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Chapter 2

A year later:

It turned out I was right after all. Calvin Melborne was the first person ever to easily make it to the top of my hate list considering he got that honored position on the first day I met him a year ago. He was easily the most handsome and frustrating guy on earth. Yes, I know, so handsome that even I the impregnable fortress against manly charms was forced to admit that all 6 ft 2" of him was, there is no other word to describe it so, much as I dislike using this word, hot.

Please don't be deluded into believing that I have a thing for him, thank you but no, the thought makes me nauseous. See, along with his beauty was the undeniable fact that he irritated me to hell and beyond. It also seemed that only I was irritated. Everyone else (other than those bimbos who go after everything with a breathing sexy male body) who has a brain thinks that he is considerate and (can you believe it?) sweet. It's like I live in a strange alternate universe where only I can see his playboy ways. Not that I'm an angel myself, no, I admit I go out of my way to irritate him as much as possible in the shortest period of time I can manage (my recent record is 2 minutes when I poured my juice all over him cue my evil cackles). It's irresistible, I just have this urge to make him go nuts as soon as I see his smirking face which is a zillion times as he's my next door neighbor and my stepbrother's best friend.

You must be thinking I'm nuts just going on and on about him but see he just does this thing to my stomach making it all wobbly whenever he smirks at me so I have to wipe that smirk off his face before I do something horribly embarrassing like faint or vomit. You have probably guessed by now that I think it is unfair that he's blessed with so many manly attributes which by the way make my insides somersault and that is something I don't like at all. The reason I'm talking so much about Calvin is that this year he's coming to our school this year and since we're the same age he will probably be in my classes my luck being where it is. Last he went to some private school but this year he shifted schools so he could be with Steve which is going to make my last year at high school be hell.

What's a17 year old got to do when her arch-nemesis is coming to school with her everyday? Okay so that statement is a bit dramatic but since I was too lazy to get license I'm stuck with going along with Steve and Calvin every fucking morning and trust me on this I'm not a morning person.

I was just thinking this stuff when there was a shout from Steve downstairs, "Tennyson, get your puny ass down this minute or I'll go without you!" Shit! Damn Calvin, he managed to get me in trouble even without trying. The traitor voice in my brain tsked sarcastically, it's his fault you're obsessed with him and can't stop thinking about him? Shut up I told it as I yanked a brush through my hair and gathered it in a ponytail as I cursed five kinds of hell. It still wasn't presentable so I gave up putting it in place and splashed a gob of lip gloss across my mouth, snatched my bag and tossed my cell phone in it as I slammed the door behind myself and thundered downstairs. "I'm here," I said breathlessly to find Steve and Calvin at the table devouring their bowls of cornflakes like hungry wolves while Jocelyn looked on complacently. Into this cozy scene I rudely interrupted. The boys looked up and Calvin smirked opening his mouth to say something to me when I snapped at him, "Do not talk to me right now if you value your life!"

As I said I'm not a morning person especially without my everyday dose of my beloved coffee. I headed straight to my special cabinet (yeah I have a special cabinet, deal with it) which contained freshly ground coffee beans and other ingredients designed to send a person straight to heaven. As I put the powder in the coffeemaker Steve said, "Yeah dude seriously once when I tried to talk, fuckin' talk to her in the morning she retaliated by deleting my entire playlist and replacing it with juvenile girly songs like Barbie Girl. I didn't even know that song existed until that night when I plugged in my !"He shuddered recalling that obnoxious tune. I shuddered alongside as I remembered it; I had found that song when Alexi or Lexie as I prefer to call my best friend tortured me by playing it over and over until I agreed to go shopping with her.

I was pulled out of my reverie by the intoxicating aroma of freshly made coffee. I filled a mug and put the rest in the jug and put it in the fridge. Before anyone asks, sorry, Calvin just asked, "Why are you putting it in the fridge?" I snapped back, "Because no one else around here drinks it, you idiot, now shut up and let me enjoy heaven in peace."

I settled against the counter closing my eyes and savoring the velvety and dark taste of coffee in my mouth. Mmmm….I was pulled out of my nirvana when Calvin said, "So where did you get the habit from? Even knowing your craziness I can't believe you got the habit of drinking straight black coffee from T.V. ads."

I knew he was trying to get a rise out of me but his words hit the chink in my protective bitchy aura. I remembered exactly who I got the habit from…, shit! Think of something else I thought as I desperately tried to push down the wave of black depression rising up my throat. I tried to smile and bite out a sharp rejoinder but I couldn't. My vision was getting blurry as I dumped the rest of my coffee down the sink and rinsed the mug, my appetite suddenly lost. My hands were shaking as I dried them trying not to look at three pairs of confused eyes. Inhaling shakily, I tried again to speak cheerfully, "Well, I…" I swallowed heavily as I focused on keeping my head above the wave of grief trying to dominate me. I knew if I gave in, I would stay in a near comatose state for God only knows how long so I tried again to say something to ease their now thoroughly aroused suspicions but failing to do so as my mouth failed to emit a single sound.

I backed away struggling with my pocket until I pulled out my pager. I paged Lexie 911. I knew she would drop everything to come and get me. It was a very old tradition between us that we paged each other when we seriously needed help.

"Honey, what is it?"I winced as I remembered Quite another voice saying those words before everything went black. NO, I will not think of this, I shook my head trying desperately to get a hold of myself, my breath coming in short gasps as I managed a harsh whisper, "Don't call me honey."

She looked taken aback and opened her mouth to say something when Lexie rushed in through the back door. She came to a stop and took one look at me before coming towards me and looking into my eyes as Jocelyn protested bewilderedly, "But how did you get in?" "Tennyson gave me the keys," she bit out tersely not breaking eye contact with me as she moved closer until she stopped right in front of me not touching me but very close to me, "Tennyson?" she said softly, "Please don't pull this on me. You're fine, okay? I'm here. Be strong, you can hold this together. Come on." She tugged gently at my arm, "We gotta get to school." I nodded dumbly and followed her to the door trying to assemble my thoughts as Lexie explained, "Sorry you had to see this Jocelyn, don't worry, I'll take care of her. She'll be fine.

Jocelyn nodded, relieved, "Thank you, sweeth…." "No endearments please."Lexie cut across her glancing at me worriedly. I offered her a weak smile just wishing this day would be over so I could go back to pretending everything was alright. Lexie sensed this and she waved a hasty goodbye to them and we got into the car. On the way to school I was silent aware of the worried glances Lex kept shooting towards me but she didn't say anything for which I was grateful. A normal morning had turned out so horribly and the day was not even over yet. I had no idea what I would say to them and Dad…Dad, I stifled a groan and refrained from banging my head against the dashboard. He was going to be so worried; I hadn't had an episode like this for years and now when everything was going all hunky-dory, this thing happened out of nowhere.

I felt so damn guilty for doing this to him and as the school building came into view I sighed; perfect; now I had to spend the whole day in my personal purgatory acting all happy while my heart beat a dull throbbing ache in my chest. Lex had looked at me when I sighed and I just shook my head at her as she pulled into the parking lot to indicate everything was all right. In fact everything was horrible and I would've loved to crawl into a corner and curl up to be alone in my misery but things just don't work out that way so now I have to concentrate on surviving the whole day with a cheerful facade. I would think about how to deal with Dad later. For now I just had to take this in my stride though it did hurt like hell. But I could deal with it because after all I had been hurting for the past 10 years, I could take one more day, couldn't I?

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