Operation: Nod Off the Masses

The sun had just started to rise. The sky above was a mixture of a deep red color and an impossibly light blue, churning and boiling above the large group of protestors gathered outside the tall white building of congress. The date was 10/20/71.

Many of the protestors wore dramatic masks, like those of ancient theater. Even more held signs, saying things like, "Awaken the masses," "Intolerant of Ignorance," and "If a country loses its rights and no one notices, does that make it acceptable?" The massive crowd was near silent, fidgeting and twitching like a living, breathing creature.

A large crack broke through the tension in the air like a knife. The impossibly large doors to the building were slowly opening. Once they were completely open, an elderly man proudly displaying a red tie stood next to a much younger woman with a blue bowtie directly in front of the gaping hole into the building.

"Citizens of the United States of America," the woman began in an electronically enhanced voice that bounced and echoed across the crowd. "Please calm down. The events you are protesting have simply been blown out of proportion," at this, her audience roared angrily, rising up like an ocean wave. The woman, undaunted by the voices drowning out all other noises, raised her hand in the universal 'stop' sign.

"Citizens," the older man's rough voice attempted to mimic his younger partner's ability to demand attention. "Citizens!" He said again. The protestors did not cease, but the senior continued nonetheless. "If you will, stop and let us debate this….civilly," the man's lip seemed to curl back in disgust at the idea of conversing with the group of people in a social manner. A tall man—or perhaps woman, but we shall stick with man for simplicity—stepped through the crowd, who parted before him respectfully. The landscape quieted.

The tall man's features were obscured by a thick black cloak, and he wore a V for Vendetta mask to cover his face.

"Republican George Juliano, Democrat Kinsley Smith," the cloaked figure's voice was electronically altered and boomed from unseen speakers. "For years the American government has slowly been securing and stealing the rights of the everyday citizen. First being the freedom of the media; how often has it happened that the newspaper or television shall blather on about one celebrity or another's marriage or death, while important, life-changing laws are being voted on here, in Washington D.C.? Next, personal rights have been violated; how many people that we know of—and do not know of—are being held indefinitely, without trial, by the so-called "president"? How many times have you used popular sites as your own personal infiltration systems?

"The masses remain ignorant to all that is and has happened, but we will tolerate this brainwashing of the nation no longer. Tell me, you who stand before me representing our government, if a tree falls in a forest and no one realizes it fell, does it make a sound? If a nation begins brainwashing and controlling its general public like sheep and none of the sheep realize it, when does the corruption end?"

"You are being melodramatic," Juliano, the wispy-haired gentleman, growled. "Everything we-this government-have ever done has been in the best interest of our citizens."

"That has, and always will be, our goal," Smith confirmed, nodded her consent.

"Is it in the general public's best interest to be contained and controlled, to lose their freedom and free will?" The anonymous man questioned critically. The crowd rumbled, dissatisfied by the replies their leader was getting.

"Sometimes, yes," the Smith brazenly responded. "The general public cannot rule itself. It does not know the best courses of action. It is sluggish and corrupt in itself, with each member looking out for themselves and themselves only. The government holding complete and total control is the safest answer." At this, the "general public" began shouting and screaming, urging towards the two standing atop the steps.

"Stop! Stop!" The leader shouted, to no effect.

"Now, now!" Juliano yelled into his microphone. From behind the building marched out almost a small army of SWAT men and women, shields held high, and behind the barriers, guns. "Shoot at will!"

They boxed the protestors in using their shields. People cried out, using whatever was on hand to attempt to fight their way past the burly wall. Gun shots rang out muddled against the screaming. Blood painted the pavement. Bodies piled on the ground, covering the painting of blood.

There were no survivors.


"Welcome to ABC News Friday. Breaking news; we have a report of an attempted overrunning of the congress building by hacker group Anonymous," an aerial shot of the crowd rushing forward is shown, "Here you can see the attack being implemented, while our two brave government officials George Juliano and Kinsley Smith stand firm. Reports indicate a small army of SWAT was standing guard behind the building, as this attempt had been anticipated by FBI agents at an earlier date, right before the assault," the slide changes to a picture of the two, standing side by side with blood artfully placed on their suits. "Mr. Juliano says, quote, "I would like to personally thank all of the SWAT teams who participated in this endeavor, risking life and limb to keep this country's way of life and freedoms safe. God bless them." While the leader and a large portion of the group may have been exterminated, we are asking you to please keep a careful look out for any more involved in this groups or groups like it. Please inform your nearest police office if you do identify anyone. In other news, famous actress and songwriter Katie Hendenburg has recently giving birth to her fourth son, a young boy named…"