As an owl in the daylight
As a polar bear in the desert
As a lemming all alone

I love you, I have for a while
and I've promised I would forever
but you're all I've ever known
all I've ever experienced

How do I know what I want?
What else is there?
Who else is out there?
How will I know when my name is synonymous with yours?

I do love you
But, maybe, should I, let you go?
Can I?

You've loved me like no one else
Been there for me all along
If I were to let you go
Would I even find what I think I'm looking for?

I remember
Our first date
Our first kiss
Our first I love you
Our first time

How much I trust you
How could I even think of sharing or being with anyone else?
You've never questioned forever
But even though I have
I know I could never
Give my heart to anyone but you.