"This is Andy's apartment and she has two roommates. She likes them sometimes and there is so much stuff in here it's crazy." Rob was ridiculous after a few drinks, but he seemed so much more like himself so Andy let it go for the night. Rob made himself comfortable on the couch, curling up in a ball and continuing on his musings. "She's got this thing where she collects stuff and keeps it sometimes. Can we order that Chinese food that's really delicious?"

"Sorry," Andy said, turning to Lilly who was still standing awkwardly in the doorway.

"It's okay," Lilly said, shaking her head and smiling. "It's kind of cute."

Andy nodded and stepped into the kitchen, to lean on the counter. She didn't want to trap herself on the couch where she knew Rob would want to watch a movie or play a game of cards. Somehow that seemed to permanent for the situation. However, the other internal monologue was that Adam's room was about to get kind of loud and maybe some television background noise would be okay. Before she could make any kind of decision about what to do, Davie appeared in the living room.

"What the hell is going on here tonight?" He asked, his sweatpants falling down around his hips. Andy took a quick glance at Lilly to see if she had noticed this god of a man. She seemed to be a little oblivious to his perfect body. Maybe Andy hadn't been duped.

"Why are you here?" Andy finally asked.

Davie did a double take when he saw Lilly floating around the kitchen, "Uh, I had an early night."

"No you didn't. You weren't here when we got ready to go out and you're already in your pajamas. What did you do? Get dumped?"

"Woah." Davie said, now plopping himself next to Rob on the couch. He was obviously committed to tonight for the long haul, good, bad or ugly. "Sometimes a man needs some private time."

"All you guys are pussies tonight." Andy said, before thinking about what Lilly would think of that. Then she remembered that it probably wouldn't matter since she hadn't known this girl for very long and probably wouldn't know her for very much longer. With that new realization, she sat down on the oversized armchair, facing Rob and Davie. Lilly walked into the living room and looked around at the scene in front of her. As if on cue, loud grunting noises came from Adam's room and Andy lunged for the remote, turning on the television. "Sorry, Lilly, I can scoot over," Andy said, making room for her on the chair. She smiled and sat down, letting her thigh rub against Andy's. "Do you prefer Lilly or Lil?"

"Lilly. Only Cassandra calls me Lil and she has since we were kids."

Davie watched the conversation carefully, waiting for something dramatic to happen. It was a dream of his that Andy would bring home a girl and make out with her in front of him. This hadn't happened in the years they had lived together, but he was still holding out hope. "Where did you two meet?"

"Carnagie Hall," Andy said, sarcastically over the sound of the television and the activity in the other room.

"No need to get snippy," Davie said, "I'm Davie by the way," He waved to Lilly, who waved back. "You're very pretty. How did you end up with And?"

"Who?" Lilly asked shaking her head.

"Andy. Wow, so you guys really just met?" Davie said, running a hand through his hair and giving a low whistle. "This is going to be great" He smiled. Andy wished she had something to throw at him.

"Actually, I spilled a drink on myself. That's the big story of tonight." Lilly said, looking over at Andy. Suddenly she had that feeling again, as if she was in a relationship and there were all the normal gooey things that happen in relationships like stories on how two people could possibly end up together and shared inside jokes. Immediately, Andy felt like she had to get out, she hoped Rob would suggest cards soon or demand to watch Moulin Rouge and sing to all the songs.

"Do you want a new shirt?" Davie asked. "Because Andy would be more than happy to give you a new shirt."

Andy shook her head and didn't wait for a response. Instead she got up from the armchair and walked around into her room, hoping it wasn't a complete disaster and hoping Lilly had decided to follow. She flicked on the light to see her bed, unmade and her knickknacks. There was lots of generic, boyish memorabilia but nothing too embarrassing. Now she just had to find pajamas for a complete stranger.

Before she had time to get to the dresser or anywhere else, she heard the door close and then Lilly's hands on her shoulders, turning her around and pulling her into a kiss. This was completely unexpected and suddenly Andy was completely confused about what she wanted and why this was even a logical decision. Then she just let go, let the beautiful smell of some exotic flower and soap fill her nostrils, let the soft wonderful skin of her hands run up against her cheek and neck, she felt so delightful, so enchanting and then suddenly it was gone. Lilly was just standing in front of her as if nothing had happened. Andy shook her head and pulled a t-shirt and shorts out of her dresser, she left the room before getting sucked into any other antics and hoped that hadn't just been a dream.

"Let me get this straight." Davie said, the second Andy had closed the door behind her. "you go out to the bar without me and find, hands down, one of the cutest girls I've seen in a while and you don't even bother to tell me you're bringing her home?" He shook his head. "I'm disappointed. All you brought me was Rob and he's already going south."

Andy shook her head. She had not witty comeback and what she really wanted to do was ask Davie what to do. Unfortunately, doing that would only encourage him and that was no way to stop the ribbing that was already happening.

Rob leaned back in the couch and looked up at Andy, "how do you feel?"

"I should be asking you that. How do you feel?"

"I'm great. I'm a great person. Also, I feel great, And." He trailed off and waited.

Lilly reappeared at the door and she looked like a child wearing her father's clothes. It was kind of unnatural, but she was still the cutest thing in the room. It was also comforting to know that she didn't look like a supermodel all the time. Tamera always looked like she was ready to jump on a runway and that seemed a little odd, especially if she was the mother of a small child. Once again Andy tried to discard this thought in favor of something a little more neutral.

"So what are we playing tonight?" Davie asked, clapping his hands together and leaning forward. "Strip poker? Kings?"

"Truth!" Rob punched his fist up in the air and then sat up, ready and waiting.

"What?" Lilly asked, looking at Andy for clarification.

"You've got to be kidding me." Davie said, standing to get beers. "Truth? It's like that stupid game… never have I ever. Except we drink every time we've done something, instead of putting fingers down or whatever gay thing high schoolers do." He handed Andy and Lilly a beer and then sat down, shoving Rob's beer into his stomach. "Everyone ready? I'll start. I've never worn a dress." He smiled smugly.

Andy and Lilly both drank and Davie smiled, proud of himself. Then Rob drank and Andy smiled, waiting for the story.

"Okay, I've never…" Rob started.

"No, tell the story," Andy demanded.

Rob scratched his head through his hat and rolled his eyes. "So one time, it was Halloween and we went to this Rocky Horror party. I was Magenta."

"Why?" Andy asked innocently, smiling again.

"Okay, you should have to drink just for being mean." Rob pointed at Andy dramatically. Andy shrugged and took a sip. "I was Magenta because Andy wanted to be Riff Raff and you can't have two Riff Raffs and so we flipped a coin and she won and then I challenged her to an arm wrestling contest and she won so we had a thumb war and she won and then I said we should have a bake off and I won, but that was only one out of four. So she won. Anyway," He continued, "I've never—"

"Who was Frank-N-Furter?" Lilly interjected.

"Davie." Andy and Rob said in unison.

"Anyway," Rob started again, "I've never met someone at a bar and then gone home with them and then borrowed their pajamas and then played truth with their roommate and friend."

Lilly drank.

"Oddly specific, don't you think?" Andy asked, "I think you should drink for that."

Rob shrugged and drank. "So, Lil, what's the story?"

Lilly looked around the room for a few seconds and then shrugged, "I don't know what the story is, I'm kind of in the middle of it right now."

"What a very thoughtful answer," Andy said, trying to get her off the hook. "I have never kissed a man." She tacked on.

Lilly drank and then so did Rob and Davie. Lilly laughed immediately "Okay, so everyone's gay in this house? Except Adam."

Everyone else laughed.

"Only Andy's really gay, Rob and I just act gay sometimes." Davie said, taking an extra mouthful of beer for posterity. "Besides, after Rob and I kissed, I knew 110% that I love women. Every last one of them. Even the defective ones like you, And." Andy raised her beer. "I'm shocked you've never kissed a dude though. Like, never?"

"Like never," Andy said. "I'm going to go have a cigarette." She got up from the couch and walked toward the kitchen.

"Wait, I haven't gone yet." Lilly said.

"Okay, maybe this will be unbiased." Andy said, turning and waiting, smiling down at Lilly.

"I never smoked a cigarette," She said, obviously proud of herself.

Everyone drank and Lilly laughed, now very proud of herself.

The street was cold in comparison to the living room and Andy hunched up her shoulders to keep warm. She usually just leaned out the window to smoke, but had decided the break would be nice. What she really wanted to know was why Lilly was so willing to hang around strangers. Especially strangers like them. This girl could just be drunk out of her mind or her life had just gone to shit. Their neighbor walked by, their excited dog pulling on a leash in front of her. Andy waved and she waved back, smiling. This had been such an odd night, and it wasn't even finished. She stared at her cigarette and simultaneously wanted it to last forever and wanted to put it out and go to bed immediately.

"What did I miss?" Andy asked, coming back into the room and taking off her coat.

"Adam's done." Rob said. "He should be coming out any second for a snack or something."

"Or they could be camping out in there for the night," Davie said.

Everyone sat and stared at the door for a few moments, the television kept going, selling a new house cleaner and then some gadget for your car.

Lilly finally broke the silence, "What are we waiting for?"

"What if he comes out?" Rob asked, turning to face Lilly.

"Then we'll just be staring at him." Lilly said.

"What if she comes out?" Rob asked again, almost spilling his drink.

"Then we'll just be staring at her." Lilly said, she looked like she was waiting for a punch line. Andy knew the punch line would never come, but let them keep playing.

"Then I guess we're waiting to stare at people." Rob said, taking another sip of his drink. "Weren't we?" He looked at Davie for confirmation. Davie nodded.

Andy took her seat back next to Lilly, who let her leg drape over Andy's lap. Davie and Rob watched this happen, then looked up at Andy then looked at each other. The silent conversation was about whether or not they should stare or leave the room. Andy hoped the consensus was that they would stay.

"We should get a cat." Rob said. This was his usual ploy to start up conversation, especially when there was an elephant in the room.

"You don't live here." Davie replied, looking disgusted at the idea of having a cat anywhere near his house.

"Maybe I could live here. I could be your roommate, Davie. That would be fun." Rob said, thinking it over to himself.

"I don't think so." Davie said, "I like having my own room for the first time in my life."

"Are you going to sleep with Andy?" Rob asked, turning to Lilly.

"Rob!" Andy scolded, unintentionally putting her hand on Lilly's knee in the process. Lilly squirmed a little and moved closer to Andy. She was obviously thought deeply about whether or not to fully commit and put both legs across Andy's lap.

"Hey guys!" Adam's voice seemed to boom through the house and Andy let out a breath she didn't remember taking. "What are you guys doing?"

Davie started a slow clap, Rob and Andy happily joined in, turning to smile at him.

"Okay, shut up. You know she's still here right?"

"Yeah, you hope she's still here." Davie said, letting out a bark of a laugh.

As if on cue, Chelsea showed up at Adam's door wearing Adam's shirt and lazily pushing hair out of her eyes. She was like Tamera, she looked like sex all the time. She smiled unabashedly at the group in front of her. "What are you watching?"

"Nothing, we were playing truth," Rob said, helpfully.

Chelsea sat in between Davie and Rob and smiled at both of them, "Whose turn is it?"

"I guess yours." Andy said. "Adam! Get yourself and Chelsea a beer!" Andy called into the kitchen, "Also, put some clothes on. Nobody wants to see that."

"Except Chelsea," Davie said, winking at Chelsea who just smiled back placidly.

"I don't think I've met you," Chelsea said, looking at Lilly who was sitting very comfortably in Andy's pajamas.

"We met briefly tonight. I'm Lilly." Lilly said. "I was the girl at the bar with the spilled drink."

"Right. Blondie. I remember now. Why are you here?" Chelsea asked. She cocked her head a little and waited.

"I just followed them home. I guess I invited myself." Lilly said. She shook her head and smiled as if she just realized how ridiculous this all was. Andy was starting to feel that way too and was hoping she would gain her sensibilities back and go home. There was still that draw, that unbelievable pull toward her innocent, bright, happy beauty. Andy just couldn't help but shake the feeling that this girl was either using this experience as an escape or there was something seriously wrong with her.

"And!" Adam called from the kitchen. "Want to give a guy a hand?"

"I'm using both of mine at the moment," Andy called back, but got up from the couch. Reveling in the chance to move away from Lilly and actually think about what may or may not be happening.

Adam was leaning against the counter drinking a beer and a slow smile grew on his face as Andy walked into the kitchen.

"Ugh, put a shirt on." She said, pushing herself up onto the counter.

Adam had a fine layer of hair across his wide chest, making him look more like a lumberjack in his plaid boxers. He paid no attention to Andy's comment. "So, you brought her home."

Andy shook her head. This was not an argument she would like to be having at this moment, if only because it meant she would have to actually think about why she would bring home a strange girl that had so far done nothing but look like a goddess and spill her drink all over herself.

"I think this is good, And." Adam said, as if he was backing off from the ribbing he had originally intended.

"It's good to bring home mysterious and possibly infected women. I'll remember that. Put it in the rule book." Andy said, debating about opening a new beer, even though she had one in the living room.

"No, it's good that you are moving on from Tamera. It's better that you have a normal one night stand with a girl rather than a long string of weird one night stands where you're not sure if you're going to wake up the next day." Adam said. He acted like this was a new phenomena, one where Andy hadn't been present.

"That was one time." Andy said.

"And I picked you up from some disgusting motel."

"And I thanked you. Profusely."

They stood in silence for a moment, the sudden tension was unexpected.

"So what are you going to do?" Adam asked, staring at Andy's feet rather than at her face.

She shrugged, letting her feet swing a little and looking at the ceiling. "She's real pretty, right?"


"Like, incredible. I saw her, man, and it was like a movie. Like she was some young actress and I was just in a movie theater watching it. But she looks so dainty. Like I couldn't touch her. And who is she?" Andy looked back down at Adam and saw that he was looking just as confused.

The conversation stopped again and Andy jumped off the counter to open the fridge. She scanned through the rows of uneaten take out and searched desperately for something that would make all this odd confusion go away.

"You should definitely have sex with her." Adam said. "If that's what she's after."

"She makes me want to have awkward first time sex. Like where your teeth knock and you don't know what to do with your hands and you're all nervous and you keep talking because you want to make sure you're doing it right." Andy knew she had a goofy smile on her face as she paced around the kitchen. She was trying desperately to keep quiet so she didn't seem rude or assuming, but it was getting hard to do because excitement was suddenly building up. She wished she could walk out into the living room and kiss Lilly in front of everyone but then she remembered she had no clue where this girl stood.

"You've had that kind of sex?"

"No, but doesn't it sound like it would be amazing?" She smiled again, imagining her breath catch and tentatively kissing Lilly, being unsure of what to do, what was allowed and then getting completely caught up in her beauty.

"What are you guys doing?" Chelsea showed up in the doorway and then walked up to Adam, planting a very firm kiss on his lips. She ran a hand down his chest before nuzzling into his side and looking over at Andy. "She's pretty. You should kick out Davie and Rob as soon as possible."

Andy shook her head and left the room. Davie and Rob were now consumed in a drinking game they had obviously just made up. Andy picked up her beer from the coffee table, locked eyes with Lilly and nodded her head toward her door. The boys pretended not to notice as the two disappeared into Andy's room.

"It was getting pretty heated out there," Lilly said, sitting on Andy's bed. She flattened out the comforter and looked around at the walls. Posters from college were still hanging, and everything looked a little worn out.

Andy walked around the room for a few moments deciding where she wanted to be. She felt like the moment she sat down that would be her permanent spot for the night. She decided to sit at the head of the bed. Lilly took notice and turned herself around to face Andy.

"So," She said, "Do you have girls in your room often?"

"Almost never." Andy took a drink from her beer and looked at Lilly again. "Do you end up in girls rooms often?"

"Never," Lilly smiled.

"Okay, why are you here?" Andy asked leaning forward and trying to decide what was real and what wasn't about this girl.

Lilly shrugged, "I don't really know. I guess you intrigue me."

Andy nodded, deciding she didn't really care. She licked her lips slowly and hoped they were done talking for a little while. Lilly's eyes were so big and round and innocent, she was so consumed by them. Andy reached forward, patted the bed in front of her and Lilly crawled forward, tripping over herself a little and looking a little like a child. Andy tried to ignore that thought as she ran a hand through Lilly's hair. It was soft and ran through her fingers so easily. She moved her hand to Lilly's shoulder and felt the delicate bones in her collar. Andy cupped Lilly's face, pausing a moment before leaning forward, she took in a whiff of that clean smell now tainted by beer and her own pajamas. Lilly closed the gap, pushing her petal soft lips up against Andy's. The kiss was awkward, frozen, and Andy couldn't help but let out a small breath and smile.

"What?" Lilly pulled back abruptly and Andy frowned, the moment ruined.

"Nothing," She said, wanting that slow tentative feel back. As if they were both moving in molasses.

Lilly sat awkwardly, not knowing what to do. She looked down at Andy's lap and then crawled up closer, straddling Andy and then slowly tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear before leaning in for another kiss. This one was different. It wasn't as awkward, and it wasn't as stiff. Andy put her hands on Lilly's waist, hoping to make her feel more comfortable. She didn't know how to work with girls who may be delicate, who may care about how they're treated and who may expect to be loved, respected and cared for in the morning.