Rolling into the sheets, she slammed the pillow over her head trying to eliminate the buzzing beside her bed. It was four in the morning, she just climbed into bed not twenty minutes ago exhausted and she wanted the damn thing to shut up.

"Jesus Christ!" she screamed when it stopped just to start back up again. Grabbing the lightening up object on the stand, she squinted at the glowing screen she noticed it not being a number she recognized which eliminated the only people she wouldn't be pissed at. "What!?" she shouted already annoyed in the phone and heard a light hum on the other end. "Hello?!" she screamed when the sounded trailed off and went silent.

"Oh," she heard a drunken chuckle, one she would recognize anywhere being where she worked. She could locate a drunk person a mile away. "Sorry, you picked up."

"Well, you are calling me asshole," she hissed into the frown and gripped a hand through her hair.

"Well, you are the rudest driver I've ever called," he told her taken back as he spun on his foot off the curb.

"Excuse me?"

"Look, I understand we all have bad days. But you picked this job; don't be pissy with me when I call you to do your job."

"Look, I don't know what you think-"

"What I think is you're being a bitch for no apparently reason. You're a cab driver, people are going to call you at one to be picked up from bars, get used to it sweetheart."

"Well, sweetheart," she hissed and felt the anger bubble inside her. "I don't know who you think you're calling but I can assure you it's not the right number. I'm not a cab driver and I don't know where the hell you are but it's not one in the morning, it's four! And I just got off a sixteen hour shift and I'd like nothing more than to go to sleep!"

"Wait…" he paused a moment and pulled his phone from his ear to look at the numbers. "This isn't Pete's cab company?"

"No, it's a pissed off girl's phone number…"

"Oh…" his voice light as he glanced around embarrassed. "Sorry…I was trying to find a ride home for me and my friends. I thought-"

"You thought wrong," she cut him off and gripped her phone tighter when she heard him chuckle.

"I like you," he said off handedly and her brow arched. "You're feisty…"

"Please go fuck yourself," she clicked off the phone and rolled into her comfy bed. Annoyed as hell when she suddenly found herself wide awake and unable to go back to sleep. "Asshole…"

Drumming his fingers on the bar, he sat as he waited for it to be two o'clock. He was off today, not like he ever really had to be considered on at work, but today he was free to do whatever. However, he couldn't do whatever until two and his little girl got done with school so here he sat. Sat watching his other little girl moving around the smoke filled room. He didn't know why he agreed to this, agreed for her to work here. He swore he wouldn't let it happen, he told everyone there was no way in hell he would allow his sweet innocent Princess to work in this place. Yet, here she stood, moving around, pouring drinks and laughing with customers. Completely not his little Princess anymore.

"Want another?" she appeared before him and nodded at his empty glass.

"No, I have to get Arie in a little bit," he told her and she nodded. "You seem in a pretty good mood…"

"That is because I am," she flashed that Wells smile and dried off a glass from the washer.

"Hey gorgeous can I get another?!" gets yelled across the bar and Colton groans as his sister sends him a wink.

"Why do I let you work here again?" he raised a brow and she grinned big.

"Because I'm the best bartender you have…" she pointed out first. "And because you suck at saying no to a pregnant woman…"

"We can't go in there Raine," Bevin shook her head as she followed the girl she looked at as her older sister down the sidewalk.

"Why?" Raine kinked a brow as she paused at the door. "My brother owns the damn place, along with your brother," she pointed out. "You have to be eighteen to enter and oh look at that I'm eighteen."

"Yes, and I'm only fifteen, and my brother owns it. Which means I don't listen and I get in trouble," she pointed out knowing big brother would kill her for even thinking about entering a bar. Normally she didn't think twice about it, her fake ID got her into bars all around town but this was different. The owner and everyone who worked there weren't completely aware of her underage status.

"Oh Bev chill," she waved her hand at her friend. "The place doesn't really even get busy until around seven or eight, its…" she looked down at the time on her phone. "One," she said in a duh tone getting laugh from her friend. "Get your ass inside," she yanked open the glass door and pushed her friend in. "Tenny!" Raine squealed like a child skipping over to her favorite person, well one of them.

"Hey girlie," the older woman flashed a smile as she sipped her water. "What you doing here?" she kissed her head as she dropped down beside her.

"We were just stopping by before heading home," Bevin explained to her sister quickly as she sat down beside her. "How are you feeling?" she questioned looking down at her sister's growing belly.

"Pregnant," she joked, munching on a nacho.

"You are seriously the cutest pregnant person ever," Raine smiled at her sister in law. "So little all over and just the cutest belly."

"Cute or not, I'm telling you right now that brother of yours puts another one of these things in me I will kill him," she joked looking over at her husband as he sat at a nearby table. "He's lucky I still find him so damn sexy."

"He is good looking," Bevin looked over at him, Tenley swearing her little sister always had a bit of a crush on her boy. It was hard not to honestly, aging did that boy well and he still looked just as sexy today as he did at eighteen, if honest he might even look better.

"Ten…" Colton's deep voice sent a shiver down her spine as he walked over to him. "Did you hire anymore waitresses?" he questioned, looking over the clipboard in his hand.

"I'm working on it," she rubbed her hand over her growing belly, cutting her eyes at Raine who gave her a look. She promised Raine she wouldn't hire anyone else until she turned eighteen, which was just last week. She promised when she did she would talk to Colton into hiring her. She just had yet to have that talk.

Knew it wouldn't go over to well.

"Ten…" he pinched the bridge of his nose and she knew he was growing frustrated. They just lost two servers because of them going off to college and he was completely short staffed. He couldn't remember the last time any of his severs even had a day off.

"Ouch…" Tenley gripped her stomach, Colton's eyes widening and hand dropped.

"Ten, what's wrong?" he dropped the board on the bar and stepped closer to her. "You ok? The baby ok?"

"Perfect," she glowed, reaching for his hand and sliding it along her stomach. "Peanut, just kicked really hard," she let out a laugh knowing Colton always dropped any conversation they were having if something was up with their baby.

"I don't feel it," he frowned, Tenley holding back a giggle.

"It stopped," she forced a look, reaching up and touching his cheek. "It will start back up again."

"Yeah," he kissed the side of her head and headed back into his office.

"That's mean," Raine laughed a little as Tenley shrugged.

"Being pregnant is great," she placed two hands on her stomach. "Gets me out of many conversations I don't want to have."

"Like hiring your favorite person?" she gave a big grin leaning toward her. "Tenny you promised to talk to him."

"I know, I know. I've just been busy," she flipped her hand around sipping her drink.

"Doing what?" Bevin kinked a brow at her sister who narrowed her eyes.

"Being pregnant," she answered without missing a beat and both rolled their eyes and scuffed. "Fine!" she threw her hands up and stood. "I'll talk to him, but if he gets pissy I blame you two," she pointed at them and both girls laughed as she walked toward the blonde. "Come with me…" she spoke as she passed.

"Huh?" Colton grew confused when his wife grabbed his hand and yanked him toward the office. "Ten, what are you doing?"

"I need to talk to you," she shut the door and locked it behind her.

"Someone is here to see me," he pointed over her shoulder and she shook her head and pushed him toward the chair, him dropping down.

"And right now I want to talk to you about something…"

"Which is what?" he wondered as she leaned against his desk. "What do you want to talk about?" he took her hand in his and tugged her toward him.

"Colton…" she whined, stepping back but his grip tightened.

"What? Come here…" he pulled her back and her body pressed against his.

"I'm too fat to sit in your lap now," she pouted and he chuckled.

"You aren't fat," he pulled her to rest on him, placing his hand on her gorgeous little belly. "I love this…my perfect girls…"

"You don't know it's a girl," she reminded him, both deciding they'd like to not know until they gave birth.

"But my baby wants a girl," he reminded her and she grinned. "So I used my connections to make that happen," he winked and she giggled. "But tell me, what's up?"

"Well…I'm thinking about our server issue and have an idea…" she told him and confusion slipped on his face as she went on to explain.

"Stupid pregnant women," he grumbled and heard his sister laugh as he glanced up to see her returning in front of him. "But umm…" he cleared his throat and erased his thoughts. "What has you so happy? And please tell me it's not because of that guy…"

"Stephen," she spoke, mentioning her ex-boyfriend that her older brother hated. She swore she never saw Colton hate someone so much in her life. He was an alright guy. Didn't really treat her bad, but didn't treat her well. He was more just kinda there.

"Tool box," he corrected and she rolled her blue eyes. "He was a dick, Raine."

"He wasn't that bad," she defended her taste and he lifted a brow. "Fine he wasn't amazing but he wasn't the worst out there. But I do have a question," she worried on her lip and his eyes narrowed.

"What is this going to cost me?"

"Colton!" she squealed slamming her rag down. "I take care of myself. When was the last time I ever asked you for money?" she challenged knowing her money was her own. Yes, she had a little from her family but it wasn't a lot anymore. After college loans she lost a lot of it and…well her father hit a rough patch when she was younger. Yes, he didn't lose everything but he wasn't as well off as he once was. "Exactly," she gave a smug smile and he rolled his eyes and waved her hand to continue. "I was wondering if I could get a couple days off next weekend."

"Well…why did you need a few days off?" he questioned and Raine knew that was coming. Colton wouldn't ever allow her to be so vague with something. Not that she could be completely honest, she told him it was to go see a guy, a guy she never really met he would call her nuts and send her to get her head check. Yeah, that wasn't going to happen. "Are you working too much?"

"No!" she told him quickly, loving the schedule she had. Yes, it was long hours but she still loved it. "I just wanted to take a trip this weekend with Lake. We thought about going to San Francisco."

"San Francisco?" his brow arched confused. "That's kinda random…"

"We kinda just googled cool places and night life and that popped up," she explained with a shrug. She really wanted to get this conversation done with because she was a terrible liar, especially when it was with Colton. "But it would only be Thursday night and probably be home late Sunday."

"You ok?" he wondered and she nodded, because she was fine.

"Just wanted to get away for a bit," she told him. "Plus, if I hear one more person I went to school with is having a baby or getting married I'll dive out of the nearest window," she told him and he let out a loud laugh.

"Alright kid," he stood and pulled out his wallet. "I'll talk to Tenley about switching the schedule up. Assuming I need to give Laken off also?"

"She did ask me to ask…said you've been kinda scary lately…" she teased and he rolled his eyes.

"Bye Raine," he tossed some cash on the counter and she frowned.

"Colton…" she grabbed it and tried to thrust it back into his hand. "I don't want your money."

"You waited on me…"

"You get free food," she pointed out and he shrugged. Raine knowing it was pointless to fight with him, he always would tip her even if she didn't do anything. "Bye Colty, tell Arie hello for me…"

"I will," he pressed a kiss to the side of her head. "Talk to you later, Princess…" he teased a little and she gave him a playfully shove as he went toward the door and the strawberry blonde went back to work.

"So he seemed cool with it? Didn't really ask questions?" Laken questioned as she and her best friend shopped. Apparently Raine decided she had nothing to pack for her trip and had to get all new stuff, which Laken found ridiculous being as she swore Raine dressed better than anyone she knew.

"No, he was really sweet," the strawberry blonde shrugged as she inspected a shirt in her hand.

"Yeah…sweet," Laken rolled her eyes thinking Colton had been anything but sweet lately. She loved the guy, known him since she was six and thought of him as a big brother on many occasions, however, he had been in such a mood lately she almost hated to go to work afraid she might get yelled at for some bullshit reason.

"Be nice, Lake. He is going through a lot," Raine defended quickly and spun to face her friend. "Do you like this?"

"Yes, I like it. As I like the other fifty outfits you've asked my opinion on," she rolled her sea green eyes and plopped the shirt she was looking at back on the shelf. "Why are you so worried about what you're wearing? I'm sure you won't be wearing it long anyway," she smirked and Raine's jaw dropped.

"Laken! That's not true," she objected and moved to another rack. "James and I aren't like that…"

"Then what are you Raine?" her brow arched and her friend went silent. "Ray, I love you but come on. I know you're a bit of a…prude…"

"I'm not a prude, Laken. Just because my list of lovers isn't as long as yours doesn't mean I'm a prude."

"Ok, one, bitch," Laken held up a finger and her friend laughed. "But two, you know what I mean. Other than Stephen, your list isn't much more."

"Stephen and I started dating when I was a senior in high school and we were on and off up until last year I didn't have much time in between for random one night stands."

"True, but still. You honestly are telling me you are taking a trip across the country and you aren't going to bang the guy," she gave a duh tone and her friend just remained silent. "Ray, are you serious?!"

"I don't know, ok!" she tossed her arms up annoyed. "Look, James and I aren't anything. I mean not really…yes we talk everyday but it isn't…I mean, it's not like I'm in a relationship with the guy."

"But you care about him," she spoke, but it wasn't a question. Both girls knew it wasn't a question. "Raine, you're crazy about him."

"I know, alright," Raine's voice cracked a fraction and she twisted her mouth to the side and gave a shrug. "I care about him a lot, but that's ridiculous. How can you care about someone you've never seen?"

"I don't know," Laken gave a sympathetic shrug and frowned. "But I do know relationships are about talking. When all you do it talk, well you get to know a person. Really get to know him and I know you've told him things you've never told anyone else."

"Benji thinks I'm insane," she commented of her nephew, but more of like a little brother being they were only a few years apart. "Said he is worried I'm going to get there and he isn't at all who he says he is."

"Benji is like Colton. He is such a realist. Everything he does is so planned out it gives me a migraine."

"Yeah…but what if he is right? I mean, just because he says he is who he says, how am I supposed to know that's true?"

"I don't know…test him…"

"How do I do that?"

"You're a pretty smart girl, Ray. I'm sure you can think of something…"

"Yeah," she frowned and heard her phone starting to go off in her purse. Quickly recognizing the ring tone and already smiling before she even pulled it out.

"Gee, wonder who that is," Laken teased and her friend sent her a playful glare as she flipped the phone in her hand and slid it to answer.


"Hey Sweet Girl," his voice light as he sat on the balcony. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing, just shopping with Lake…"

"Hi, Laken…"

"Hello Sexy Singer…" she flipped through a magazine on the table and Raine awkwardly laughed.

"She uh…"

"I heard," he chuckled and took a long sip of his coffee.

"What are you up to on this morning?"

"Well, I'm actually in New York right now," he told her as he studied the sky. "So I'm in the same time zone as you," he grinned and pictured her biting her lip. "We have an interview in a bit and tomorrow we are playing at this cool club outside of the city."

"That's so cool, James," Raine stepped away from her friend and stared out the store window. It wasn't late out, little after six and being it was spring the sun would still be out a good two hours or so. However, there was something so warming knowing he was for once in the same zone as her and seeing the same night sky she would see tonight. "James, can I ask you something?" she whispered and tossed a glance at her friend and pointed she was going outside.

"Anything…you know that…"

"I don't want you mad…I don't want you too-"

"Too what?" he wondered confused and hated when she fell silent on the other end. "Raine…you're kinda making me nervous. What's wrong?"

"We are so close to seeing each other…I don't want to say something and upset you, but I'm getting a little nervous…"

"Raine, you know you can say anything to me. Ask anything. If something is bothering you tell me," he said and again she fell silent. "Are you…are you not wanting to come?"

"What? No!" she freaked and shook her head quickly at that. "I want to come. But I'm just nervous. I mean, we talk every day, I know you. However, I don't know you."

"Nervous I'm not who I say I am?"

"I just don't want to show up and go missing and murdered. It would such ass if I had to let Benji know he was right."

"You aren't going to get murdered," he chuckled. "But I do know what you mean. Umm…can you watch my interview today?"

"James…that's weird."

"I know, I know it weirds you out. But that's all I can think of. It's at eight on Elizabeth Jones' show."

"She's a skank…"

"I've heard that," James chuckled and tossed a look at the time. "But just watch it for me. But, babe, I have to go shower and get ready. I'll call you after?"

"Yeah and I promise to watch this one."

"Good, because I'm performing…bye Raine."

"Bye," she hung up and nervously looked at her phone. "Ugh, boys and silly feelings," she grumbled and spun on her feet back into the shop.

"Are you nervous?" Tenley teased as they sat on the couch in her home. The kids gone for the night and both her and Raine deciding it might be good to spend time together.

"Of course she is nervous. She looks like she is about to pass out."

Well them and Laken.

"I can't help it," Raine shifted on the couch and felt her body rises with goose bumps as she waited. The show had just gone to commercial and the fake blonde - Raine thought was a big skank- announced when they came back they would start the interview.

Raine had only seen James a time or two in a magazine and it weirded her out so much she never looked at one again. It was strange to her and she didn't know why.

"Well, I'm going to pee before it comes back on. I need to know if I'm cancelling this trip or not," Laken jumped up and Tenley rolled her eyes as the young girl disappeared.

"Raine, he wouldn't have told you to watch if it wasn't him. On top of that, if it's not him how would the guy even know?" Tenley pointed out and Raine sighed before her.

Tenley had known about the whole relationship since the beginning and she really didn't know what to think of it. At first she thought it was harmless and die out after a while, but it hadn't. And she made sure never to let Colton know just how serious it was. Everyone knew he and Max would flip and lock her in a closet.

"Yeah unless he is a crazy stalker," she mumbled and sunk back into the couch. "I think…I think I'm more nervous that when he confirms he is who he says…I have to realize he is who he is."

"He is still the guy you talk too, Raine. He isn't any different."

"Yeah, because he is such an average Joe."

"He is an average Joe to you. You see past the blunder and bullshit of his career and just…just care about him," she pointed out and Raine gave a light smile knowing that was true. She didn't care what he did or who he was. She just wanted him.

"Oh my god it's back!" Laken sprung over the couch and plopped down beside them as the screen lit back up with the same woman.

"Skank." "Slut." The women mumbled as she flashed her large smile.

"And welcome back!" she shifted in the chair she was in and placed her hands on the arm rest. "I'm Elizabeth Jones' and this is the Elizabeth Jones show. My next guests are on the rise in the music industry. Their first album was released just last week and you can see them personally tomorrow night at The Vine. Ladies and gentlemen, finally what I'm sure all the girls in here have been waiting for, I'd like to introduce Flawed in the Darkness!" she called and the crowd roared as three men stepped from behind the curtain and off onto the stage.

"Damn, boy is hottier in movement…"

"Yeah," Raine released a dry laugh as she gripped her phone in her hand and looked at the boy on the screen. God he was gorgeous, his dark hair, the dark shadow on his face and those gorgeous dark brown eyes. And when he smiled, she swore she stopped breathing.

"Thank you again guys for being here," Elizabeth sat back down as the three boys sat on the couch beside her.

"Thank you for having us," one of the guys with light brown hair spoke.

"Ok, before we start I want to make sure I have it all right. You're Johan," she pointed at him and the women watched as he nodded. "And you play guitar and backup singer?"

"I do…but we all in a way sing. EJ here…"

And Raine grinned at finally putting faces with people as he went on to explain what they all did. However, wouldn't lie she didn't pay much attention to anyone but the dark haired boy closets to the blonde. He seemed almost nervous at this point. She knew he didn't like interviews; they made him uncomfortable and awkward. Though he was what people would consider a rock star of short, he was a little shy. However, shy wouldn't even be the right word, he just like his personal space and privacy.

"Awesome!" Elizabeth's bubbly personality bubbled out and she clapped her hands together once and it made Raine's skin crawl. She had no doubt that James couldn't deal with her for longer than a few minutes. "Now, everyone is wondering, Flawed in the Darkness, where did that come from?"

"Oh actually I came up with that one…" EJ held up his finger for the attention. "Willows here one day was talking about something and the name just flowed out of me."

"And what were you discussing?" she pushed and Raine's eyes zeroed in on him as he started to speak. She knew he didn't like talking about that.

"Well," he shifted on the couch and Raine's mouth ran dry as his voice tickled her ears. It was him. The moment he spoke, the moment she saw him spoke it confirmed it. She knew that voice, she had spoken to it every day for over a year, she had fallen asleep to it humming to her. "I was talking about dark places and how sometimes…sometimes we don't know what other people are going through. That sometimes even the happiest of people are in some of the darkest places," he spoke and Raine frowned.

"I wish they would stop talking about that," she sunk back into the couch noticing the rigidness in his voice.

"Even people who seem perfect have flaws and even "perfect people" are fighting some demons."

"That's so true. I definitely understand what you mean," Elizabeth locked eyes with him and Raine nervously bit her lip. "James…" her tone changed as she spoke to him and his dark brows lifted to show she had his attention. "You are the lead of this band and people have noticed you have some artwork across your body."

"As do many of us," James nodded at EJ who was littered with tattoos. He had more tattoos than any of them.

"True, however yours are dates. Or what people assume are dates. What do they mean?"


"Oh that is a boring story," Johan flipped his hand and Raine felt a smile tug on her lips. James always spoke highly of Johan, she wasn't surprised he dove in to save him with a topic he really didn't want to talk about. "You want a good story, ask EJ here about the tattoo on a very private area of his," he thrusted his thumb at their friend and all the women in the audience 'ohh'd' but again Raine just watched as James shifted uncomfortable on the couch and fiddled with the sleeve of his shirt.

"I think that might be best for a show with a little later night airing," Elizabeth teased as she flipped through her notecards. "Johan, you have a daughter don't you?"

"I do…"

"And I'm sure all the women here want to know, are you with her mother?"

"No, no, I'm not," he flashed a perfect smile and again the women in the audience made a noise. "Though I will admit, her mother is an amazing mother and I care deeply for her. We just realized we are better friends."

"Well, I'm sure you made many girls in here happy…"

"He made many girls in America happy," Laken commented and Tenley and Raine laughed.

"What about you EJ?"

"Oh I'm a very happy single man," he stretched his arms back across the couch and let out a smirk. "So come at me ladies," he winked and Raine waited nervously for the next part. She knew it was coming; they were going down the line. It was a matter of time. In about five seconds many things for her were about to be confirmed.

"And James? I got to ask, are you three all just single bachelors enjoying you're twenties?"

"Well," he paused a moment and Raine watched his friends' brows arch for this one. "I am single," he spoke and Raine felt her heart hurt a fraction as the audience erupted again with applause. "Wait…wait," he chuckled and waved his hand at them. "I am on a technical term, single. However, there is someone who means a great deal to me," he said and Raine bit down on her lip. "I just have to convince her to actually go on a date with me."

"Convince? Does she not know who you are?"

"Oh she doesn't give two shits about who he is," EJ teased and the group laughed.

"She cares about what I do, because it's what I love. But no matter how many times a magazine says I'm awesome, that really doesn't win her over in arguments."

"So…does mystery girl have a name?"

"Not one you will be hearing today Elizabeth…but my girl is coming to see me soon. Who knows what will happen after that," and after that Raine heard nothing. She didn't have to hear, he said my girl, my girl on national television and she was his girl. She won already.

"Oh. My. God," Laken sat frozen before releasing a squeal. "Oh my god, I'm getting to go to California!" she sprung up excited and bounced around the room.

"Yes, because that is the big news here," Tenley rolled her eyes at the girl she truly loved, but had a hard time handling sometimes. "Ray…" she turned her attention to the wide eyed girl beside her. "What you feeling, kiddo?"

"He called me his girl," she whispered out slowly and a smile started to twitch across her face. "He is he and he called me his girl."

"He did…"

"It's not fake…he is really, Ten. I'm not crazy feeling what I'm feeling because it's real," she started to light up and Tenley grinned. "He cares about me."

"He does," Tenley gave a nervous smile, making sure in the moment not to point out all of her fears in that entered her mind. Raine was excited, extremely excited. She wouldn't ruin that moment for her. She would just stand beside her, support her and pray to god things didn't turn out how she feared. Because though he just confirmed he was James Willows, he also just confirmed he was James Willows, lead singer of a band. A famous band. Relationships were hard already without adding famous into it.

That could complicate a lot.

So a friend of mine has started a story on here and I think you all should check it out. It's truly great and I know is shaping into an amazing story!

Her name is StormBright and the story is called Healing Scars and it's on my favorite list!

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