A/N okayy, for English, we have this project where we have to create a constellation, and make a Greek myth out of it! Mine turned out to be a bat, so wrote about a girl named Calisto and her pet bat. This is a one-shot, btw. Enjoy! :D

In the outskirts of Athens, there once was a young maiden named Calisto. She was known in her small town of her tomboyish nature and her love for animals, any shape or size. In fact, her best friend was a small, inky black bat by the name of Cosmas. Calisto and her bat were inseparable; they always had each other's backs, no matter what the crisis may be.

One day, Calisto was walking from the forest, on the way home for dinner, when Cosmas flew away from her, and came back a moment later with a piece of parchment held in his fangs. Cosmas nudged Calisto with the parchment, so she took it into her own hands and read it thoroughly with a deep curiosity. It was about an animal competition, seeing whose pet was the best. People from all over Greece would come and put their pet's strength and skill to the test, and the winners would receive money, gold, and rare gifts from the goddess Artemis herself, for she was the host of this annual competition.

"I think we should join this, don't you think Cosmas?" Calisto mused out loud.

Cosmas, though just a bat, looked very eager to enter the competition, so he nodded his head agreeing with Calisto.

A few days later, Calisto and Cosmas set out to Aitolia, the patron city of Artemis. Along the way there, they succeeded in a number of tasks such as defeating a trio of angry lions, climbing a blizzard-filled mountain, survived eight days in the deep wilderness with only a loaf of bread between them, and narrowly escaping a rage-filled battle scene at Thebes.

At last, Calisto and Cosmas reached the wonderful Aitolia, starving since they had just finished the loaf of bread the night before. They entered in the competition at the nick of time, received the entry ticket, and set up camp a little while later near the grounds, where the rest of the competitors were staying while competing.

After finishing the new food given to them, they soon fell into a deep sleep, exhausted from their long journey.

There was a young, greedy, competitor by the name of Xenon. He saw Calisto the previous day, and her pet Cosmas. At that moment, he knew that Calisto would win because Cosmas looked so athletic, and skilled at sports, which he was. So he grew jealous of Calisto, completely ignoring the fact that his trained snake was also very skilled (but not as much as Cosmas). The next day, while Calisto and Cosmas were out training, he devised a plan to kidnap Cosmas and use him as his own animal.

Xenon secretly put a sleeping potion in Calisto's and Cosmas' dinner that night. Then, at midnight, Xenon stole away from his camp, and entered Calisto's, who was unaware of a strange presence in her camp, since she was in deep sleep. Xenon carefully took Cosmas, and shoved him into his burlap sack, and exited the camp. But not before he accidentally dropped his entry ticket on the ground, which he was completely unaware about.

Xenon returned to his own place, he took out the slumbering Cosmas. As soon as Xenon took him out, Cosmas awoke, and it only took him a few seconds for him to realise that this was not Calisto's camp, but someone else's. Then Cosmas erupted into loud wailings, trying to alert anyone close that he has been kidnapped, but to no avail. Everyone was asleep, so Cosmas was alone. Xenon quickly stuffed Cosmas back into the sack, and put the sack in the corner of his camp. He assigned a guard (a competitor who was his friend) to watch over Cosmas, in case he tried to escape, and fell asleep.

The next early morning, Calisto woke up with a start. It was early, and she could faintly see the sun rising. She glanced to her left to wake up Cosmas, but he was gone! Then Calisto noticed a small, rectangular piece of parchment on the floor next to Cosmas' sleeping place. She picked it up, and discovered that it was an entry ticket. It belonged to someone by the name of Xenon. She realised that this man stole Cosmas away from her, most likely to use him in the competition.

Calisto was very angry at this, since he stole her best friend, so she devised a plan to get Cosmas back. As sunlight trickled in, she exited her camp and headed for Xenon's. She hid in a nearby bush, and saw that Xenon had posted a guard on her Cosmas, who she guessed was in that sack. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that Xenon was asleep by the way he was snoring.

Calisto walked outside, and stood in front of the guard. "Hello, isn't it a fine morning?" She asked politely.

The guard nodded his head. "Yes, it is."

"Do you know the legend of the morning?" She questioned him, making it up on the spot as a distraction.

"No, no I have not."

She pretended to act surprised. "You haven't? Oh, well, I supposed you knew, but now I do not think I am allowed to tell a person who does not know. It's a secret legend."

That got the guard's attention. "Oh? Please tell what it is, I would like to know."

She waved her hand dismissively. "I should not have mentioned it in the first place, sorry for asking about this well-kept secret that a few people know about."

"No, I really want to know! Can you tell me?"

She pretended to act like she was pondering it. "Okay, I will. Are you sure?" The guard nodded his head vigorously. She smiled, and continued, "There was this man, who woke up in the morning-quite like the morning now- and walked out of his cottage, near his largest tree, and looked into the sky."

"What did he see?" The guard asked impatiently.

"He saw Olympus, shining high and mighty from the skies."

"That is not possible, we cannot see Olympus," The guard dismissed.

"Well, this man did. Actually, the way he described the morning looked a lot like the morning right now. Cool, misty colours, a bit windy, it's almost like the mornings are the same!" She exclaimed. "If we stood by the largest tree here, we could see Olympus."

"I'm going to go see then, I'll prove you wrong." The guard then made the mistake of leaving his post, and running towards the biggest tree there, which was a hundred feet away.

Not wasting a moment, Calisto ran inside the camp, checked to see if Xenon was still asleep, and shook the burlap sack free, and Cosmas came tumbling out. She and Cosmas then escaped the camp, but not before accidentally waking Xenon. He saw Calisto and Cosmas running away, so he raced after them in pursuit.

She knew that Xenon was behind them, so she sped up, reaching the competition grounds. She, with Xenon following closely, circled the entire grounds, the market place, achieving a few stares from the public. But unfortunately, Calisto was not as fast as Xenon, and so she had to slow down, just when Xenon sped up.

Artemis, who was seeing this, realised what was happening, and fury bubbled inside of her. So she, just as Xenon caught up with Calisto and Cosmas, turned Calisto into a bat, letting her and Cosmas fly safely away into the early morning sky.

Xenon saw what happened, and he grew into a rage because of Artemis' doing. Unfortunately for him, Artemis was watching the events unfolding. She appeared in front of him with her hunting dogs surrounding her, and her bow and arrows strapped to her back. His punishment was in every one of his dreams until the end of his life, Cosmas will appear, and Xenon will desperately try to catch him, but he will always die at the end. His last image would be Calisto's face shimmering with triumph and Cosmas with a golden medallion.