rings, some just want everything…but everything means nothing if I ain't got you…." The words of the song brought unwelcome thoughts to my mind so I pulled off my headphones as I doodled my anger out on the paper. Ahh doodling, it made me calm down like nothing else. Just making swirls on the paper helped me clear my head. I know, crazy, but so help me I've expressed every feeling I've ever experienced on paper since I was 7. There's just something so heavenly….mmmm.

Sorry before I lose track, I'm…uh…..I'm…..gotcha! No, I don't have amnesia or Alzheimer's or short-term memory loss. For the record I'm not deranged either. I was just playing with you. Actually my name is Tennyson Richards and sorry to burst your bubble I'm a girl. I know what with the name and all but believe me on this, I'm a normal girl (Ahem ahem as normal as you can get) with translucent grayish eyes that change colors according to the light like violet, yellow , silver, red etc. and white hair.

Yeah so you're probably wondering how can she be normal but what can I do, I'm an albino or rather my name for it is one-who is-eternally-mistaken-for-a-vampire. I suppose I can be called cheerful, well, as cheerful as an outcast 16 year old can be. So the introduction done where was?

As you can see I'm easily distracted but yeah I was angry, very steaming angry. Literally, I am steaming, I can see waves of smoke rolling off me. Why was I angry? See my parents…well my parents….ok the word parents is eloquent enough. It's the last day of summer vacation and they've grounded me for hogging the T.V. Come on people! It's the last day of freedom and you ground me or rather my step-brother gets me grounded. Hasn't he ever heard of first come first serve? Was it my fault that he was asleep while I was awake? Huh?!

Um, well yes, it was. See I accidentally slipped some alcoholic spirit into his juice last night. Okay not some but a lot and it was vodka so he got drunk with me watching his antics alone as Jocelyn and Dad were out on a date. Yeah I know, they're married and go to dates, ughh, well it's still kinda cute but case in point; Steve got drunk, had to sleep it off and had a dreadful hangover to boot.

Okay now that I see it that way it's making me guilty. I mean I know the sweetheart, no, uh, moron has a terrible headache because of the vodka. Even if he did snitch on me for watching T.V for 2 hours in the morning and 5 in the night ( with the volume low of course), he didn't tell on me for lacing his beverage.

Oh well better be done with it. I heaved my lazy ass off the floor and went to get 2 painkillers and a glass of water. I walked towards his door, no, tiptoed because I'm not allowed out of my room as I'm the `rents took drastic measures since they can't stop me from going to my friend's house as she's abroad (lucky bitch), they had to do something, right?

As I neared his door I heard voices talking inside. Oooh, brother got a girlfriend, cackling evilly inside my head I entered his room and saw disappointingly, he wasn't talking to a girl. Instead he was lying on the bed with his curtains closed and another guy was leaning against his wardrobe grinning at him.

They stopped talking as I entered his room tentatively, ha, no, I entered stealthily (for reasons before mentioned) and confidently. I advanced towards Steve who hadn't made the effort to raise his arm from his face. "What is it?" he asked tiredly. I winced at that, poor guy, I felt sorry for him. "Sorry," I said in a tiny voice. He raised his arm quickly and sat up facing me, "Tennyson?" he said surprisedly. "Uh…," I swallowed nervously and gave him the tablets and the water. He accepted it and downed it. "So, what brought this on?" he asked raising an eyebrow. "Uh, see, I, uh, laced your drink with vodka while you weren't looking last night," I rushed through the explanation unable to raise my face. Sheesh, who would have thought this would be so hard. He chuckled, "So it was vodka." I raised my head and looked at his face "Yeah. See I was desperate and you were going to bed early so you could get up before me so…" He was laughing at me. I was mortified, my face burned as blood rushed to it. A negative of being an albino is that blood shows up very quickly on skin so I get red very easily. "Awww, stop laughing, dude. Poor girl's gonna burn a hole in your bed, she's blushing so hard" I heard a drawl.

M y head snapped up as I gave the stranger a pointed glare, "And you are?" I said freezingly. Only Steve can tease me or my friends, not this stranger. He smirked and came forward, "I'm Calvin Melborne, Steve's best friend. I just moved in next door."

I gawped unattractively at him as Steve who had just stopped laughing started chuckling at my expression. I raised my jaw back up with as much dignity as I could muster and shot him a dirty look effectively shutting him up. However, Calvin apparently had no such reservations as he said arrogantly, "Admiring me, are you? I do have girls fighting over me like dogs over a bone you know."

I gasped at his audacity. Who cared if he had these gorgeous navy blue eyes or thick black hair that just begged for putting my hands through them or that he practically had sculptured features. Uh, you do, the voice in my head reminded me but I shrugged it off, traitor brain, as I stalked towards him and poked him in the chest, glowering, I snarled quietly, "I was not gawping at your drool worthy features." When he raised a skeptical eyebrow, trying to stop himself from laughing, my hands itched to punch him as I said, "Ok I was but do not even dare to imagine that I will follow you like those pathetic sluts who won't be able to keep their clothes on in front of you from tomorrow. And you're not allowed to make fun of me you dick!"

Saying this I stepped back and smiled politely at him and Steve who was shaking with laughter. "It was dreadful meeting you. I hope I never see you again. Bye." I strode out and shut the door leaning against it. I know that wasn't mature but I couldn't resist it. I just had to wipe that amused look off his face otherwise I would've punched his pretty nose.

The door opened and I fell back as I lost my balance. I was supported by a masculine chest as strong arms wrapped around me. Ahh, I could die happily right now. Wait, forget that, rewind. I had to get away from him but he wouldn't let me go "Thinking about me, were you?" His voice rumbled in his chest beside my ear. I turned crimson, "Let me go you moron or I'll fry your cojones and give them to the sharks." He chuckled but let me go. I stumbled forward and went to my door. As I fumbled with the knob he said, "Already dreaming about me I see. Kinky, your ideas but interesting all the same." I sputtered out a "Shut up, you idiot." As I went inside and shut the door. My cheeks were hot enough to fry an egg on as I slid to the floor like a pool of goo. Damn him, he had me thinking like a hormonal teenage girl. Not that I wasn't one but….you get what I mean, right?

As I heard his footsteps retreating down the stairs I thought, 25 minutes in his company have driven me crazy. I have a feeling I will not like this guy at all.