A/N: Another little poem I came up with. Review please!

We walk by the masses
But we don't know
What their story is.
The People's Story.
Are the married? Do they have kids?
Are they happy?
Are they sad?
Do they want to continue on with their life
When no one cares who they are?
I bump into him one day
Just a random stranger
I wonder
What is his story?
The People's Story.
We smile.
Laugh a little
Pick up our papers
And continue on.
He is only another face in the crowd
I will never see him again.

Today I went to a coffee shop.
Just picking up hot chocolate
On a bitterly cold day
It is then
That I see him again.
Sitting in a booth, with snow in his hair
Our eyes meet.
Recognition sparks in the depths of my soul.
The People's Story.
Maybe it's time I get to know his.