So here is my new story! I hope you all enjoy. It's sorta, not really based off a true story. I mean, no one fell in love in real life, but still. The main point happened and after that my mind wandered with what if this progressed and bam got a story!

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Flicking her tongue along the long stem, she twisted her tongue around feeling it bend. It was an easy task. So many girls…boys…could do it, but for some reason the reaction guys always gave made her want to laugh.

"Hmm…" she let out a sigh as she listened to the loud music blast in the background. Running her hand through her damp locks, she flipped her eyes up at the boy and watched the many emotions flash over him.

She was about to get what she wanted. Not a surprise, she always did.

"Done…" she smirked, sticking out her tongue and removing the knotted stem with a smirk. "Looks like you owe us a free drink, Bartender Boy," she winked dropping the cherry stem in her empty glass.

"Damn it…" he cursed grabbing the bottle and refilling her glass. "How come I feel you win a lot?" he raised a dark brow and she watched as his muscles tightened in his black shirt. He was cute, she would give him that. His dark mysterious eyes, his perfect white smile and the sexy tattoo peeking out from his shirt on his shoulder, but she didn't want him. She knew she could have him, but didn't mean she wanted him.

"You would be surprised how often gorgeous," she spun in the stool and slowly rose up. Aware of her short dress riding high on her thighs as she walked away from the bar with her giggling friend.

"My god Ray," Laken threw her head back with a laugh as she looped her arm through her best friend's. "I know we do that all the time, but I love their face every time you do it."

"I know…they look like a deer caught in head lights. I mean, like, they haven't witnessed the art of a good cherry stem tie," she smirked, dropping back down in the booth they had claimed as theirs' for the night.

"Well I think the look has more to do with the smirk you give with that sexy eye slant of yours," she wiggled her finger around her friend's face, watching as the look started to form. "That one!"

"Well you know," she flipped her long strawberry blonde hair over her shoulder, feeling as it stuck a bit. "What can I say? I am a Wells you know?"

"That I do," the dark haired brunette brought her drink up to tap her friend's glass. "And if you age anything like that brother of yours, things will turn out very well for you in life."

"Yeah…let's hope," she frowned a bit at the mention of her brother but quickly recovered it. She didn't want to think about it. Honestly every time she did it made her heart hurt and at this moment she didn't want her heart hurting.

"But hey," Laken grabbed her friend's arm quickly noticing her look. She knew that look. It wasn't a happy girl look and she would be damned if she let her friend drop into that sadness again. Tonight was supposed to be their night out, supposed to be full of fun and laughs and not sadness and over thinking life. Life could wait. Tonight it was on pause. "How many more times you think we could get some poor bartender to give us free drinks with that trick?"

"You mean the 'I bet I can tie a cherry stem faster than you trick?'" she kinked a perfectly plucked brow. A small thing Tenley taught her when she was younger and drove her brother mad.

Tenley swore if you go to a bar, plaster on a smirk and flirt some, then slowly slip in the idea of the cherry stem trick you would constantly get free drinks. It was really funny actually and so simple. You find a bartender or even just some guy at the bar, bet him a free drink you could tie a stem faster than him and…well win. It was the easiest of things to do and it always ended with a free drink. And who doesn't love a free drink?

"Girl, that works everywhere," she flipped her hand at her with a grin. "Oh!" she jumped a bit when she felt her phone vibrating against her chest. It hiding, honestly in her bra. "Phones getting frisky," she smirked at her friend and watched her silver eyes roll as she pulled it out. "Hello?" she plugged her finger in her ear so she could hear better.

"Raine…" she dropped some toys in the bin as she cleaned the living room. "What you up too?"

"Hey Ten!" she lit up as she sunk back in the booth. "I'm at that new club that opened on 7th street. Not bad, not bad," she scanned her eyes around the crowd and all the young people dancing around.

"Jealous," she dropped down on her couch and flipped back the mess of her hair. "I remember when I used to go to clubs. Now I'm cleaning toys and dishes…word of advice, don't ever grow up."

"I'm trying my best not too," she laughed at her logic. "But what's going on? Everything cool?"

"Everything is fine. Just seeing if you still could watch Arie tomorrow? I have that doctor's appointment…"

"Of course!" she rushed to tell her. Knowing she would do anything to help the woman she looked at as a big sister…honestly even a mom sometimes. "I'll be there at noon."

"Ok…don't party too much. And remember every club and bar owner within a thousand mile radius knows who you two belong too…don't get in trouble," she reminded her like she somehow must have forgotten. "Be safe," she warned and pictured the look she received on the other end.

"Always Tenny," she grinned sliding the little button to hang up and placed her phone back in her bra. "Tenny says don't get in trouble."

"Do we ever?" Laken smirked and both girls' shared a look before breaking out into a fit of drunken giggles. "Come on, I want to dance," she grabbed her best friend's hand and tugged her up. The two getting lost in the crowd as they started to move to the music.

Listening to the music blast, she moved in her chair to the beat. Dropping her head in the drunken way she always did she gave it a shake making her light hair fly all over her shoulders. Her friend beside her laughing at her as she sucked on the straw of her drink. A feeling of just peace washing over her as she enjoyed her night.

"Hello Pretty Girls," Laken turned her head to the side to see two guys standing there with smiles. Both she would admit were amazingly cute.

"Hello Pretty Boys," she mocked spinning in her stool and her heel hitting one of theirs leg. "May I help you?"

"We were wondering if we could buy you two a drink?" the more vocal one confessed as the one over his shoulder gave her friend a smile. The strawberry blonde enjoying the grin before twisting in her seat to face back at the bar.

"I will always take a free drink," Laken giggled holding out her slim hand. "I'm Laken and this is my very best friend in the whole world, Raine."

"Well nice to meet you both," he flashed a very bright smile as he took her hand. "I'm Ryan and this is my cousin Jared," he nodded his hand at the man beside him, who offered another sweet smile. "But what can I get you?" Ryan slid beside Laken with a smirk.

Jared slowly walking around the two to take a seat beside the pretty girl. "Hi…" he smiled and she felt her heart tighten a little. He had a pretty smile.

"Hi…" Raine shifted in her chair as she bit down on her bottom lip.

"Can I get you a drink?" he waved his hand at the bar as she twisted back and forth in her stool.

"I'm actually kinda starting to slow down," she confessed and he nodded with an 'oh.' "But you can buy me a coke," she flipped her eyes over at him and he chuckled.

"That I can do," he nodded at the bartender who walked back down toward them. "Can she get a coke?" he asked and the dark haired guy flipped a cup over to drop some ice along with the dark liquid.

"You're back," he smirked a bit and Raine blushed.

"I'm back," she clapped her hands together and leaned on the bar.

"Getting another victim with your free drink trick, huh?" the bartender teased and Raine laughed.

"Nope, just a drink," she took the coke and took a sip. The dark haired guy chucking before walking off.

"Drink trick?" Jared looked at her confused and she let out a laugh.

"It's a weird…story," she waved her hand at him shaking her head. "My sister taught me something and it gets you a lot of free drinks."

"Think I could learn the free drink trick?" he corked a brow as he leaned close to her on the bar.

"Only if the bartender is a girl," she smirked and he chuckled a bit. "But it's a trick you can use in many situations," she explained.

"Oh really?" he watched as she cut her eyes at the end of the bar before leaning over and grabbing the small red object.

"Yeah, I mean, you never know when it could come in handy," she popped it in her mouth and watched as his eyes narrowed on her lips. "But tell me Jared…what do you do?"

"Well…I…I'm in my final year at law school," he told her and Raine tried not to giggle when she noticed him watching her mouth the whole time he spoke. "Hoping to get a good internship somewhere."

"That's really cool…how old are you?" she casually swayed in her stool as she flipped the stem in her mouth.

"Just turned twenty seven," his eyes squinted a bit as she flipped the stem out and dropped it on the bar. "Sorry…did…did you just tie that with your tongue?"

"Yup," she shrugged innocently reaching for another. "You see Law Boy," she leaned in real close with a smile. "That's the free drink trick…"

"I must learn that," he confessed and she laughed.

"It's easy… I'm sure a clearly dedicated person like you could figure it out," she said and he laughed shaking his head. Raine lifting her eyes to see her best friend giggling at the blonde as his hand rested on her thigh. Raine knowing instantly the look on her best friend's face.

"I'll work on it," he promised, tossing a glance around at the crowded dance floor. "But I know you aren't drinking anymore, but what about dancing? Could I have a dance?"

"Umm…" Raine chewed her lip not sure how to answer that. It was just a dance, a completely innocent dance. There was nothing wrong with that. "Sure…." She slipped her hand in his as he stood. Thinking a dance with a nice guy might be a nice way to wrap up her night.

"Come on Ray, one more place," Laken begged as she held up her hands to her friend.

"I can't, I have to get home," she repeated as they all stood on the street corner. Tossing a look at Jared before looking back at her friend. "I've had a lot of fun, but I have to babysit early in the morning."

"Not until noon," Laken scuffed honestly not wanting the night to end yet. However, knowing her best friend had other things on her mind.

"Yes, noon and it's almost three and you know I love my sleep," she pointed out and Laken just rolled her eyes. "But it was really nice meeting you two. Make sure this one makes it to a cab safe," she reached to hug her friend. "Text me when you get home," she told her, cutting her eyes over at the blonde boy and laughing. "Or wherever you end up."

"Raine!" she squealed slapping her friend's arm who just laughed. "Text me when you get home."

"I will," she promised, pulling open the cab door. "Bye guys… have a good night. Jared thanks for the coke and dances."

"Thanks for the trick," he winked and she laughed. "Have a good night," he smiled as Ryan tossed a hand up with a wave. Wrapping his arm over Laken's shoulder as they swayed down the side walk. "Hope to see you again sometime."

"I'm sure you will," she looked down at her friend, hearing her laugh. "Have fun with those two," she nodded her head down the sidewalk to the couple that started to make out.

"Yeah…" he awkwardly scratched his neck looking at them. "I think I might hail my own cab and give them some alone time."

"May be a good idea," she agreed. "We can share a cab if you want."

"You don't mind?"

"Not at all. I don't take up much room," she slid inside the yellow car and scooted all the way to the window. "Carrington apartments off Edge Wood," she told the older man in the front.

"You live in Carrington?" he raised a brow, before riddling off his address and street.

"Yeah…just moved in about six months ago. Used to live with my sister…well sister in law but she's like my sister," she explained and he nodded.

"Those are some real nice apartments," he let out a dry laugh, running a hand through his hair. "Must have a really good job."

"Umm…not really…I'm a bartender. Just save my money well," she shrugged and he eyed her a little. "Family owns a few things…Other than my apartment I have to take care of myself. My big brother always wanted me to work for what I had because he had too. Yet Tenley, my sister, she agreed, just didn't want me living in a creepy apartment with weird neighbors and possible cops being called regularly. She always fears I'm going to get murdered…"

"Sounds like a good sister…"

"She's the best," she smiled at the mention of her. The rest of the ride kinda quiet as they drove. Raine swearing it felt forever before arriving at her apartment, her hand itching to grab her phone. "But it was nice meeting you again. Have a good night," she rushed to slide from the car and tossed the driver some cash.

"You too…" he waved and watched her body disappear into the dark building.

Dropping the wet rag on the counter, she pulled her hair up into a high pony tail as she walked into her room. Hitting the lights, she climbed into her large bed and grabbed her phone from the stand. Looking to see it a little past three and she chewed her lip as she hit the number and brought it to her ear.

"Hey you…"

His rough voice rang through and she felt the tingle run down her spine.

"Hi…" she curled into the pillow beside her, trying her best to fight the silly grin. "Did I wake you?"

"No…just working on a few new lines," he explained as he dropped the pencil and leaned back. "I've missed you today…"

"I've missed you too," she closed her eyes and breathed in deep. "How was the show?"

"Awesome," he grinned at the mention of his favorite thing. "It's such a rush Raine. I wish you could experience it."

"Me too…"

"But what did you do tonight? You go out with Laken?" he asked knowing one of the last text they shared she mentioned going out that night with the friend he heard so much about. With all the stories Raine told him of her, he swore the image he had of her was spot on. Partier, a fun time, a real great friend.

"Yeah, we visited a few new clubs. It was a lot of fun but I think Laken drank too much," she let out a hiccup and he chuckled.

"You drink a little too much, babe?"

"I started to slow down at the end of the night. Lost my buzz about an hour ago," she confessed with a little laugh and he smiled.

"Oh I love your laugh," he shook his head, swearing he could listen to it all night long. He had before.

"I know…" she rolled her head to the side to stare out the window into the dark night. Listening as he started to hum something and heard the light strum of his guitar. "I like that song…" she whispered as he played.

"You tired Sweet Girl?" he wondered, her being a little more quiet tonight than she normally was.

"A little…" she curled into herself as her bottom lip trembled. Not even meaning to but a slight sob releasing from her before she could stop it.

"Raine…" he frowned hating her upset.

"I'm sorry," she brushed the stupid tears that were prickling in her eyes and tried her best to blink them away. "I'm being stupid. Ignore me…I might be a little more drunk than I thought," she wiped her hand to her cheeks and flipped to her side. "I think I'm just going to head to bed. I'll call you tomorrow."

"Ok…" he shook his head, running a tired hand through his dark hair and hating all the feelings bubbling inside him. "Raine…"


"I'm sorry," he repeated for what felt like the millionth time. "I…damn it…"

"Don't be sorry James…nothing is wrong. I'll talk to you tomorrow ok?" she told him and heard him agree. "Bye…"

"Bye baby girl…"

She heard him frown before a long pause and it clicking off. Rolling in the sheets she closed her eyes as she once again went asleep feeling lonely.

Well that is the first chapter of my Raine story. I went back and forth with many stories, many ideas and even wrote I think four. Had some friends look over them and after a while and much talking and voting ended up with this one. Also this story will have spoilers for a few of my other stories, so if you haven't read my other stories and want to I'm giving warning now.

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