You Forgot To Tell Me

Woke up in the morning
Just like any day
Dressed like always
Just like myself
The invisible, lonely girl

You forgot to say goodmorning
When you rose dishevled from your bed
You forget to say 'I love you, dear'
When I made my way out the door
Just like any other day

It's hard being alone in this world
When no one gives a care
Walking down the collective halls
When they don't even bother to stare
After so many days like this
One ends up learning the truth
Everyone learns something about themself
I learned I'm invisible

I came home from school today
You forgot to ask how I was
I would've thought that it might've been strange
If I hadn't been used to your silent wall

You forgot to tell me you loved me
Before I went to bed
And that night, alone, I did some thinking
And I figured out that I was dead

Of all the things you forgot to tell me
This one ranks the hardest to decipher
Because on my own, it's hard to know
How does an invisible girl know when she dies?