I see your breath fog up my knife

As it will soon take away your precious life

My time here is as limited as can be,

Yet your time soon will be taken by me

Your chest rises up and down,

Soft curls of hair go roun' and roun'

Skin illuminated by the soft moonlight

Yet my shadows hide within the darkest night

Tonight, if I may,

Is truly the day

Of a façade of red

Tearing up your bed

Magenta, rust and clay

Shades of blood, on the bed astray

We are going to have fun

Well—not you, hun

And inside your mind

There is no other kind

Like me, the shadows of fear

No, you will have no help here

And yet I am true to my word

As you may have overheard

There will be no pain to come your way

It will be fast, quick, and okay

For it is you who has brought me here

The demons and devils and so are mere

To the power of my might

You cannot escape my flight

And with this final thrust

The color coming out is rust.